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La figlia di Frankenstein
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Reviews & Ratings for
Lady Frankenstein More at IMDbPro »La figlia di Frankenstein (original title)

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23 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Rosalba leads the way

Author: Stefan Kahrs from Canterbury, England
7 May 1999

A typical exploitation sex&horror flick from the early 1970s for the most part, it has one distinguishing quality that elevates it from the usual dross: its leading lady, Rosalba Neri. She has screen presence, she is sexy, strong, sensual, menacing, seductive, independent, radiant. Even in the nude, when other genre actresses go into autopilot, become passive, timid, or giggly, even then she stays in control. I almost forgot to mention that she can act as well. Watching her in films like this I just cannot understand how mainstream cinema could have failed to give her more substantial projects to work on.

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14 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Better than its reputation suggests

Author: bensonmum2 from Tennessee
3 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

- The movie begins with Dr. Frankenstein buying a corpse from a grave-robber to use in his experiments. His daughter's arrival puts a kink in his plans, but he forges on in his quest to create life. When his monster does come to life, it immediately attacks and kills the good Doctor. Tania (the daughter) is also a doctor and wants to carry-on with her father's experiments. So, while the original monster terrorizes the community, Tania hatches a plan to take the brain from Marshall, the lab assistant, and place it into the hunky (Did I just use that word?) body of a retarded servant. Will she succeed?

- What's not to like about a Frankenstein movie where the basis of creating life is sex? Tania doesn't get all philosophical on us and start babbling about discovering the origins of life and the secrets of God. Sure, Tania wants to see her father's reputation restored by proving his theories, but she also wants to create the ultimate lover and isn't afraid to say so. It's as good a reason as any I've heard in a movie for creating a monster.

- I've always thought that Lady Frankenstein was better than its reputation suggests. Oh, it's got problems, but I always have fun watching it. Lady Frankenstein comes across to me as an Italian Hammer-style film - rich, vibrant colors, nice Gothic touches, attention to details, and a lot of fake looking blood. The cast consists of a who's who of Euro regulars. Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri, Paul Muller, and even Mickey Hargitay give performances that are as good as most any other Italian horror film of the period. I also like the references to the old Universal film that can be found in Lady Frankenstein. For example, Dr. Frankenstein's line about man being God on earth takes Colin Clive's speech from the original Frankenstein to a whole new level.

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20 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Sexiest Frankenstein Movie Ever!

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
30 November 2004

This Italian-made Gothic horror movie often gets the short shrift from fans of the overrated Hammer films of the time. Sure, it has much lower production values and, sure, Rosalba Neri (aka "Sara Bay")is no Peter Cushing, but there's no doubt which one of them I'd rather see naked. Seriously though, Neri shed her clothes so graciously on screen and looked so appealing doing it that no one ever gave her credit for being the great actress that she was. She carries this movie pretty much by herself--Joseph Cotton is good as her father but he is killed off early, and Mickey Hargitay isn't bad but is horribly miscast as a 19th century police detective. Probably more than in any other of her movies, Neri stays dressed here. But the two scenes in which she does shed her Victorian garments are VERY memorable, and not for the usual reasons. In one scene she helps her would-be lover kill a handsome but idiotic handyman by having sex with the guy while her accomplice smothers him with a pillow, but her evil and lustful character doesn't let the guy's untimely death interruptus the coitus. The look on her face as she has "the little death" well after her sex partner has had the big one (and her poor would-be lover can only watch) is amazing and very perverse. There's probably not another actress that could have (or would have) pulled it off. The final scene, if anything, is even more warped, so much so that it was censored from many prints. Let's just say that this nymphomaniacal Frankenstein just can't resist Frankenstein's monster, and the sight of the two of them on the operating table stops even the rampaging villagers with torches dead in their tracks.

Is this is a classic Frankenstein movie? Well, no. It resembles the Mel Brooks comedy "Young Frankenstein" more than the Hammer films or the Universal classics, but it is reasonably well-made, definitely pretty entertaining and it is, if nothing else, the sexiest Frankenstein movie ever.

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20 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

How could some critics say it's just nonsense ?

Author: bouchaib-falaki from Kenitra, Morocco
16 August 2002

I remember seeing this movie when I was just about 11 years of age. At that time , nothing interested me more than Rosalba Neri's outstanding appeal to the senses , though I was still a young boy - this shows the extent to which Rosalba's beauty could be really something very special.Upon seeing it a second time just a few months ago , I came to discover that it's more than a movie with a really sexy actress in it.What struck me most was the atmosphere of the film , which makes you feel as though you were living in that very village and castle , among those people each of whom seems to want to hide something.The only week point , I found is Joseph Cotten's performance as Baron Frankenstein - maybe because I've seen him in some of his earlier , and much better parts.As for Rosalba Neri , I can simply say that she is incredible .Her strong desire to create a more powerful monster than the one her father did , and her unflinching determination to carry on her task till the end give to the character of Tania a strength that I've never felt in any of Rosalba's many other performances.

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12 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

She don't give a damn bout her bad reputation

Author: capkronos ( from Ohio, USA
28 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The FRANKENSTEIN saga gets an Italian sleaze upgrade in this fun and highly amusing trash epic that's nowhere near as bad as it's reputed to be. Top-billed Joseph Cotten doesn't have much screen time as weary Baron Frankenstein, but that's OK, his beautiful nympho daughter Tania ("Sara Bay"/Rosalba Neri) has just returned from med school eager to contribute to her father's experiments. After the baron's first lightning-born creation backfires in a big way (killing him and then escaping the castle to kill some grave-robbers and a few random naked women), Tania decides to redeem the family name (and make sure she is kept sexually satisfied!) by transferring the brain of her obedient, older doctor lover (Paul Muller) into the virile body of a hulking half-wit.

Despite the low-grade quality of much of this production, it's still highly entertaining, genuinely fun and is blessed with a fantastic performance by the great Rosalba Neri; an engaging, vicious, demanding, sexy femme fatale who is sick of everyone treating her like a little girl, gleefully attends a public hanging and uses both her brain and her body to manipulate everyone around her to get what she wants. Just as good in a more low-key kind of way is Paul Muller, who manages to actually be sympathetic amid all the sleaze and puts his heart into a role that really deserves much less. The cast includes former Mr. Universe (and Mr. Jayne Mansfield) Mickey Hargitay as a police captain and Euro horror regular Herbert Fux as a grave robber. It's also noteworthy as a precursor to ANDY WARHOL'S FRANKENSTEIN, mixing the gore, camp sensibilities and sex a year earlier.

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15 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Rosalba Neri as Lady Frankenstein takes the show

Author: rixrex from United States
31 October 2004

I gave this a 5 because of Rosalba Neri's wonderful performance as the Lady Frankenstein. Actually she's the daughter of Dr. Frankenstein, played by Joseph Cotten in a routine manner, but routine from Cotten is always good regardless. The flick deserves more than 5 based upon Neri, and decent acting all around, good sets and good atmosphere. It also deserves less than 5 due to a pretty crummy monster, both in appearance and mannerisms. Makes one long for the days of Glenn Strange, or even Kiwi Kingston. It's like everyone went to sleep when it came time to design the monster, because everything else is above average. And way above average is the performance of Neri as a really sexy and domineering lady doctor. She's a 10 in this flick and makes it worth watching.

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10 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

A different take on the Frankenstein legend.

Author: DarthVoorhees from United States
14 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Joesph Cotton stars as the good doctor who is in the process of creating his creature when his daughter Tania comes back from college. The Baron puts the damaged brain of a hanged killer into his creature. The mad creature proceeds to murder him and set out on a rampage in the countryside. Tania teams up with Charles Marshall to destroy the creature. Tania shares her hidden feelings with Charles, she says she will marry him but only if she puts his brain into the handsome young servant Thomas.

The film has some inspired moments but is flawed. Why would Frankenstein put the brain of the killer in the monster in the first place? Why didn't Tania resurrect her father? She says his reputation will be ruined. The monster is corny looking and sex scenes happen when you know no one in their right mind would do it at the time. We also have a bad performance by Mickey Hargitay as Inspector Harris.

The film is able to redeem some of it's mishaps. The mood is set perfectly. Rosalba Neri is stunning as the lead. The all ways talented Joseph Cotton's limited screen time is worth while

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Dude, I heard the Baron's daughter is like totally hot!

Author: Zeegrade from Doomed Theater of Despair
16 October 2009

Rosalba Neri is very hot indeed as the titular Lady Frankenstein though she is called Mrs. Marshall throughout the film. After her father's death, played by Joseph Cotton who must be wondering how the hell he's gone from Citizen Kane to cheap euro-horror, by the hands of the Baron's creation with a brain supplied by a man that eerily resembles Patrick Swayze circa Point Break, the nubile doctor Tania Frankenstein becomes determined to advance in her father's morbid work. It's a good thing too because I can't see Joe Cotton pulling off asphyxiation and orgasms quite like Ms. Neri can. The Baron's assistant Charles has long been enamored with Tania and wishes to woo her now that her old man is kaput. Tania loves his mind but can't quite picture jumping into the sack with the old horny bastard without a serious makeover. That is where village dolt Thomas steps in as the half-wit has been graced with good looks and brings the thunder into Tania's private lab if you catch my drift. Now, all Tania has to do is put Charles's brain into Thomas' body and voilà! instant marriage material. Too bad Mickey Hargitay as a persistent police captain keeps inquiring into what exactly her father's experiments entailed and why did he associate with graverobbers. Definitely one of the most amusing and downright bizarre endings I have ever seen. Who knew the sight of a mutilated corpse got her juices flowing?

I give this film a lot of credit by retelling the story of Frankenstein as apposed to the more faithful to the mythos Hammer films which is geared more for the hard-core euro-horror fans. Rosalba Neri is extremely engaging as the sexy doctor and commands your attention in every scene not just her nude ones. The supporting cast does a great job as well with a special salute to Herbert Fux as a slimy graverobber. My major complaint is that this film looks like it was edited with a samurai sword. Scenes appear for a second then disappear without any reason whatsoever. The version I saw was the 84 minute cut though I wonder what was excised from the film as most of the gore and plenty of nudity still remained. On a side note this is the third consecutive film in the "Chilling Classics" collection that features an adult woman sexually seducing a mentally challenged man/child. This is not a trend I would like to see continue thank you very much. Grab some popcorn and enjoy this guilty pleasure.

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10 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

She's no longer just daddy's little girl!

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
2 September 2006

After creating life, Baron Frankenstein is murdered by his hideous creation that heads off to kill those people who were involved in its resurrection, or who are simply in the way. The baron's daughter, Tania, who has just arrived from university with the help of his lab assistant, decides to go on and continue with her father's work. To keep the high reputation of the family name and to satisfy her lustful needs. Tania seductively plans to create a perfect being with the brains of her fellow assistant and the body of the slow-witted servant.

"I am, my father's daughter". She sure is! And a whole lot more! This sleazy Frankenstein imitation (of Hammer's "The Horror of Frankenstein") is beyond warped with its kinky fixations with seedy sex and red paint jobs (gore, of course) within its highly Gothic surroundings, inspires this cheap Italian exploitation picture. Albeit at times quite nonsensical and melodramatic, at least it gave the mad doctor theme a huge revamp with its lewd nature and having a female protagonist who was in supreme control with her manipulative prowess. This refreshing twist was one of the few neat additions to this rough around the edges, but above-average production. Director Mel Welles shuffles around some assured moments of suspense, array of blinding images and builds upon the morbidly vivid atmosphere. Although the creeping sound effects and nagging music score really did give me an almighty headache. The make-up effects were simply okay with the ghastly looking monster going on to aimlessly cause havoc like they mostly do in these stories.

When it came to the performances, one can only say they were quite laboured, despite a few decent turns. The very appealing Rosalba Neri grafts away with her conniving and forcefully voluptuous personality. She was quite hypnotic in the role and looked the part of Tania Frankenstein. Joseph Cotten gives the flick a steady head for the short time he's in it and Herbert Fux makes a more than a good impression as Tom Lynch the grave robber. The raw to-the-bone story and script aren't typically the best with their telegraphed patterns, but it lifted when it needed to by showing how much Tania has taken a shine to her father's aspiring work and there were hardly any dull spots.

"Lady Frankenstein" is an entertainingly tainted exercise on someone who cherishes what they do.

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10 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Surprisingly Well-Made

Author: Space_Mafune from Newfoundland, Canada
22 March 2003

When Baron Frankenstein (Joseph Cotton) is killed by his creation, his daughter sets out to create her own to bring the killer to justice and to make herself the perfect mate while she's at it. This one focuses on this more disturbing aspect of this and does a decent job of exploiting it.

I was quite stunned to see so many wonderful sets and costumes here, plus a decent atmosphere and lighting too. The film looks better than it is...The Monster may not be up to expectation but the rest delivers better than you might expect.

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