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Sex & Nudity

  • Note that there were several releases of this film with varying degrees of censorship. The original US release was the most censored, removing the majority of the female-to-female sexuality and a lot of the nudity. Less censored versions snipped out only the nipple shots and the lip to lip kisses. At the time the rating boards were quite extreme in their opinions. By comparison to today films, this would rate a PG13 in the USA and would not be censored at all on free to air TV in most of the world (excepting places like the USA).
  • There are a few scenes of bare women's breasts. In many of the versions the shots of longer duration are gone and shadows are used to cover up everything from the just above nipples on down (creative camera work).
  • There is one scene with skinny dipping of two females. In the more censored versions (again) nipples are not seen and female to female on the lip kisses are removed, and the water and very fast scene cuts make it impossible to any bare flesh of significance. In the less censored versions this is not the case, buit again by today's standards there is no sexuality or nudity of much note.
  • There is on (implied) sex scene between two major characters. in the more censored version I saw all we got was a shot of Carmilla's face, of her hand grabbing some straw, and a shot of Richard Lestrange's clothed back blocking the rest Carmilla from view.
  • Even after reading the content of the uncensored versions of the file, it is rather hard to believe this was once rated R in some places and X in others. The movie "Nell" had more nudity, and I've seem more passionate lesbian kisses on free-to-air US TV.

Violence & Gore

  • Small amounts of what is obviously stage blood (there is a vampire after all).


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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