Johnny Got His Gun (1971) Poster


Joe: I don't know whether I'm alive and dreaming or dead and remembering.

Joe: When it comes my turn, will you want me to go?

Father: For democracy, any man would give his only begotten son.

Hospital Offical: He won't wait for an answer. All he says is, "Kill me, kill me, kill me."

Third Doctor: Don't you have some message for him, Padre?

[Priest shakes his head and looks to the floor]

Third Doctor: You could at least tell him to put his faith in God, couldn't you?

Priest: I'll pray for him for the rest of my days. But I will not risk testing his faith against your stupidity.

Third Doctor: Well you're a hell of a priest, aren't you?

Priest: He's the product of your profession, not mine.

Father: You're gonna make the world safe for democracy!

Joe Age 10: What is democracy?

Father: Well it's never bright clear on myself. Like any other kind government it's got something to do with young men killing each other I believe.

Father: He eats through a tube. And whatever comes in through a tube has to go out through a tube. He is the armless, legless wonder of the twentieth century. And yet, by God, he's just as alive as you and me.

Joe: Inside me I'm screaming, nobody pays any attention. If I had arms, I could kill myself. If I had legs, I could run away. If I had a voice, I could talk and be some kind of company for myself. I could yell for help, but nobody would help me.

[last lines]

Joe: S.O.S. Help me.

Christ: No arms?

Joe: I havn't got anything. I'm just like a piece of meat that keeps on living.

Joe: There's a game out there, and the stakes are high. And the guy who runs it figures the averages all day long and all night long. Once in a while he lets you steal a pot. But if you stay in the game long enough, you've got to lose. And once you've lost there's no way back, no way at all.

Father: Put your arms around me. I need to feel their warmth, to keep the chill of death away.

Third Doctor: It's Morse Code.

Corporal Timlon: For What?

Third Doctor: S.O.S. Help.

Christ: What you need is a miracle.

Joe: No, not a miracle. Just tell me that the rat is real and the way I am now is a dream.

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