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16 Feb. 1972
Till Death Do Us Part
The famed "bag over the house" episode (Rock Hudson later explained that the production company had way overspent the preceding episodes and had to do this one on a shoestring, with no additional sets and only six guest actors) features Mac investigating a psychotic killer who targets socially prominent people. The killer goes after Mac and Sally by drugging their drinks and calling up a pest-exterminating company, which encloses the entire McMillan house in a gargantuan, airproof and soundproof bag and starts pumping poison gas inside. Mac and Sally awaken and can't ...
1 Mar. 1972
An Elementary Case of Murder
Numerous bits of evidence indicate McMillan's former girlfriend shot and killed her husband, but the commissioner wants all of the facts before an arrest is made. (Script recycled and expanded from "Ironside", Season 2, Episode 9, An Obvious Case of Guilt, which aired 11/14/1968).
24 Sep. 1972
Night of the Wizard
A séance is attended by the ghost of a woman's dead husband. The woman is a friend of the McMillans, and they they leap into action to rescue her sanity and her life.
22 Oct. 1972
Blues for Sally M.
Buzz Simms. a concert pianist of great promise, is nearly strangled in his apartment. Simms has troubles enough -- a music critic for a local arts newspaper regularly scourges him at every performance. Did the music critic go one step further and try to kill Buzz for "bad music"? The critic is a friend of Sally's, who reads for the almost-blind old man. He has an alibi for the attack, but Mac suspects something is wrong when he finds that the music critic is a dead ringer for Buzz's late father, who despised modern jazz music. Mac also questions the music critic's ...
19 Nov. 1972
Cop of the Year
Sgt. Enright is scheduled to receive a high honor from the San Francisco Police Department, but it turns into a nightmare when his ex-wife showed up. They had divorced because of her psychotic jealousy, and it's grown worse over the time apart. While they are arguing in a room backstage at the awards ceremony, a shot rings out. Enright pulls out his service revolver and looks around, pulling open the door to the adjacent hallway. More officers break in and grab Enright. The ex-wife is slumped on the floor with blood all over her blouse. An investigation of Enright's ...
13 Dec. 1972
Terror Times Two
The mob doesn't want a man named Benson to testify. To prevent this, they kidnap Mac and replace him with a shady lookalike to impersonate him.

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