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Season 3

7 Sep. 1974
He Is Among Us
Jean, a veteran policewoman, manages to escape from a rapist/murderer. She is ordered to take medical leave but Dr. Locke refuses to sign off, believing it's better for her to return to duty. Jean becomes focused on finding the man before he strikes again.
12 Oct. 1974
An Equal Right to Die
A lunatic is calling in false medical emergencies and killing the paramedics that respond. After losing his last partner, Dr. Locke is assigned Andrea, a colleague he formerly dated. Simon becomes overprotective but she insists she can do the job. The killer shows no partiality.
The Judas Goat of Ebony Street
Dr. Simon Locke treats an extortionist Paul Shaver after he is shot. When he once again evades conviction, Simon works to have him brought to justice. Shaver's girlfriend Arline may provide the crucial information.
Star Witness
A politician witnesses a mob murder but lets his mistress Nora tell the police she saw it. Dr. Locke becomes involved after he says she has a medical condition to make that impossible but a hitman still goes after her.
Killing Favors
Bill Grady is a exceptional hockey player but drugs and a gambling syndicate have their hold on him. Dr. Locke discovers his hidden addiction and after convincing a protective brother Ed of the situation, they take drastic action.
Losers, Weepers
Dr. Simon Locke is called to treat a severely beaten woman. Persistent questioning by the physician reveals that Phyllis and Delbert are siblings who run a badger scheme. Their current target is a local politician who doesn't take kindly to being blackmailed.
A Very Quiet Street
Frank is a veteran beat cop who Dr. Locke discovers is slowly being poisoned after he collapses. The two team up to discover who is behind the attempt and why. The return of a drug kingpin made provide the answer.
Dark Pages
Detective Richard Gar is accused of being a dirty cop in a mobster's memoir. He declares his innocence to Dr. Locke who believes him. But his actions to clear his name go too far.
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Portrait of Florenza
After a party, a millionaire's mansion is invaded and his prize painting is stolen, and a guard is wounded. His neglected wife turns out to have organized it as a prank, but it has spiraled out of control when the thief is determined to collect ransom.
Man Outside
Ed Morgan runs a construction business and has several near fatal "accidents". Dr. Locke patches him up but is determined to get to the source of the problem. Ed wants out of a syndicate smuggling opration but they consider him essential.

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