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In one of the early flashback news sequences, the reporter warning people to stay in their homes concludes with 'CONELRAD channel' - CONELRAD was an acronym for Control of Electromagnetic Radiation developed by the FCC during the Cold War, and was abandoned in August of 1963, replaced by the Emergency Broadcast System in the same month. Any 1970s alert would have used the EBS, not CONELRAD.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

The 8-track that Robert Neville puts into his car stereo at the beginning of the movie can very briefly be made out to be Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night". What actually plays on the soundtrack is Max Steiner's "Theme from 'A Summer Place'".
In the scene where Neville and Lisa are about to kiss in his apartment, the lights go out due to the generator stopping, and you hear Lisa say, "The family." If you watch closely, you see her mouth move after the words are spoken.
When Matthias is chiding Zachary for his "Honky paradise" comment ("forget all the old hatreds"), his lips don't quite sync with his words.
When Neville exclaims, ''Damn! It's jammed!'' he isn't actually saying anything, he's simply gritting his teeth in frustration.
After Neville puts out the fire on the front of his car in the garage you can hear a short burst of "fire extinguisher" sound when his hand is not squeezing the extinguisher handle.
When the family is shooting the flaming ammo via catapult up to Robert Neville's residence there is a sound effect heard with the projected object which sounds like a flaming type noise. The last one however, while Robert is about to take aim with his gun, is thrown without being on fire, but has the sound effect to go along with it anyway.

Character error 

In the lab, Robert puts a test tube in the mini centrifuge and switches it on. Centrifuges need a counter balance in the opposite slot; failing this the high-spinning rotor vibrates erratically causing breakdown.


When Robert Neville is shooting at The Family (who are behind a car), you can clearly see a fairly straight line of bullet holes running horizontal across the car. As this happens the tires pop even though it would appear the bullets never hit near them. The scene cuts away from the car. When it cuts back to the car, the bullet holes are gone.
Neville's bomb slides under the car twice.
In the opening scenes when Neville stops to shoot at a hooded figure inside a building, his red jerry can is clearly visible before he shoots, in the back seat. After shooting he drives away, and the jerry can has disappeared. A minute later when he crashes his car, the jerry can has reappeared, but it has turned around and is lying against the back of the rear seat.
As Neville zooms past the Family members on his motorcycle, no light appears on their bodies in the POV shots despite the fact the motorcycle light is on.
When the little girl pulls Neville's hat from the water and places it on the ledge of the fountain, the entire hat is on the ledge. When the hat is shown from the other point of view, however, it is only half-way on the ledge.

Crew or equipment visible 

The camera crew is reflected in the black stone pillars when he is jogging along the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
During the inquisition you can see reflections of the crew in the silvered glasses of the "family".
When Neville is playing chess with Caesar early in the film and The Family are using what appears to be a mangonel-type catapult to sling 'fireballs' at Neville's apartment, one fireball makes it just inside and sets the curtains on fire. After Neville puts it out with the fire extinguisher and turns to put the fire extinguisher back and retrieve the rifle with the nightscope, you can see the ball, now covered with the white extinguisher powder, move and see it is suspended by a string/fishing line.
When Neville injects himself in the leg with the experimental vaccine following the helicopter crash, a "blood pouch" is clearly visible in his pant leg.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In one scene, Neville and Lisa go into a drugstore and are looking at various types of medications they can use. The world has been deserted for 2 years, meaning no new products would have come in for at least that long. Medicines have manufacturer expiration dates which have been proven to be artificial. Dry pills are stable for many years past the manufacturer expiration dates. This would have been considered as a goof until only recently.

Revealing mistakes 

In the stadium, one of the Family members moves to cover his eyes before the flash bomb goes off.
When Robert Neville is in the helicopter which is supposedly spinning out of control, the reflection of the same tree can be seen in the copter's windscreen throughout the entire flight.
In a city supposedly laid waste, Neville has to resort to running a generator any time he requires electricity. He does so to power his apartment; he does so to power up the projector inside the cinema when he goes to watch the film. But this city with no surviving infrastructure (in the opening scenes, as he's driving around in the red convertible), all the traffic lights are powered up.
In the "...no phone ringing..." scene, Neville says "...it's almost dark..." and the sun is shown low in the sky, but as he drives home the sun casts a shadow from nearly overhead; just artificially dimmed.
After being taken to the little room, Matthias tells The Family members to show their marks, in order to show Neville why he is not like them. You can clearly see that Zachary's white contact lens has shifted just to the right, when the camera stops on him, revealing his real eye behind it.
In the shots showing dead bodies in the wake of the spreading "disease," the camera briefly focuses on a policeman, dangling upside-down out of his car. During the shot, the "dead" cop's jaw moves.
When Robert Neville is checking out Richie for the first time, you see Robert rub Richie's face under his left eye which also removes his white make-up.
As Robert Neville checks the right eye of the bedridden Richie, the boy's dislodged contact lens slides back into place.
In the opening scenes when Neville is driving through the supposedly empty city, another vehicle can clearly be seen driving along the same road in the distance.
As Neville drives through the deserted city in the opening scenes past the "Tishman" building a person can clearly be seen walking back up the footpath on the right hand side.
As Neville drives through the deserted city in the opening scenes numerous people can be seen walking along the footpaths and crossing the roads.
When Neville and Lisa ride on the motorcycle it is obvious that the driver is not Charlton Heston, but a stunt double.
When Neville crashes his car next to the armored vehicle at the beginning of the film, you can clearly see the body lying on the floor, move his leg away.
Neville and Lisa ride their motorcycle up to Lisa and Dutch's house for the first time. In the distance, a car can be seen driving down the road in the supposedly deserted city.
After Neville tries to chase after Richie, but is unable to catch him, and decides to head to the bar, there is a series of four long pull-out shots of Los Angeles. On the fourth shot, it is clearly an aeriel photograph taken of the city due to the sudden blurred image, and is not something that was actually filmed.
In the beginning of the movie, when the camera pans way out to show Robert Neville walking down the street, you can see a car driving down the highway from left to right in the far left part of the screen near the tall building in the background also on the left in the horizon.
In the movie's opening sequence of post-apocalyptic downtown Los Angeles, when Neville drives past West 6th Street on South Flower Street, two people can be seen outside; the first near the corner by the Bank of America Tower at 555 South Flower Street, and the second in front of the Southland Hotel at 605 South Flower Street.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Neville and Lisa are kissing on the floor, Neville says, ''It's been so long, I'm not sure I remember how this goes.'' He couldn't have said this, as he was still kissing Lisa at the same moment.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

At the movie's end, Dutch arrives in the morning to discover Neville dying in the fountain, where he then takes the bottled "serum" that will be used as the cure for future generations, and leaves. The problem here is with the contents of the bottle. As shown in the film, the liquid is a clear red, but in reality it should be one of two things: Either it would contain drawn whole blood - which would look almost black - or it would be completely clear in appearance. The reason for this being that in order to properly separate the components, the blood would first have to be spun in a centrifuge, meaning that the bloods various elements (plasma, platelets, red blood cells, etc.) would all group together according to their weight. The end resulting product as shown in the movie, however, would have a high probability of being ineffective or even dangerous due to the fact that the "serum" is either contaminated or incompletely separated. That in itself could possibly be a death sentence to anyone attempting to use it because of the hazards of mismatched blood types - and this concoction certainly has enough red blood cells remaining to cause a severe reaction. However, since Dutch was a pre-med student (just pending the completion of his dissertation) he would know this and know how to complete the separation process to create a safe serum.

Plot holes 

Neville preaches to Richie on the rooftop about not knowing where the hive of the Family is, yet when he first saw Matthias, and had the interview, he was inside the hive, so should know where it is.

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