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Season 1

18 Sep. 1971
Two unsigned personal invitations will bring the titled Englishman, Lord Brett Sinclair and the self-made oil tycoon, the American Danny Wilde to Monaco for an encounter with a stunning brunette and the Mediterranean crime syndicate.
26 Jan. 1972
The Gold Napoleon
An attempt to assassinate an art student at the Côte d'Azur airport lead Brett and Danny to a syndicate smuggling gold in the form of counterfeit coins.
2 Oct. 1971
Take Seven
Brett and Danny find themselves engaged in a cat-and-mouse game of deceit and murder as a long-missing heir returns from the grave claiming a several-million-pound fortune. Is he a sibling or an impostor?
13 Nov. 1971
The noble, yet, abandoned manor of Greensleeves is strangely restored unbeknownst to its rightful owner, Lord Brett Sinclair, who now needs to impersonate himself to get to the bottom of the mystery.
25 Sep. 1971
The unexplained drowning of a go-go dancer and former 500m swimming champion will have Brett and Danny searching for answers in the mansion of a very large international financier.
30 Oct. 1971
The Time and the Place
Danny accidentally finds the body of a dedicated political journalist in the estate of a right-wing British political candidate, but who would believe him when it mysteriously disappears?
27 Nov. 1971
Someone Like Me
Knocked unconscious after a staged road block, Brett awakes in a fake hospital, from which he eventually escapes, to be told by Danny that he has a double who has been impersonating him. Reclusive millionaire Sam Milford is due in town and Brett is one of the few people he trusts to come near him. Danny reasons that the double is out to kill Sam but then realises that there is no double and Brett himself was programmed to kill whilst in hospital.
19 Jan. 1972
Anyone Can Play
With a fail-proof betting system, Danny walks out of a Brighton's gambling club with a suitcase full of money, but when he is mistaken for a Soviet paymaster, things are bound to get hairy.
23 Oct. 1971
The Old, the New, and the Deadly
Once again, Danny's life is in grave danger as a newspaper photograph showing him carrying a case with a statuette of a German eagle will attract the attention of an ex-Nazi fanatical Count and his assassins.
8 Mar. 1972
Angie... Angie
Angie is an old male friend of Danny's from the days before he struck it rich and Danny finds it hard to believe that Angie, re-encountered on the French Riviera, is now a hitman paid to rub out a witness against corruption in big business. Despite Brett's warnings of caution Danny is prepared to champion Angie but this leads to a showdown between the two old friends, which only one can survive.
16 Oct. 1971
Chain of Events
Things turn volatile when unexpectedly, Danny gets himself handcuffed to a much-wanted attaché case, sparking a relentless manhunt from both MI6 and Iron Curtain agents who need to recover the case at all costs.
3 Dec. 1971
That's Me Over There
Thaddeus Krane is a ruthless millionaire who has made his wealth from the sufferings of others and his young secretary Cliff aims to expose him by contacting Brett. However Cliff is killed and Brett abducted and whisked away so that Krane's henchmen can ascertain how much he knows. To confuse Krane Judge Fulton persuades Danny to impersonate Brett, and all is going well until a lady friend of Brett's almost ruins the situation with her curiosity.
2 Feb. 1972
The Long Goodbye
Brett and Danny accidentally discover a plane wreckage, and with it, a low-cost, high-grade synthetic fuel formula, which attracts a parade of oil tycoons and "considerate" daughters, all claiming the formula.
9 Oct. 1971
The Man in the Middle
Someone inside the British Intelligence has turned traitor, but when Brett and Danny's efforts to smoke out the traitor are intercepted, Brett's faint-hearted cousin must come to his rescue.
1 Mar. 1972
Element of Risk
Danny is mistaken for Lomax, an international criminal, and taken to meet Mitchell, who has engaged Lomax to master-mind a plot to rob an American air force base of a huge amount of gold bullion. Learning of his friend's plight, Brett poses as the gang's getaway pilot but the game seems to be up when the real Lomax arrives. Can the Persuaders rely on female gang member Charlie to save them?
4 Dec. 1971
A Home of One's Own
A derelict country cottage is Danny's latest investment, but apart from its great potential, the place comes with a reputation and an unexpected secret.
16 Feb. 1972
Five Miles to Midnight
Judge Fulton charges Danny and Brett to get former gangster Frank Rocco from Italy to America to testify against a large crime syndicate. They must evade both the police and Torino, a rival mobster out to silence Rocco. Accompanied by photo-journalist Sidonie, the party eludes the police but are forced to take shelter in a villa owned by wealthy Count Sangallo, who is in alliance with Torino and is about to deliver them to him.
23 Feb. 1972
Nuisance Value
Whilst Danny is on a date with Lisa Zorakin, spoilt daughter of a millionaire, the girl is abducted. Zorakin suspects that Danny is involved but in fact Lisa is a willing captive, her kidnapper being Michel, her lover, and the plan is to extract a 'ransom' to set them up together. Danny agrees to investigate on behalf of Zorakin to clear his name but further complications are provided by Lisa's long-suffering companion Mary, who also wants a share.
11 Dec. 1971
The Morning After
After last night's farewell party, Lord Brett wakes up in bad shape, married and in the middle of a political conspiracy that targets a Scandinavian Diplomat.
28 Jan. 1972
Read and Destroy
The Persuaders and every spy in the business are after a British Agent for his highly confidential memoirs, nevertheless, before retrieving the manuscripts, they must first find them.
12 Jan. 1972
A Death in the Family
Brett attends the funeral of his uncle Randolph, where his cousin Kate, a crime novelist, tells him that she believes he was murdered. Brett is not convinced but then six more members of the Sinclair family are all bumped off, as well as the family undertaker. It becomes apparent, however, that one of the dead men is not dead after all when he traps Kate and Danny in the family vault. It is down to Brett to rescue them.
1 Jan. 1972
The Ozerov Inheritance
The Persuaders are called in to assist the Grand Duchess Ozerov, an elderly Russian former aristocrat. There is contention as to the rightful owner of her jewels, kept in a Swiss bank. The Russian government is one claimant and her nephew Sergei another, in addition to the duchess herself. Brett and Danny are to go to the Russian village where there is proof of her marriage to Prince Ozerov and, consequently, her right to own the jewels. However two men in the pay of Sergei are out to stop them.
9 Feb. 1972
To the Death, Baby
Wealthy Shelley Masterson is being courted for her money by the suave Foster, who is being backed by gangster Coady and Brett and Danny vie for her affections to save her, particularly as she has signed a document leaving everything to Foster should she die. To help her they give her money with which to pay off Foster, only to find that they have been duped. She is not a victim but a confidence trickster herself.
18 Dec. 1971
Someone Waiting
After Brett enters his car for a motor race, attempts are made on his life. A man called Vine approaches him, asking him to throw the race. He is working for Louise Cornell, head of a race fixing gang but she denies any allegations of trying to kill him - she just bribes people to lose. Could the would-be assassin be Jenkins, a former racer who, after an incident years earlier where he tried to overtake Brett, leading to an accident which incapacitated him, was never able to drive again?

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