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Sex & Nudity

  • Suggested MPAA Rating: PG for Suggestive Humor, Nude Images, Some Mild Language and Violence.
  • Several animated segments feature naked women; highly-caricatured breasts often visible.
  • A marriage counselor has sex with a client's wife, and they are both shown beginnning to undress beforehand.
  • A man and woman are in bed and kissing, and it is implied through risue videos that they have sex, although they don't.
  • One scene is about a reality show that involves blackmailing people, and they show a video of someone's sexual encounter, though it is not explicit. A man's rear is briefly shown as well.
  • Several jokes revolve around stereotypical homosexual men, including a scene in which a man asks a policeman to come home with him, which he does.
  • In one scene a man is talking to another man in a way as if he wants to get something out of him. It turns out later that the man is asking what it's like to have sex. The scene ends with a person saying "I think it's overrated"

Violence & Gore

  • People are shown being blown up from a distance.
  • Several people die from laughing at the world's funniest joke, and we see this being used in a war setting.
  • A cartoon shows a man cutting off his head.


  • "Bastard" is said once, as is "hell."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two men are seen drinking alcohol in one scene

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