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Season 1

11 Sep. 1971
Gridiron Girl Trouble
Bamm-Bamm's dogosaurus Snoots follows the kids to Bedrock High School where Pebbles and the girls disguise him as a student to hide him from Grumpstone the dogcatcher.
18 Sep. 1971
Putty in Her Hands
The Slipstone Art School offers Pebbles a free sculpture lesson in a scam to get her to sign up for more. Pebbles' attempts to prove she is a good sculptress fall flat.
25 Sep. 1971
Frog for a Day
After her part as a witch in the school play is cut back, Pebbles gets books on witchcraft to prove she can play an authentic witch.
2 Oct. 1971
The Golden Voice
After hearing Bamm-Bamm singing in the shower, Pebbles drafts him to sing lead in their band. Unfortunately, Bamm-Bamm's voice when he's not in the shower is really awful.
9 Oct. 1971
Daddy's Little Helper
Pebbles overhears a conversation that makes her think Fred is going to be fired, so she gets a job working for Mr. Slate at the grav el pit to make her father look good.
16 Oct. 1971
Focus Foolery
As Pebbles competes with Cindy to win the Most Unusual Photo Contest, she and Bamm-Bamm stumble upon a bank robbery and are forced t o hide from the robbers.
23 Oct. 1971
Pebbles' Big Boast
Pebbles brags to Cindy that she knows a famous rock group and then has to come up with a way to get them to perform at Cindy's party . There's only one problem; she doesn't really know them.
30 Oct. 1971
The Grand Prix Pebbles
Fred and Barney create a super-secret fuel that is supposed to be tested for Gettystone Oil in the Bedrock Grand Prix. Pebbles accid entally gives the fuel and the formula to the junkman.
6 Nov. 1971
The Terrible Snorkosaurus
Pebbles learns that Sea Rock World would pay $1000 for a terrible snorkosaurus, so she and the gang set out to capture one.
13 Nov. 1971
Schleprock's New Image
Pebbles attempts to help Schleprock shake his bad luck omen lead to disaster after disaster, including getting the gang trapped in a mine with a crackpot professor searching for a lost city.
20 Nov. 1971
Coach Pebbles
When Fred loses his voice, Pebbles takes over his little league team almost costing them the championship game.
27 Nov. 1971
No Cash and Carry
Pebbles begins a new job as a clerk at Gimbelstone's Department Store. A con man convinces her he's chief of store security and she helps him test his staff by clearing out merchandise.
4 Dec. 1971
Wooly the Great
Pebbles' pet elephant Wooly is able to fly after bathing in Moonrock's Super Shampoo. After winning a pet talent contest, Wooly gets an overblown ego.
11 Dec. 1971
Mayor May Not
Pebbles is voted Honorary Mayor of Bedrock during student week so the Mayor goes on vacation, leaving Pebbles in charge. Disaster ensues when all the city workers quit.
18 Dec. 1971
They Went That A-Way
Pebbles volunteers the gang to work as ranch hands on Uncle Hatrock's ranch in Texrock and runs into trouble with rustlers.
The Birthday Present
Wooly takes the gift that Pebbles bought for her mother and buries it in the back yard. Pebbles believes it was stolen by her neighb or the creepy Mrs. Gruesome.

 Season 1 

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