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3 Oct. 1990
Jesse wants to pay off his new fishing boat as quickly as possible, meaning taking the boat out as often as possible when the fish are running. Jesse's problem is keeping a deck hand. Welk, his first deck hand, quits over a dispute with Jesse. Although Jesse in his single-minded pursuit does overwork Welk, Welk in turn is lazy. Jesse would like to take Tommy out, which he in return would love, but Laurel feels Tommy is still too young. John goes out with Jesse on one trip, but his day job as police corporal gets in the way. So Nick agrees to the job until Jesse can ...
10 Oct. 1990
Despite none of them knowing anything about the game, Nick has formed a cricket team - the Gibsons Giants - with the sole purpose of playing against the Sechelt Senators, captained by officious Brit, Ashley Putney III, who, along with his team takes the game very seriously. The one person on Nick's team who seems to have a natural talent as a batsman is Sam. Their first practice coincides with the return into town of Dana, who has brought along Sam's cousin, Billy, for a week long visit. Dana did not tell Sam this news beforehand as she knows that Sam does not like ...
17 Oct. 1990
Jack is dressed to the nines, and in his own world, as he is planning to meet his long love, Constance Bourne. In the minds of the people who have known Jack and Constance the longest, such as Nick and Relic, the problem with Jack's plan is that Constance has been dead for ten years, which Jack, when in his right mind, knows. As Relic refuses to drive Jack to his date with Constance on his boat, Jack steals Relic's boat. Fearing for his safety, the group organizes a search for Jack, the problem being not knowing where to look besides Constance's grave site. John feels...
24 Oct. 1990
Ghost Story
One morning while alone at the Reach, Dana has this eerie feeling that someone is in her presence when the door to Nick's office mysteriously blows open. Upon Dana telling her story, Nick, John and Relic jokingly tell her it was a ghost, which calms her nerves. But Jack, who overhears the conversation, says seriously that it could be the ghost of Captain Jonathan Stubbs, a fisherman who died tragically off the waters here. Despite the fact that Stubbs actually did exist, Nick, John and Relic know Jack is also only joking about the ghost story, but Dana truly believes ...
14 Nov. 1990
12 Dec. 1990

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