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Season 1

11 Sep. 1971
World in a Hat
Mark arrives in Lidsville and quickly winds up in Hoodoo's clutches.
Show Me the Way to Go Home
Colonel Poom tries leads Mark and Weenie to the Golden Ladder out of Lidsville, but The Great Hoodoo has other plans for the good hats and their friends.
Fly Now, Vacuum Later
Weenie conjures up a magic carpet to take Mark out of Lidsville.
Weenie, Weenie, Where's Our Genie?
Weenie runs away from home, putting his friends in jeopardy by Hoodoo, who's determined to get his genie back from Mark.
Let's Hear It for Whizzo
After the good hat people are forced out of Lidsville, Mark disguises himself as a wizard and challenges Hoodoo to a duel.
Is There a Mayor in the House?
Hoodoo uses his powers to get the evil Mr. Big elected as Mayor of Lidsville.
Take Me to Your Rabbit
Hoodoo finds himself on the wrong end of the zap when Raunchy Rabbit acquires the magician's powers.
Have I Got a Girl for Hoodoo
The citizens of Lidsville are in for double trouble when Hoodoo starts dating Witchipoo.
Mark and the Beanstalk
Hoodoo kidnaps Mark and Weenie, then attempts to escape on a beanstalk to the real world to extort ransom from Mark's parents.
Turn in Your Turban, You're Through
Hoodoo transfers Weenie's magic powers into Mark and uses the boy to do his evil bidding.
Alias the Imperial Wizard
Hoodoo kidnaps several of the good hat people to help prepare a party for the Imperial Wizard, but when the party is canceled, he decides to keep them as slaves. Meanwhile, Genie celebrates his 1600th birthday.
A Little Hoodoo Goes a Long Way
The bad hats plan to steal Hoodoo's Hatamarand to escape to the real world, but their scheme is botched and the Hatamarand winds up in Mark's grasp. Meanwhile, Weenie falls ill with the Ali Baba Virus.
Oh, Brother
While The Great Hoodoo is away, his well-meaning, twin brother Bruce comes to town and tries to makes things right with the residents of Lidsville.
Hoodoo, Who?
When Hoodoo comes down with amnesia, the bad hats convince him that he's their British butler.
The Old Hat Home
When the Great Hoodoo is told he can't perform in a charity show, he magically ages Mark, Weenie and the good hat people.
The Great Brain Robbery
Hoodoo takes a cue from the Pied Piper and uses a magic flute to lure the good hat people into his Brainwash Machine.
Mommy Hoodoo
Hoodoo's mother comes Lidsville with the notion that her son has turned to a life of good. Through a series a flashbacks, the townspeople try to convince her that Hoodoo's still as rotten as ever.

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