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Death Holds an Auction
Tom Fairly holds a compensation board captive after they decide his father's life was worth only fifty dollars. Dr. Locke becomes part of the situation when he arrives to treat a hostage, putting his own life at risk.
Dark Pages
Detective Richard Gar is accused of being a dirty cop in a mobster's memoir. He declares his innocence to Dr. Locke who believes him. But his actions to clear his name go too far.
A Taste of Sun
Gans is released from prison for securities theft and immediately collapses, drawing Dr. Locke to the scene. Kramer, an insurance investigator, is keeping close watch on Gans as the securities were never recovered. In addition Kramer used to date Jill Gans, his daughter.
House Guest
Dr. Simon Locke is called to a prominent citizen's house after a dead man is discovered. Police determine the man recently escaped from prison and his accomplice Frey is likely nearby and a murderer. Simon is instrumental in solving the case.
The Importer
Andy Carrigan, a student from Ireland, is warned to stop looking for his father who disappeared ten years earlier. Dr. Locke becoming involved after treating Andy's injured hand. John Carrigan makes contact with his son but needs to keep his distance because he is involved in human trafficking.

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