The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant (1971) Poster


Danny: [as the 2 headed monster wakes up] Daddy. Daddy.

Cass: Whatta you know. He can talk.

Danny: Who are you?

Cass: I'm your brother.

Danny: I don't have a, a brother.

Cass: You do now. I don't like it any better. But until we can do something about it, I'm running this monster, understand?

Danny: Uh, my neck hurts.

Cass: My neck hurts, stupid. Don't you see what these maniacs had done to us?

Cass: Stop jerking around. You and I are now one, dummy. Let's stand up. I'll show you.

Cass: [as the monster gets up and starts walking for the first time] Aaaagh! I gotta teach the moron to walk.

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