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Season 2

13 Sep. 1972
Bad Cats and Sudden Death
When Deputy District Attorney Michael Arnold is accused of murdering his wife, he calls on Cannon to help him.
20 Sep. 1972
Sky Above, Death Below
A union leader is killed on a Colorado ski lift, and his daughter hires Cannon to get to the truth.
27 Sep. 1972
Bitter Legion
An laid-off engineer trains a group of Vietnam veterans to steal munitions from a National Guard armory, and Cannon is hired by the wife of one of them to find her missing husband.
4 Oct. 1972
That Was No Lady
Cannon is hired to protect a lawyer who has received death threats after defending her clients, two small-time crooks, suspected of a safe-cracking at a charitable foundation.
11 Oct. 1972
Cannon witnesses the attempted holdup of a bar and shoots the thief before he escapes. The man was with a woman who accidentally shoots her in the gunfight. The woman later claims she didn't know the man and that it was Cannon who shot her.
18 Oct. 1972
The Predators
A sheep rancher is accused of criminal negligence when a man is killed on her property by a "coyote getter" trap, and she calls on Cannon to exonerate her.
25 Oct. 1972
A Long Way Down
A doctor at an inner-city hospital is suspected in a drug theft, and Cannon is hired by the hospital administrator to get to the truth.
1 Nov. 1972
The Rip Off
A professional thief breaks into Frank's apartment and steals all of his furniture, including his file cabinet.
15 Nov. 1972
Child of Fear
Cannon is hired by the wife of a missing ranch owner when his privately hired security service somehow hasn't been able to find him for six days.
22 Nov. 1972
The Shadow Man
Cannon is hired by the wife of a hotel developer after he falls off a cliff and, while she goes for help, disappears.
29 Nov. 1972
Hear No Evil
A paroled electronics expert is threatened by three businessmen, and his wife, an ex-cop, calls Cannon.
13 Dec. 1972
The Endangered Species
Cannon's friend, a yacht builder, is framed for killing his son on a hunting trip.
20 Dec. 1972
Nobody Beats the House
Cannon is hired to help a man avoid paying his gambling debt with his life.
3 Jan. 1973
Hard Rock Roller Coaster
Cannon is hired to help a man who wandered into someone's home after being beaten up. He has no memory or any I.D. on him. Two thugs are after him and one of his benefactors may have a secret agenda.
10 Jan. 1973
The Dead Samaritan
A bystander is charged after he sees a woman being assaulted by a businessman, he intervenes, and the businessman dies of a heart attack. But was it a set-up?
17 Jan. 1973
Death of a Stone Seahorse
A marine biologist is stabbed on a research island.
31 Jan. 1973
Moving Target
To protect an author whose life has been threatened, Cannon puts him in a motor-home to finish his manuscript and investigates who might want the writer dead.
7 Feb. 1973
Murder for Murder
Cannon is hired by the sister of a young woman who died at the mansion of two brothers who own a cosmetics company.
14 Feb. 1973
To Ride a Tiger
After a lawyer working on a controversial case disappears Cannon is hired to help find him. The lawyer is a diabetic and may die if he isn't found in time.
21 Feb. 1973
Cannon is hired by the parents of a young man held in a Turkish prison on drug charges.
28 Feb. 1973
The Seventh Grave
A newspaper publisher calls Cannon to the small town of Milling to investigate a series of murders of young women.
7 Mar. 1973
Catch Me If You Can
A psychopath calls and hires Cannon to stop him from killing again, because he can't stop himself.
14 Mar. 1973
Press Pass to the Slammer
When a reporter is threatened with jail time for refusing to reveal her source to the grand jury, she hires Cannon to prove her story without using that source.
21 Mar. 1973
Deadly Heritage
Cannon is hired by a woman to find her husband's illegitimate son, who is bitter that he grew up in an orphanage instead of with her wealthy family.

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