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Diamonds Are Forever is great, absurd fun, not only because it recalls the moods and manners of the sixties (which, being over, now seem safely comprehensible), but also because all of the people connected with the movie obviously know what they are up to.
We see different movies for different reasons, and Diamonds Are Forever is great at doing the things we see a James Bond movie for.
Between Plenty O'Toole and Tiffany Case, the diamond smuggler, this film is as over-the-top as they come.
Diamonds Are Forever is plagued with problems. After a promising start, the story devolves into idiocy.
Connery has a ball with great stunts, snappy dialogue and a bevy of typically Bondish beauties.
Whatever connection Bond had to the real world has now been severed in favor of delivering the most satisfying possible experience for audiences, such as a throwaway scene of Q using an electromagnetic device to beat the slot machines or allowing homosexual henchmen Wint and Kidd to devise elaborate (and yet easily escapable) traps.
Apart from a clumsy climax, a wry and exhilarating bit of entertainment.
The action scenes here are just lame, and given the choice between good action and lame story (as we had in You Only Live Twice) and good story and lame action, I'll take the action every time.
The Las Vegas locations sizzle and the script at least has the good sense not to take itself too seriously.
Assorted ladies, a few quick lines, and one good chase, making for a mediocre entry in the series.

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