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Alternate Versions

A dubbed English language version was made for US drive in theaters during the 70's entitled "The Blind Dead". This version was quite heavily edited for an R rating, which heavily toned down the bloodier scenes and removed the rape sequence in the graveyard in its entirety. It also moved a flashback sequence which had originally occurred about 50mins into the film, showing the templars sacrificing a young maiden, to the beginning of the film. This version is included on the US DVD from Blue Underground along with the uncut Spanish language version.
A heavily edited dubbed English language version was released in the US as "Revenge from Planet Ape" to try and cash in on the popularity of the "Planet of the Apes" films. This came with a narrated introduction saying how "thousands of years ago, humans were slaves to a bunch of intelligent apes, which they eventually overthrew and killed, but the apes vowed to return from the grave". This somewhat bizarre intro can be seen as an extra on the US DVD by Blue Underground.
Both the UK cinema and 1988 Channel 5 video releases featured the dubbed English print and, although the former was intact, the video was cut by 1 min 57 secs by the BBFC. Later releases featured the longer Spanish language print and the 1994 UK Redemption video release was heavily cut by 1 minute and 51 seconds by the BBFC. The edits made were to the flashback sequence where a girl, tied to a wooden cross, has her breasts slashed and the blood drunk by the Knights Templar and to the scene where Betty is raped by the smuggler in the graveyard. The current UK Anchor Bay release has most of these edits restored with the cuts, solely from the rape scene, now reduced to 16 seconds.

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