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Season 10

10 Dec. 1983
Episode #10.1
Sketches include in the change rooms after a very one-sided game of squash, Godfrey and Humphrey share with us some advice from the club, Melvin Pegg introduces the book programme with a scene from Henry VI with additional television show placements, two street cleaners entertain us with a work song, one day in an outback Australian pub they record an advertisement for the Cootamundra Travel Agency, 'Boy George' performs, there is a song from a tropical paradise, Ronnie story is interrupted by some background noises and is dedicated to his agent, and we see David O. ...
17 Dec. 1983
Episode #10.2
Sketches include a library where the books are sorted by some unusual methods, we see an episode of One Good Turn hosted by Norman Barrel with Al Vermont (The Chocolate Coloured Cough Drop), we go to a party were there is a psychic medium, we have a sing in the local pub, Godfrey and Humphrey discuss Humphrey's sister, two shipwrecked sailors are in a lifeboat, Ronnie has received a letter from an old classmate, and the final drama is Hercule Poirot in Murder is Served. The musical guest is Stephanie Lawrence.
25 Dec. 1983
Episode #10.3
Sketches include an investigation into Bespoke Taxidermist run by Patsy Peregrine Putiss, we have a jiu jitsu demonstration, there is songs by the driver and fireman of a Welsh steam train, we have an episode of One Good Turn hosted by Norman Barrel show presents Arthur Halliday (The Vagabond Lover), Godfrey and Humphrey discuss drinking, Ronnie joke is about two American tourists, and the final drama is magical story of 'The Adventures of Archie'.
1 Jan. 1984
Episode #10.4
Sketches include a wedding ceremony where the vicar intervenes, there is some deep discussion down the local, there is a message by the Minister of Cuts representing N.I.C.K.E.R.S. 2U, Humphrey tells Godfrey about his trip to America, Chloe Loon and Danny Jonkworth perform their own version of Three Blind Mice, there's a party where two travel agents try to outdo each other, Ronnie tells us an unfunny joke about a clever pig, and we finish with the drama 'Mileaway', which is a 'hidden' medieval village in 20th century England. The musical guest is Elaine Paige.
7 Jan. 1984
Episode #10.5
Sketches include what happens in the kitchen of a restaurant, there is a message from a health freak to encourage people to exercise more, Godfrey and Humphrey make a bet, there's a party where they use aristocratic rhyming slang to keep their discussions private, Lightweight Louie Danvers sings a song, Godfrey and Humphrey discuss women, the yokels have a discussion in the pub, Ronnie wears a balaclava as he has a cold, and we finish with 'Campers', which is the story of three trekkers on a cycling and camping holiday. The musical guest is Stephanie Lawrence.
14 Jan. 1984
Episode #10.6
Sketches include a bank that has been taken over the an Arabian sheik, Godfrey and Humphrey discuss golf, a soap opera that is too close to reality, a burglar goes about his business in a doctor's office when he is interrupted, Godfrey and Humphrey discuss doctors, one day in a pet shop that has some unusual pets, Ronnie announces that this is the last time he will sit in the chair as he has been lured to Hollywood to film his life story, two unhappy clowns sing a song lamenting the demise of clowns, the finale is the 'The Bogle of Bog Fell', which is set in ...

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