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1 Jan. 1989
Kelly and Kate
Kelly is an 11-year-old boy who keeps running away from foster homes that are not accepting of his pet otter Kate. Convinced that his father, missing for two years in a small plane accident will one day return, Kelly stays on the run lugging Kate around in a pet carrier. The episode opens with Kelly wandering around the docks at Gibsons telling Kate that they'll soon find a boat in which "some yazbo" has left the ignition keys. Kelly actually finds a boat with the engine running and is soon under way. Owners Max and Susie report the missing boat to Constable John at ...
22 Jan. 1989
Mystery of Blubber Bay
While Pat is helping Nick with his latest contract - making regular trips to Blubber Bay towing barges filled with vegetable oil - he misses another contract as Donna Lansing with Omega Chemicals, which has been doing some stream restoration work in conjunction with an environmental group called Clear Streams, wants to release salmon fry into a newly restored stream in the area. As such, Relic wrangles the Omega contract for himself. The plan for Donna and Relic to release the fry hits a snag when they learn from DFO that there is something toxic in the waters off ...
5 Feb. 1989
Potter's Treasure
Sam is the latest person to hear Jack's oft told tale of the fire of 1906, the other locals who know the story by heart as they've heard it so often. One component of the story is Potter's treasure, a supposed treasure buried by the Potter family but never found after their demise/departure from the area. Most of the locals have looked for it in their life to no avail. Meanwhile, it's Dana's birthday and Sam, wanting to use money he's earned but which he doesn't have since no one will give him a job, wants to buy his mother something nice, especially as she is ...
12 Feb. 1989
16 Elephants: Part 1
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19 Feb. 1989
16 Elephants: Part 2
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26 Feb. 1989
A motorcycle gang called the Devil's Disciples has just purchased some farmland in the area. Individual locals have differing reactions to the group, who have not done anything wrong. Sal, through editorials, has taken it upon herself to rid the area of the gang, using such tactics as mobilizing businesses not to sell to any member of the gang. Tommy, who has gone swimming on the Disciples' newly acquired property in the past, meets Emma, the young adult daughter of the head of the gang, Freddie. For Tommy, it's love at first sight. And John, who is on holidays, has ...
5 Mar. 1989
Not for Sale
Sara is having problems finding a focus for her project required for her video arts class. When her professor, Mark Carter, sees the street chalk artist that Sara has been filming, the artist who only does copies of Jimmy Galson originals, Sara believes she has the focus of her piece as she learns that that seemingly grumpy homeless man is indeed Jimmy Galson. After much negotiating, Sara gets his permission to be her subject, he even heading up to Gibsons with her, where she provides him temporarily with a roof and lots of streets, chalk and tourists for him to ...
7 May 1989
Club Laundromat
At the last minute, Pat decides to accompany Nick and John to Vancouver to investigate an unknown business opportunity advertised in the newspaper. It ends up being the active but junior part owner of a run down laundromat. The active part includes being able to make whatever renovations wanted. Although originally not interested, Pat decides to put all his resources into the venture including using his boat as collateral for the bank loan for the down payment. But he requires private investors to make the renovations he wants, namely for social items such as an ...
13 Jun. 1989
The Syndicate
Based on advice from supposed expert Jack, Nick, John, Jesse and Jack are thinking about investing in a race horse named Eleanor, who they will give the racing name Little Nell. Although the financial payout on their initial $1,000 investment apiece is important, it is the dream of participating in the sport of kings that is the more exciting adventure. With Jack handling all the logistics, the plan would be to enter Little Nell in small races in the Okanagan over the summer, and if she does well, to enter her in a claiming race in Vancouver at the end of the season, ...
21 Jun. 1989
Jenny: Part 1
Ever since her water-skiing accident which left her a paraplegic, Jenny Halstrom has tried to do everything on her own without help. She loves living in Gibsons, which is why she is distraught to learn that her mother is thinking about selling their house and moving the two of them to Vancouver, which she sees as providing them greater opportunity. Beyond the marine work which Pat cannot get to which he forwards to her, Jenny hopes to be able to provide for herself and her mother in Gibsons through other work. That other work becomes more important when Jenny learns ...
28 Jun. 1989
Jenny: Part II
Having reconciled with her friends Pat, Sara and Graham, Jenny enlists their help in gathering evidence of toxic waste being dumped into Starlight Bay, the site of a new residential development. All Jenny knows right now is that dead fish are appearing in the bay, and that the development lawyer and owner, Jason Leonard and Joe Malik, are trying to hide the fact of those dead fish. Pat, Sara and Graham are able to find hard evidence of something illegal going on, including more dead fish and birds, and PCB contaminated underwater sand samples in various locations in ...
13 Sep. 1989
Small Craft Warning
Dana and Sam are still adjusting to small town life in Gibsons, compared to their former life in Toronto. Dana wants Sam to experience all that Gibsons has to offer in terms of outdoor activities. She is, however, somewhat reluctant but ultimately agreeable when Sam wants to go on a day fishing trip with Tommy. Nick convinces Dana that although only eleven, Tommy knows the waters and is smart enough to know what he should and should not do. Dana's anxiety about the boys being out on the water is raised again when an elderly tourist couple, George and Mildred, stop in ...
27 Sep. 1989
A man by the name of Giles Hope has the Gibsons marina behind fencing and around the clock security protection. Apparently, a now absent Smitty lost the marina in a Reno casino bet, Hope, on behalf of the casino, who is the new owner and thus landlord. He will only provide access to the marina and the boats moored there to those people who were not in arrears to Smitty. The problem is that Smitty's records are spotty. As the police, John is allowed access. Nick, Jesse, Pat and Jack are among those not permitted access. And Relic is still in his shack, meaning that he ...
4 Oct. 1989
Security Systems
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11 Oct. 1989
Sticks and Stones
Sam and Tommy are at each others throats over a disagreement on how to build their tree house, which leads to name calling. Jesse and Laurel are at odds with each other over a decorating issue, which also leads to name calling. And Dana is having yet another issue with Relic over the menu. So it may be good timing, at least for Laurel and Dana, to take their planned mother/son boating trip on Dana's new sailboat, although the mothers may have to keep their sons from killing each other. But eventually the sons' feud extend to the mothers, which is not helped by a ...
1 Nov. 1989
Hot Stuff
Nick is helping John with a case of cargo ship thefts, the latest of microchips, which they believe are being smuggled out of the country. Nick would have a better handle on where the smugglers may be hiding along the coast. Meanwhile, Sam, while skateboarding, gets into an accident with Relic, destroying Relic's $1,000 sonar device. Sam makes an agreement with Relic to work the $1,000 debt off. Sam's first job, on which he takes his camera for some shots for a photo essay, is an on-land salvage mission with Relic up the coast. While Relic relaxes on the boat, Sam ...
8 Dec. 1989
Old Wounds
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15 Nov. 1989
Outward Bound
Pat has been putting off many of his jobs in preparation for writing his final exam for the five month long correspondence business course he has been taking, the exam and final course results which he believes are bad. Those jobs include refurbishing Ted's boat which Nick encouraged him to buy for possible commercial ventures such as charters, and fixing John's motor. Those jobs seem to go by the wayside when Pat receives the results: he passed with flying colors. Pat has a stereotypical outlook on the life of a white collar businessman, which he now believes he is: ...
22 Nov. 1989
The Sechelt Queen
Two people that are out on water are Dana, who is taking a pleasure sail alone on her boat, and Relic, who is transporting a boat to Powell River for two young men. Relic had no intention of taking this job until he saw the wad of cash they had and the large sum they are going to pay him for it: $2,000. What Relic is unaware of is that the two men are drug dealers. They needed someone to transport the drugs for them in case the drugs were found and seized by authorities. Once in Powell River, they, at gunpoint, plan to set Relic adrift on another boat for him to fend ...
29 Nov. 1989
Second Growth
Sara, who is making her annual trek to commune with nature by spending some time to paint in her grandfather's run down cabin located in the forest on Putnam Island, is dismayed to learn that Graham wants to work for WestCom, the logging company on which his father is a board member. Graham, who is an environmentalist, believes he can do more good from the inside as the company's environmental consultant. He however finds that the company has no intention of hiring for such a position, and he doesn't want his father to pull strings for him. Ted, however, does speak to...
6 Dec. 1989
Old Times
Nick has entered a new mellow phase of his life, where not even the antics of Relic in their professional competition bother him anymore. But Nick's mellow phase is short lived by a visit from his accountant, who tells him that most of his business deductions have been disallowed, meaning that he now owes taxes in the amount of $3,683, money he doesn't have. Meanwhile, Relic is going through changes of his own. Gibsons is quickly changing around him - growing up so to speak - and he no longer feels he is a part of it, and that he is beginning to be somewhat invisible....
13 Dec. 1989
Skeletor & Weirdlyworks
After many failed attempts when he was younger, Sam now believes he is mature enough to have a pet, more specifically a dog. Dana refuses. Later, Sam finds among the items in Jack's warehouse an old weather-vane, this type which Jack calls a weirdlyworks. Jack truly believes it has magical powers - it can predict back luck or good luck - and thus is happy for Sam to take it away. Sam also believes in the weirdlyworks' powers, as its predictions of bad or good luck seem to be coming true, most specifically for "good luck" Nick, and "bad luck" John. But Sam is ...
12 Dec. 1989
A Bearish Market
On his way back into town at the Homestead Café, Graham, who had been out with Nick in the woods collecting eagle dropping samples, stumbles across Constable Fernley, who is on an undercover sting as a character named Clint. Because Graham doesn't leave in time, he is forced to play Clint's business partner, Buck - a role which was supposed to be played by John - to the targets of their undercover sting, Brink, Naomi, and Dirk, who are in the market for illegal bear gall bladders, prized within the Asian culture. This bungle not only causes a professional problem for ...

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