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One of my all-time favorites!
sperman696 September 2001
I LOVE this movie! Probably the most epic with Bud & Terence. Super-funny spaghetti western. All the typical elements of their films are present: lots of bar fights, people flying everywhere, the usual, wonderful cheap jokes... legendary the final mega-fight between the mormons and the bad guys! A Must-see for every age! :D
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Let Bud and Terence entertain you.
latsblaster19 June 2003
'Lo chiamavano Trinità' is one of the most charming and funny comedies ever made. The incredible duo Spencer/ Hill is fabulous. When you watch 'Lo chiamavano Trinità', it's like you get a good feeling all the time (you will get the same feeling if you watch the sequel). 'Lo chiamavano Trinità' is very unpretentious - and the simple jokes hits you all the time. It has also wonderful music (the sequel has even better music). Trinity is for me without doubt one of the most charismatic characters ever in filmhistory. I have to mention a quote:

Mescal: It's mierda! (When tasting the farmers soup)

Rating: 8 of 10.
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the greatest comedy/western ever made!
kvblshemp5 April 2003
Action! Laughs! Beans! Filth! Flies! Sweat! B.O.!...It's all here in this terrific film about two half brothers (Hill and Spencer) who team up to save a helpless group of mormon farmers from marauding mexican banditos and a ruthless gang of ranchers. the entire cast is outstanding and never disappoints in keeping the viewers interested and entertained. the sound effects crew deserved an academy award, as one can practically feel the pain with every punch and slap! The climactic fight scene is the one which all fight scenes should be measured by (poor Mezcal!). It is absolutely hilarious! Tobias would be honored if you'd share their meager meal with them. Buy this title, "Trinity is still my name" and "My name is Nobody." All are classics for the archives.
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One of the few comedy westerns I like - - watch out for the lousy DVD
westerner3577 October 2004

I have to admit I'm not one for comedy westerns but this one was actually funny in parts. It's almost as funny as SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF (1971) and I would almost consider it a welcome addition to my DVD collection were it not for the fact that the current Direct Source Media DVD weren't so awful.

Trinity (Terence Hill) a dirty, dusty drifter-turned bounty-hunter comes to town to pay a visit to his horse-thieving half-brother Bambino (Bud Spencer) who's pretending to be the real sheriff. Bambino's looking for the best way to rustle some of the Colonel's horses before he leaves and he's not interested in letting Trinity cut in. In the meantime, the Colonel (Farley Granger) is doing some plotting of his own, not only to get rid of Bambino but also to displace some Mormons who are settling on some land he wants for his own cattle.

The fights, the stunts and the gunplay Trinity and Bambino play on the Colonel's men is hilarious. I like it when Bambino uses the bottom of his fist to hit the bad guy's on the top of the head. And the ending fist fight scene at the Mormon's camp cracks me up. No wonder this film made Hill and Spencer popular in Europe.

Like I said, the DVD is a travesty with a transfer that's watchable but looks like it was lifted from a VHS source. The print itself the transfer was taken from is pretty grainy with bad splices and an audible hum in the soundtrack. It deserves a failing grade.

The TRINITY series needs the Anchor Bay DVD treatment, really bad. Since these Euro westerns were so popular, I'm surprised they haven't secured the rights to it yet.

7 out of 10

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story shines through ever deteriorating sound and picture
flow_smelly5 May 2002
just bought this and the sequel on dvd. every time i see a new american market copy of this movie the picture and sound just get worse. that no one has given this film the treatment it deserves... original sound/language, subtitle options, dubbed version option, letterboxing, restored print and sound, etc... makes a thoughtful person wonder.

my sometimes too protective mother let me watch this movie as a kid and watching it now i wonder why. i think she was a sucker for sexy leads. it embodies everything that is/was deemed tasteless by those who would know and really don't. it's the long gone pre pc violence of bugs bunny cartoons, three stooges dysfunction with a twist of simpsons atheism. it begs no qualitative analyses of point or moral only craft. and craftwise it's glorious. cheap, direct, clever and simple. somehow it all adds up to something more than meaningless debate on harmful vs. harmless, not to mention it's hella funny.

i like it all from the burt bacarachish neil diamondish theme song to the dubious decision to dub. (and by the way this film is very well dubbed. if you don't feel so i'm guessing you haven't watched many asian films.)

clucher's film is not just a great western it's a great movie period. like it's protagonist it's carefree, dirty (really dirty), and decent. if i was unbiased i'd give this movie a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. but this movie sits close to my heart. especially when enduring the endless flow of garbage at todays cineplexes. 10 out of 10.

some favorite funny lines

"our weapons are faith and love." brother tobias

"only love shall combat evil..." sarah and judith

"god is with us" brother tobias

thanks mom
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First great success of the famous starring couple , Trinity and Bambino
ma-cortes25 July 2005
The movie concerns Trinity (Terence Hill or Mario Girotti) , a roguish and sympathetic gunman with fast weapon who works as a bounty hunter . His brother Bambino (Bud Spencer) is a sheriff in a village but also an undercover thief who attempts to execute a heist . They'll face off a rich owner (Farley Granger) and some Mexican marauders who try to evict a group of Mormons . They help the pacific homesteaders and the confrontation will be inevitable but is developed by means of successive fights without blood , neither gore , nor cruel murders .

This entertaining picture packs comedy , action , shootouts and lots of brawls and fights . The violence isn't crude but light and predominates the comedy and parody . The storyline is embarrassing and ridiculous but has its agreeable moments here and there . It's a spaghetti western with comedy and develops the usual issues : invincible antiheroes , spectacular showdown , amusing taking on but united to slapstick and simple humor . It's an entertaining Italian western with adequate runtime where there is irony , tongue-in-cheek , shootouts , numerous struggles and is quite funny and amusing .

Though this was their first really big hit movie, the film was actually the fifth picture that Terence Hill and Bud Spencer had both worked on and the fourth which they both had starring roles. The nickname that Trinity was called because he was such a fast quick-draw with his gun was "The Right Hand of the Devil" , the nickname that Bambino was called was "The Left Hand of the Devil¨ . Terence Hill is a good guy , hilarious and likable ; Bud Spencer is a rough , two-fisted , bouncing , grumpy man but with good heart , their characters are partially similar to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy . The film is a spoof of famous films such as ¨The magnificent seven¨ and ¨Blazed saddles¨ but covered with spaghetti . The picture obtained a sequel with the same protagonists and director , ¨Trinity is still my name¨ , which also achieved much success and many years later a third part , ¨Troublemakers¨ , directed by Terence Hill . Besides , originated a series of awful imitations and copies . Rating : nice and bemusing .
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A true gem of western/comedy movie.
Rambimbo13 March 2000
I first saw this Trinity movie in the mid-seventies and laughed and snickered through it. Recently, I watched it again, and found that it held up well over the past decades, and recommend it highly. The humor in this movie is both subtle and broad. The lead actors, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, slyly parody spaghetti western stereotypes without hamming it up. They do a masterful job at underplaying their characters' brotherly dislike of each other. There is plenty of broad humor too. Trinity is so scruffy and dirty that when he sits down to eat, puffs of dust fly up. The production values are generally pretty high; this doesn't look like a cheap movie. But the dubbing, as in any dubbed movie, is very obvious. Still, this is a highly enjoyable movie.
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The best Spaghetti-Western ever
Cristiano Messaad (salk)10 November 2004
I am Italian and I have seen many spaghetti-western productions in my life. This movie is by far the best ever produced. The sequel is comparatively poor and not recommended. The two main characters work astoundingly well together and play at their fullest potential. A special mention to the "Mayor", for once a very likable "bad guy", and its irony. The movie is much stronger in the first half when it builds up tension and expectations. The first few minutes when Trinità is eating beans are simply legendary. The ending is. on the opposite of all other movies made by the couple, not really "happy" and I did like it. This movie mixes many ingredients together and the result is a wonderful and tasty juice. Recommended! 9/10
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simply... The Best!
sperman26 March 2002
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill's absolute best movie! Hilarious, spectacular, in perfect Bud&Terence style, with the addition of the spaghetti western settings that make it even more characteristic. This is my favourite and I think it's a great way to spend a couple of hours!
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They Call Him 'Stinkweed'
zardoz-1311 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Terence Hill had been acting in movies for almost twenty years before he took the lead in "Unholy Four" director Enzo Barboni's "They Call Me Trinity" (1971) with his favorite co-star Bud Spencer. Initially, Hill made his cinematic debut in 1951 as a child actor in director Dino Risi's "Vacation with a Gangster" under his real name Mario Girotti. Later, Girotti would appear in co-directors Gillo Pontecorvo & Maleno Malenotti's "The Wild Blue Road" (1957), and director Luchino Visconti's "The Leopard" (1963). When Franco Nero became popular, Nero's popularity was so vast that he couldn't appear in every Italian film so the Roman film industry found suitable substitutes, among them Maurizio Merli and Terence Hill. Hill starred in several Spaghetti westerns, including a Nero-esquire oater, director Ferdinando Baldi's "Viva Django!" (1968) as well as in the Giuseppe Colizzi trilogy, "God Forgives, But I Don't" (1967), "Ace High" (1968), and "Boot Hill" (1969), where he met Bud Spencer.

Although it did not qualify as the first Spaghetti western parody, "They Call Me Trinity" cemented Hill's claim to fame and he became famous in his own right. Italian film comics Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia had starred in parody picture "Two R-R-Ringos from Texas" as early as 1967. Meantime, this landmark, low-brow western slapstick shoot'em up roughly imitates the same trail as George Stevens' "Shane" with Alan Ladd and John Sturges' "The Magnificent Seven." Not only did "They Call Me Trinity" turn Terence Hill into an international superstar, but also Bud Spencer and he wound up co-starring in 18 films. They met on Colizzi's "God Forgives, But I Don't" when Hill replaced actor Pietro Martellanza after the latter broke his leg and found himself acting with Spencer. Ironically, cinematographer-turned-director Enzo Barboni is reported to have persuaded Sergio Leone to watch "Yojimbo" because it would make a great western. Barboni lensed his share of Spaghetti westerns, including "The 5-Man Army," "The Hellbenders," "A Long Ride from Hell," and "Viva Django!"

Although it is not the first Spaghetti spoof, "They Call Me Trinity" ranks as one of the top five Italian western comedies, bracketed by its side-splitting sequel "Trinity Is Still My Name" and director Tonino Valerii's "My Name Is Nobody." Unfortunately, Barboni never delivered a third "Trinity," but he did make an inferior spin-off western "Trinity & Bambino: The Legend Lives On." Incidentally, do not be fooled into believing that director Mario Camus' "Trinity Sees Red" is a "Trinity" sequel because it is not. Furthermore, Terence Hill does not play Trinity. Presumably, the distributors were banking on Hill's identity as Trinity to see the film. Terence Hill displayed a knack of comedy so that he could move from a dramatic role to a comedic one. Trinity's first appearance makes it clear he is not a hero in the western tradition of John Wayne riding tall in the saddle. Instead, Trinity sprawls out comfortably on a travois, dragged by his faithful horse that attracts his attention when have reach a stopping point like the Chaparral Stage Coach Station.

Covered from head to toe in dust, Trinity (Terence Hill) fetches his horse some hay and enters the station. The owner gives him a plate of beans. Two bounty hunters with a Mexican in their custody watch in fascination as Trinity polishes off his beans. As he leaves, Trinity takes the poor Mexican with him to the surprise of the bounty hunters. As he strolls out the door with his back to the bounty hunters, they try to bushwhack him. Trinity casually plugs both of them without a backward glance. He just keeps on traipsing along with the little Hispanic to his horse. This scene depicts Trinity's incredible marksmanship. Later, we discover that he can slap a man faster than the other man can draw his own six-gun. The long funny scene when Trinity appropriates the huge pan of beans and wolfs them down with a slab of bread is an amusing gastronomic gag. Thereafter, eating beans became a trademark for both Trinity and Hill. Altogether, Hill is just plain, downright affable as the protagonist who you cannot help but like because he radiates some much charisma.

In the next scene, Trinity rides into town where his half-brother Bambino (Bud Spencer) is masquerading as the town sheriff. Bambino is known as 'the left hand of the devil' and he guns down three tough-talking gunslingers when they challenge his authority. As it turns out, Bambino escaped from prison, shot a man following him, learned the wounded man was a sheriff and then took his job. Bambino is waiting for his fellow horse rustling thieves, Weasel (Ezio Marano of "Beast with a Gun") and Timmy (Luciano Rossi of "Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears") to arrive so they can head for California. Major Harriman (a mustached Farley Granger of "The Man Called Noon" doing faux Southern accent) is trying to run a community of Mormons out of a scenic valley where he would rather see his horses grazing. "Either you leave this valley, old man, or I'll bury you in it," Harriman assures Brother Tobias (Dan Sturkie of "Man of the East"), the leader of the Mormons. Eventually, Harriman teams up with an evil Mexican bandit, Mezcal (Remo Capitani of "The Grand Duel"), and his army of horse thieves. Of course, Trinity and Bambino thwart the Major and the Mexicans and save the Mormons from sure suicide.

The slapping scene in the saloon between Trinity and the Major's hired gunmen is hilarious. Bambino and Trinity get along for the most part, but Bambino has little respect for his half-brother's apparent lack of ambition. Nevertheless, the comedy emerges from their clash of personalities. "They Call Me Trinity" relies on broad humor, some shooting, and a lot of fist-fighting, but this western is neither violent nor bloody. The opening theme song provides a thumbnail sketch of Trinity and it hearkens back to similar theme songs in American westerns made in the 1950s.
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"Welcome, brothers!"
bensonmum228 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I am by no means an expert on the 19 or so Terence Hill / Bud Spencer films. But of the handful I have been able to see, They Call Me Trinity just might be my favorite. I distinctly remember watching this movie over 30 years ago and thinking it was one of funniest, most enjoyable movies I had ever seen. Re-watching it last night, I realized that, although my opinion isn't quite as high as it once was, I still enjoyed They Call Me Trinity immensely. It's not perfect, but it sure it fun. Hill and Spencer play off each other as well as any of the better known Hollywood duos. They complement each other in both style and appearance. There are a few moments that had me laughing out loud. Their first meeting with the Mexican bandits while unintentionally disguised as Mormons is one of these moments. Hill also has some particularly funny scenes on his own. One that I remembered from my first viewing three decades ago was the scene where Hill eats the entire plate of beans. Good stuff! And who doesn't get a kick out of the dust-covered Hill being pulled along behind his horse. It's a classic image right up there with Django dragging the coffin through the mud. There's just something about both of these scenes that I find very funny.

But what I really enjoy the most is the way They Call Me Trinity makes fun of some of the better known Spaghetti Western clichés. There are several examples I could use, but I'll just cite one. In most Spaghetti Westerns, the main character is usually an expert shot. So expert, in fact, that they almost never miss. Look at Lee Van Cleef in Sabata or Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for example. Van Cleef's Sabata is able to his any target at any distance and Eastwood's Blondie has no problem hitting the rope about to hang Tuco. Trinity takes this already exaggerated ability to the absurd. As seen in the one of the bar fights, Trinity can hit targets behind his back - without looking. If you're a fan of these movies, you'll enjoy They Call Me Trinity's poke at Spaghetti Western conventions.
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Spaghetti With Beans
Warning: Spoilers
The opening eight or so minutes of this movie are priceless. Trinity (Terence Hill) is wandering the west riding on a litter dragged behind a horse who courteously wakens him upon reaching their destination. It is a stagecoach station, and the filthy, haggard Trinity yawns, makes his way inside, plops down at a table and orders up a plate of beans. The station master goes from table to table, ladling out the thick, steaming beans and gruel for his hungry guests.

"Leave it" quips Trinity, who scoops the beans from his plate back into the pan, and proceeds to eat the mass of beans with a loaf of bread on the side, shoveling the food into his gobbling mouth using the serving ladle. Trinity is a small, skinny fellow, and by the looks of it he puts away about five pounds of beans in under 90 seconds, sopping up the last of the gravy + sauce with a crust of bread, washing it all down with an entire bottle of liquor. He stands up, belches (politely), and then the movie becomes a Spaghetti Western for another 100 minutes or so until Bud "Bulldozer" Spencer starts pounding guys over the head like a telephone pole piledriver machine.

But the bean scene is amazing, ranking up there with the sequence from DJANGO where Franco Nero blows a cork into the face of some punk who disturbs his own feeding time. Someone should write a book some day about the use of food and eating in Spaghetti Westerns, from Clint Eastwood cracking fried eggs in FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE to Max Lawrence's roast turkey with dressing & sweet potatoes in CAN BE DONE AMIGO. Here it serves a transformational role, where Trinity literally "feels more human" after stuffing his face, and it would be fascinating to map out all the different meals and the roles they served, which were usually more than nourishment.

But this is a wonderful movie from a very special time in international cinema, made by & with some of the best talents in the industry. Seek out a British made DVD from Nouveaux Pictures ( which have unedited 2:35:1 Techniscope versions of both of the Trinity films. Even non genre fans will find them watchable, and to the already converted they will prove to be a revelation after those murky $5 bargain bin discs. Nice, stick to your ribs entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together, though the jokes about marrying two pretty blond Mormon sisters who like to frolic together in the ole' swimmin' hole may go over the heads of the 10 year old boys in the peanut gallery. Which is kind of the point.
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Mark-37127 February 2000
Trinity (Terence Hill) is a drifter, and has nothing better to do than roam around the country, sleeping on his cot attached to the saddle of his horse. He somehow drifts into a town, where his brother, Bambino,(Bud Spencer) is the Sheriff. Bambino hates his brother,because all Trinity does is cause trouble.Bambino tries everything to make him leave town. Trinity finds out that his brother isn't the real sherrif. Bambino shot the real sherrif in the leg and stole his badge and left him for dead. So Trinity has a great idea! BLACKMAIL! Bambino doesn't object, because there is a gangster in town called " The Major", who wants to kill some mormon settlers, who are living in a valley he wants for himself. He needs Trinity's help to stop the Major from killing the mormons, and steal all the Majors' Stallions!

This movie is an EXCELLENT comedy! It shouldn't be rated as a western. It is a "B" movie straight from Italy but I think its great! Everyone likes the scenes where Bambino hits people on the top of thier heads and knocks them out! Thats very origanal!

The sequel to this movie is almost as good as the origanal! It's called "Trinity is Still my Name", but the best movie with both Terence Hill and Bud Spencer is "Watch Out were Mad!".(A modern-day comedy) Check them out on

They call me Trinity gets a 7/10
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Good fun
Chung Mo15 February 2004
A friend once tried to get me to laugh at the card scene in this but I couldn't stand it. I realize that it was because he showed it to me out of context. Watching this film from the beginning puts you into a laid-back spaghetti western world that is a joy to hang out in for a while. All the characters are fun to watch and there's a real special sort of humor here.

The only drawback to the film would be the extended final fight scene that goes on without enough imaginative choreography. The racist treatment of Mexicans is a bit perturbing and strange considering how other Italian westerns of the time cast them as revolutionary heroes.

The writing translates well into English and the US version is among the best spaghetti western dubs around.
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Beans and Spaghetti with a touch of gunpowder
Tom Willett (yonhope)12 April 2005
Hi, Everyone, This is a very good comedy Western with some great scenes. The faces are wonderful. There is a scene with two very tough bad guys who are dressed in black. One guy looks like Gilbert Roland with a little touch of Robert Goulet. The other looks like either side of a Buffalo nickel.

Beans served in a nice hideaway restaurant under a cow. A Sheriff on crutches. A bath scene with an ending different from Janet Leigh in Psycho.

One reason to watch this for film students in addition to the obvious entertainment is to watch Farley Granger. I first saw this at a drive-in theater when it came out. I was surprised to see Farley doing so well as a bad guy. He had played bad guys before, but in the past his bad guys were vulnerable and confused types. (I recommend Strangers on a Train and Rope.) Murderers, but likable. Here he is a really bad guy. He is great.

Many wonderful scenes in this gem. The bean scenes are not as good as Blazing Saddles, but still very good. The fight scenes are very enjoyable. Bud Spencer is especially fun when he is responding to someone saying, "Good evening, Sheriff." As viewers we find out hints as to Trinity and his brother's childhood. I would like to see a movie based on their mom and them as young 'uns.

My 99 cent DVD was pretty good quality. The music is OK throughout.

Check out the other Farley Granger films, especially when he was young.

Tom Willett
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My Comments Are For All The Terence Hill& Bud Spencer Movies
eandrpowers3 July 2002
My husband and I had the pleasure to be able to see these movies at the drive-in when they were first shown in the United States. We loved how comedy was brought into them along with some amazing handwork with their guns. We were also lucky enough to find all the Lucky Luke series at a local video store. The last movie we saw was about their sons. To us Hill & Spencer are the best . Anything those two are in together, will be great.
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Highly Entertaining Spaghetti Western
bart-11716 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
(one *slight* spoiler in the last line)

What a great movie, one of the best spag westerns I've seen so far. I didn't find this movie to be as funny as I thought it was going to be based on the other reviews I've read, but I did find it to be a thoroughly entertaining gem with a slightly twisted world-view.

For me the strong appeal of this film was a result of the many strong characters and just as importantly, a tight, well written script which gets more and more compelling with each passing scene. By the time the film reached its conclusion I was totally drawn in.

I'm not surprised that there were so many sequels to this ... at the end, when Trinity and Bambino (Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer) inevitably ride off into the sunset their characters are so interesting you really want to follow them and find out what's going to happen to them next. Not to mention the other characters like the Major and the drunk Mexican (I heard this was really Sonny Bono in one of his early roles? Just kidding.)

I liked the ending of this film. Although there's never any doubt that Trinity and Bambino will prevail, the way they win the day was unexpected, and, in keeping with the traditional western archetype, the violent men who win with their fists and revolvers suddenly find themselves out of place in the stable society they help to build.

I would not say this is the greatest western of all of all time, but definitely an entertaining way to spend a Saturday afternoon and the type of characters and plot I wish we would see more of from today's filmmakers.

Plus ... how often do you get to see a bunch of Mormons kicking holy ass?

Bart Blackstone * Film Club Hollywood CA
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Simply the best
Mimmo Farina (t-1001)25 March 2003
This is one of the best "fagioli-western", maybe because is the really first one that leaves the violence, that after Leone and the others masters of spaghetti-western, that (IMHO) are more realistic and better than more America's one, to marry the ironic side of the moon. There are no dead times and the whole movie, every time passes on italian TV, takes also 6-8 million (on an audience that usually goes up to 25 millions only when plays the "Nazionale" of soccer). The movie is leaded by a funny theme that recalls Morricone's anthemes (except for the not high sense tragedy), and mixes the differences between the two carachters. This is nothing new, is from Laurel & Hardy that this happens. But, you know, if it works, works, and it works so much!!! There is nothing in common with modern craps like actual comedies (in Italy such as in the US) do. No verbal violence, a bit of sadism (one man is evirate...) and a lot of fun. You'll love to hate Farley Granger (The Major), you really will think that "la mia esposa stava al fiume...un Gringo l'aggredì, que la voleva...", and, of course, you will try to steal horses or be a gambler for living. See it and tell me....have fun!
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A lot better if you're 10
john in missouri11 June 2007
Very interesting to find another reviewer who had the exact same reaction to this movie as I did: It was a heck of a lot better when I was 10 or 11 years old.

Seeing it more than 30 years later, it's still okay, but it only mildly held my interest. What seemed hugely funny back then was only mildly amusing.

Also, things that were astonishing to me as a 10-year-old came across as just silly. For example, in one scene Trinity is walking along and fires his revolver behind him and kills two men without even looking. In fact, he doesn't even bother to look and see if they're dead, because he knows he hit the mark. Um, yeah, right.

In addition, a lot of the dialogue sounds quite wooden. Sorry, but 35 years later, it hasn't really aged that well.

Although it's been a long time since I've seen that one as well, probably a better Terrence Hill film than this one would be My Name Is Nobody.
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My fave movie!
Mark-3714 October 1999
This movie is very will always be one of my faves....especially the fight in the bar where some guys calls bambino's mom a whore. Its too bad that Terence Hill and Bud Spencer never mad it big in canada and usa.
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A timeless cinematographic masterpiece for all western lovers
Paulo Monteiro4 June 2015
This is a cinematographic masterpiece for all western lovers.

It is a stylish, cool, fresh, funny and intelligent Spaghetti Western.

Where to start? The first couple of minutes of the movie, are very much a typical Italian entrance!

The cool laid back entrance, a sleepy Trinity is being dragged in a travois by his horse, with Alessandro Alessandroni whistling the incredibly catchy "Trinity titoli" score, clearly tells you are in for a "tour de force" of a movie! Terence Hill portraits Trinity, an insolent drifter, that wants to constantly be near is brother Bambino, portrayed by Bud Spencer, "a common horse thief and not a very good one either", according to Trinity, which due to previous events is the new sheriff of a calm town... until the arrival of Trinity that is! As Bambino explains "One shop destroyed. Three heads split like overripe melons. One man wounded and one castrated. All in two hours."

The Love/Hate relationship between the brothers, clearly outlined by Trinity being the right hand of the devil and Bambino the left hand of the devil, their mother that is a whore but not an old one (!), the Mexican prisoner that killed a "Gringo" (with a very little knife!) just because "he wanted to make love to his wife" , the Mormons, Mezcall's gang, the Mormon sisters, the beans (which weren't that good anyway!), the Major and that Colt .45,

The special effects are minimal, a honourable mention for the fast- forward pistol drawing technique used by Trinity :). The sequel has a even funnier moment, where Trinity slaps an opponent.

I rated it 10/10 because I grew up with Italian westerns and this one used to be one of my favourites, it brings me back so many memories!!

The most interesting thing is that, although it was released in the late 60's it has maintained it's freshness. The score, the fights, the gun-fights, the dialogue, everything. A timeless masterpiece, that has stood the test of time, something that many US westerns from the same time struggle to do.

The comedy is spot one and the lip sync is almost perfect, but this only adds to the charm of this masterpiece.

Have I mentioned the famous "Trinity Titoli" song? That has to be one of the most fantastic scores in cinema, hands down!!!

Trust me you need to watch this movie, it will make you feel younger and energised. I swear on Trinity's mother "May she become an honest woman, if I'm tellin' a lie."
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Good beginning to series
Dave from Ottawa13 April 2012
Terence Hill's portrayal of sleepy-eyed gunman Trinity stretches physiological credulity a bit in that one finds oneself asking how somebody this lazy can be the fastest gun in the west. Speed implies nervous energy, not indolence. That said, spaghetti western stars Terence Hill and Bud Spencer (not their real names) make a curiously well-matched thin guy-fat guy low comedy team in this meandering one-thing-after- another spoof that manages to work in enough zany stunting and general rambunctiousness to be entertaining. The out-of-sync English dubbing can get annoying at times, but the movie has a nice gritty slice-of-western- lowlife look and some nice shoot 'em up action scenes, plus Spencer and Hill manage to generate a fair bit of roguish charm. Worth a look-see if you keep expectations moderate.
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How the West was fun
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews17 November 2009
I have watched the direct sequel, Trinity is Still My Name, but none of the others. With that said, I can't draw many comparisons, because I honestly don't remember much of it. I suppose I do see the appeal, however, Spaghetti(or regular) Westerns just aren't my genre. Therefore, I haven't seen a lot with Spencer or Hill, either. The former gets to do his schtick of brawling against a ton of non-speaking extras, and the latter engages in some of that as well, and uses his charm. I believe that anyone into them and/or this kind of movie would enjoy this immensely. The fights are big, with marvelous stunt-work and a great balance between being realistic and exaggerated. Acting and dubbing are well-done, and this has your usual batch of nasty-looking types that you expect from this. Editing is good. The plot is interesting enough, and this has that flavor of the environment that films like this ought to. Sound is fitting(as is the way for these, hitting someone makes a loud noise), and the music is nice. There is not a lot of offensive material in this, and people of most ages should be fine. I recommend this to any fan of those who made it. 7/10
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"He's The Talk Of The West, Always Cool, He's The Best!"
ShadeGrenade12 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
By 1970, the spaghetti western genre was looking tired, until Enzo Barboni made this amiable romp. Terence Hill plays the 'Trinity' of the title, a blue-eyed gunslinger so laid back as to make 'The Man With No Name' look like The Milky Bar Kid. Teaming up with his brother 'Bambino', a bearded giant of a man portrayed by Bud Spencer, they come to the aid of a Mormon community under threat from a greedy landowner played by Farley Granger.

Hill and Spencer make a great double act. The film manages to be hilarious without being crude or offensive. Highlights include Trinity shooting a man dead without once turning round, some improvised surgery to remove a bullet ( using whisky as anaesthetic ) and, of course, the climax in which the normally passive Mormons engage in battle with the Major's men. Great music here! Unsurprisingly, the film broke box office records in Italy and led to a sequel 'Trinity Is Still My Name' which, alas, wasn't nearly as good.
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Not what I remembered.
heiny1 May 2004
Picked this up recently (spring 2004) along with "Trinity is Still My Name" for 5 bucks each at a sale. My brother and I had seen them at a matinee in Kansas when I was about 11 or 12. Didn't recall much of the movies, but remembered we laughed ourselves silly, so it seemed like a cheap price for nostalgia. Well, 30 some odd years later, it wasn't as funny to me. Don't recommend it for adults, but even 21st century 11 year olds will probably still laugh till their soda comes out their noses.

The pan-and-scan was pretty bad on the fullscreen DVD I got. This looks like it was encoded on a budget.
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