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Bad Blood
Locke is slightly hurt after a dynamite bomb goes off in the front yard of Dr. Sellers. Soon after, Sellers is occupied by a long time girl patient that seemingly goes crazy during an examination, and her father has a raging mistrust of him because of his age, blaming him for her condition.
The Healer
A young Indian girl is pregnant, and soon to have her baby, however her husband wants to have it in hospital, but she would prefer the care of her tribe's medicine man, with his magic spells. Locke is bitten by a snake, with only the old shaman to help.
1 Nov. 1971
The Cage
In a remote farmhouse, a woman tends for her chronically ill, bedridden husband. Though Sellers sees the man living many more years with proper care, he dies very soon afterward. Locke performs an autopsy, and it's revealed his oxygen tank was replaced by inert gas.
22 Nov. 1971
The Hero
After a school bus overturns Charlie risks his life to rescue children. Dr. Locke notices a heart defect when treating his injuries but the patient refuses to reveal his past. A blackmailer arrives after seeing his photo in the paper.
29 Nov. 1971
Two Points of a Pitchfork Part I
An unconscious man is found in one of the rides at an itinerant fun fair, and Locke diagnoses him as suffering from Typhus. Swiftly, the town of Dixon Mills is quarantined, leading to hardships for the angry and frightened residents. The disease's carrier has fled, and a desperate search ensues.
6 Dec. 1971
Two Points of a Pitchfork Part II
The town is in an uproar over the Quarantine, and police are still on the trail of a fugitive believed to be the Typhus carrier, but it's revealed he's running from a petty crime warrant. After Palmer becomes ill, he is shocked to find that the real carrier is the girl he's fallen in love with.
At the Stroke of Death
Driving along, a girl is hijacked at gunpoint by a deranged woman escapee obsessed with her face, scarred from a childhood accident. She forces the girl up to the crumbling balcony of a condemned old building, threatening a murder suicide if anyone gets near, yet Locke must try to talk her down.
North Light
An old black man and a white boy living on the fringe scrounge an auto wreck yard for things to paint,yet he becomes the target of an assassin.The boy is encouraged to keep silent, and it's revealed the old man has a huge amount of possible counterfeit cash.
Smash Up
Careening off the road because of sabotaged brakes, a car crashes in a chemical warehouse. Locke and special fire rescue units try to extract a woman pinned in the wreck before explosive gases ignite, as her wheelchair-bound husband insists his business partner had to be responsible.
The Assassin
A shady businessman is murdered with Dr. Locke and Lt. Palmer focusing on Sam Dawes who worked on his car. The young man seems to resent the wealthy because of a neglectful childhood.
3 Jan. 1972
Cuckoo in the Nest
Dr. Locke and Dr. Sellers involve themselves in the difficulties of the Kinmonds. Ralphey has a mental condition but still notices his dad Henry treats him different than his siblings. His mother Marge has had enough of her husband's behavior.
10 Jan. 1972
The Man Who Hunted Hunters
During hunting season,some of the deer hunters are being hunted down themselves, by a demented man with a tranquilizer dart gun. He ties the unconscious men to car hoods like deer carcasses. when Officer Palmer tries to set a trap, but it backfires and Locke takes action.
17 Jan. 1972
Too Many Candles
At a surprise fortieth birthday party for a local farmer, he starts punching out his friends, and later tells his wife he detests her because she's aging. It looks like a serious case of midlife crisis, but Locke determines he's affected by agricultural chemicals.
31 Jan. 1972
Dark Future
An ex-con returns to Dixon Mills from his prison sentence which he served for the murder of his fiancée's father. She sees that as a tragic accident and still wants him enough to have a home with him at her family farm. He doesn't want her to know he has an inoperable degenerative eye condition, so he tries to convince her he's tired of her.
14 Feb. 1972
The Meddler
A girl with a degenerative disease walks with great pain trying to conceal her problem from an itinerant French ski bum she's fallen for. Sellers insists she must let him go or risk irreparable damage to her legs, and delay will prevent her admission to college as well.
28 Feb. 1972
Doreen, a troubled young woman, heads into the wilderness intending on ending her life. Locke and Palmer follow her but an avalanche changes everything, trapping Doreen and her rescuer.
16 Mar. 1972
The Wanderer
Dale is taken to Dr. Locke after fleeing an attempted murder but the killer follows him. Dale believes his father was unjustly convicted of homicide and thinks Ossman knows the truth. Simon and Dan try to help.
17 Apr. 1972
Royal Treatment
One of Doctor Locke's old patients back in the big city insists-even at the cost of his own health, that Locke and only Locke can do his diagnosis. So he leaves Dixon Mills to do it. Everyone worries he may decide to stay, while Sellers alone treats a mysteriously ill family at his surgery.
19 Apr. 1972
The Perfect Specimen
A girl suffering from serious internal disease is reluctant to be treated, and the reason is soon apparent to the doctors- her husband has a bizarre obsession with physical perfection, and he lashes out, threatening them and rumormongering among the townsfolk.
18 May 1972
On a dangerous mountain road deep in the woods, a distracted minister in a passenger car and a volatile chemical truck driven by a man arguing with his daughter, collide. Locke, Sellers and Palmer are soon on the wreck scene and find the trucker pinned inside as the truck may explode. The land's owner complicates things as he tries to stop their help.
18 Sep. 1972
Quiet Sunday
After only a few hours sleep, Locke must help Sellers with a houseful of patients, which include a lot of kids and a sad, lonely, dying old man. The most dramatic moment is when an injured girl, a murder suspect is brought in by Palmer, who threatens the life of Nurse Wynn with a stolen scalpel.
23 Sep. 1972
Lady X
A series of bombings occur with the description of an old grey haired woman nearby. After questioning unlikely matrons Palmer and Locke dig deeper, learning of Jerry, a lonely man who holds grudges and is good at disguises.
30 Sep. 1972
The Caller
Simon's girlfriend Andi is getting threatening phone calls but she doesn't know who would harm her. Soon the caller reveals that it's Dr. Locke he wants to suffer by harming someone he cares for.
10 Oct. 1972
Mobster Dave Morgan is shot and brought to police station to be treated by Dr. Locke. Morgan has a complicated history with Lt. Palmer and a daughter Marta who believed he left behind a life of crime.
Nov. 1972
High Tension
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9 Dec. 1972
Bust Out
Oscar Harmon is arrested by Lt. Palmer right before a big score. His gang, cause an explosion when they try to bust him out, trapping several and Dr. Locke takes a huge risk.
A Bullet for the General
A gravely ill foreign dictator is in town for some important diplomatic talks, along with his overbearing security detail. Locke wants to put him in hospital, but he won't leave a hotel where he feels safe, until a plot to assassinate him there almost succeeds.
Judas Goat of Ebony Street
Diner operators testify against a sadistic protection racket operator, only to have the case thrown out and they live in fear. Locke tries to help by buying the place, but the thug is interested in silencing further witnesses, including his own girlfriend.
My Son, My Son
College roommates Paul and George need cash so they start committing armed robbery. During one Paul is shot plus recognized by his policeman father who keeps quiet. Paul's wound worsens and George becomes desperate.
5 Feb. 1973
4th and Cherry : Code Three
A tough, ex-con and son of another convict is given a rehabilitation job- assisting Locke on the police ambulance. His old gang sees this position as an opportunity for cover in a get away out of a big heist they're planning. Feeling unappreciated, he agrees to help, dragging Locke into it.
11 Mar. 1973
Dangerous Windfall
After a bulldozer errantly knocks down a wall at a demo project, the father of the demolition team is rushed to the hospital while his son, Niko (Chakiris), finds $200,000 in the debris. After some debate, Niko agrees to turn the money over to police. The only trouble is the money is from a nearby robbery, in which $300,000 was stolen. The culprits want the missing loot.
10 Sep. 1973
Ticket to Nowhere
After a cargo ship docks in the harbor,a diamond smuggling crewman's body is found and it's loaded with Cholera. Locke and the police force must race against time to locate and quarantine all his shipmates, including his killer, lest they spread an epidemic through the city.
22 Oct. 1973
Body Count
Insurance agent Ben Grover stumbles onto a lucrative scam his bosses are using to steal from the company. Before he acts on it, an assassin is used to take him out, but they manage to only kill his wife instead. Grover then turns the tables seeking a deadly revenge.
12 Nov. 1973
Kiss and Kill
Several nurses are killed and one disappears leading Dr. Locke to zero in on a charismatic young doctor. The hospital administrator John Warren defends him, eventually drawing attention to himself. Simon must evaluate the evidence to save a young woman's life.
7 Dec. 1973
When innocent bystanders are wounded when a mob boss is gun down the overeaction of Lt. Gordon causes concern. Dr. Locke questions his boss but missing medication leads to the answer of Gordon's strange behavior.
For an Encore, Murder
A second rate, hot-headed lounge singer is injured when his girlfriend is abducted, but nobody believes it all isn't part of a cheap publicity stunt. Desperate, he begs his wealthy, but very much estranged father for the ransom money but gets turned down.
Tad is a troubled young man who believes he accidentally killed his mother at age 8. Shielded from his strange actions by Aunt Anna and lawyer George Gillian, Dr. Locke asks to inject Tad with truth serum to learn what actually happened.
The Vanishing
For an important trial Dr. Locke accompanies witness Blinn in an ambulance. While Gordon waits with prosecutor Stacey, mobster Trock manages to switch vehicles so he can take out Blinn before his testimony. Things get tricky for Locke and his patient.
25 Feb. 1974
Borrowed Trouble
Charley is part of a loan shark operation but hasn't been turning in his client's payments. When several of them are severely beaten Dr. Locke is called in and he starts to add things up. Charley's daughter Ruth and her expensive tastes may be the problem.
4 Mar. 1974
A Bagfull of Dreams
No-account son-in-law of a wealthy drug dealer steals a car one day with a valuable shipment and his naive wife. They crash, and he must escape the hospital with the shipment in a suitcase, his father-in-law and the mob's wrath, as Dr. Locke tries to intervene.
3 Jun. 1974
Deadly Exchange
Crime figure Tabor is in custody so his henchman kidnap prosecutor Paul Madden in front of his wife. Exton contacts Lt. Gordon and Locke to exchange the two but they decline. A wounded Madden needs rescuing before he dies.
12 Sep. 1974
Man in the Middle
Dr. Locke, against Gordon's advice, meets gangster Rick at his prison release and escape attempts on their lives. Rick wants revenge on his mob boss Rusman who's also his girlfriend Gina's father. Simon must stop his elaborate assassination plot.
19 Sep. 1974
Singer Ann Raymond has organized crime connections and is also an informant for the DA 's office. An car bomb reveals she's involved with ambitious politician Paul Scott. Dr. Locke tells her that her activities could be a death warrant.
26 Sep. 1974
Target Ms. Blue
Policewoman Molly Sims increasingly cuts corners, including giving suspects the benefit of the doubt. Dr.Locke tries to convince her that it won't end well and Lenny, a hoodlum, intends to make her regret the break she gave him.
Oct. 1974
No More Brass Bands
High stakes gamblers use ex-football star Larry to bring inexperienced players into the game. A man objecting ends up dead bringing Locke and Gordon to the scene. Larry defends his way of life refusing to assist the police.
3 Oct. 1974
The Militant
Dr. Locke discovers Greg, a college classmate, has turned radical because he feels his future was derailed because his skin color. Simon thinks he can reason with the group but Les is willing to commit murder even if it means betraying Greg.
10 Oct. 1974
Bad Apple
Barney Davis wants to be a good cop but his brother Irv owes the mob and they decide to call in favors. When Barney is beaten Locke and Gordon become suspicious and decide to look closer at the officer's record.
24 Oct. 1974
Final Approach
Jimmy, a small time hood, is used by his gangster boss to take the fall for a crime. His romance with Polly has him initially agree but his later cooperation with Locke and Gordon could cost him his life.
7 Nov. 1974
The Killer
When a professional wrestler kills his opponent in the ring Lt. Gordon and the police become involved. But Simon is suspicious that there might be a medical reason for the homicide,
14 Nov. 1974
Lady Be Dead
Policewoman Jean is excellent on bunko duty exposing scams on the elderly. But she takes chances which concerns Locke and Gordon. A killer Walter tracks down a woman who can expose him so it's up to Jean to stop him.
21 Nov. 1974
The Loser
Sam is a counselor for troubled boys but an outing ends in death for Ted. Focus is on a vagrant but he is also killed. Simon believes Sam wants to be a friend to his wards rather then help them. And is shielding a murderer.
28 Nov. 1974
Siblings Rosalind and David Almont are arguing about his fiance Karen when he falls down the stairs. Locke and Gordon suspect a murder attempt putting the proud Rosalind under suspicion with David's behavior very unexpected.
5 Dec. 1974
Time Bomb
Simon is along on a narcotics raid bringing the doctor into the courtroom. Attorney Diana goes after him which complicates things romantically with Lt. Gordon. Then a jailbreak by the drug dealers proves deadly.
19 Dec. 1974
Cry Murder
Valentina Thorpe, recently released from a sanitarium, meets with Howard her father's business partner who she believes murdered him. Everyone doubts her but then Simon decides to look closer at the situation.
2 Jan. 1975
Requiem for an Animal
Dekker is just released from a mental facility and wants revenge on the doctor for putting him there. He kidnaps a small girl Nicole to ensure that Simon meets with him but a case of double cross complicates things.
16 Jan. 1975
Insight to Murder
When Dr. Harmon is murdered Locke is not surprised to find student Brian Lewis near the vicinity. The young man is studying a series of killings, pointing out each of the victims was criminal. Simon tries to put the clues together.
23 Jan. 1975
Web of Guilt
Lt. Jack Gordon has a romantic interest in attorney Val Rainer but after a date her ex husband Will shows up and is shot by Val's brother Richie. Dr. Locke learns Richie has a history of violent confrontations and Val has shielded him.
13 Feb. 1975
Run Harry, Run
Businessman Harry Lyon's son is kidnapped by an ex-employee who tells him to keep quiet. But Dr. Locke and the police find out with Lyon's criminal practices come to light, angering his wife Sheila plus endangering his boy.
27 Feb. 1975
Half Way House
Luddy runs a half-way house for fellow ex-cons trying to make it back in society. Mistreated in the past by police, he's reluctant to help them even when they reveal that some of the residents are active criminals responsible for an old man's murder.
6 Mar. 1975
Sing a Sad Song
A second rate lounge singer playing second rate lounges wants desperately for his agent to book him in more important venues in the United States, but he never gets one. When the agent is found murdered in his dressing room, it looks like his spaced out drug addict girl friend did it, but she can't remember anything.
A Taste of Sun
Gans is released from prison for securities theft and immediately collapses, drawing Dr. Locke to the scene. Kramer, an insurance investigator, is keeping close watch on Gans as the securities were never recovered. In addition Kramer used to date Jill Gans, his daughter.
Angel in White
During a theft of hospital supplies a shooting occurs and Dr. Locke arrives at the scene to treat the victims. He sees Lynn, a nurse who is also a former girlfriend. She appears to be part of organized robbery ring of the medical institutions.
House Guest
Dr. Simon Locke is called to a prominent citizen's house after a dead man is discovered. Police determine the man recently escaped from prison and his accomplice Frey is likely nearby and a murderer. Simon is instrumental in solving the case.
Pint of Friendship
An ex-cop has become an alcoholic derelict. When one of his drinking friends is violently kidnapped by thugs in an ambulance from a local hospital, he convinces Simon to go under cover there to find out why. He finds a murderous insurance scam run by some corrupt doctors.
The Importer
Andy Carrigan, a student from Ireland, is warned to stop looking for his father who disappeared ten years earlier. Dr. Locke becoming involved after treating Andy's injured hand. John Carrigan makes contact with his son but needs to keep his distance because he is involved in human trafficking.

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