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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Partners

1 October 1972

Season 1, Episode 2: Molly's Reach

8 October 1972

Season 1, Episode 3: Jet Boat

15 October 1972

Season 1, Episode 4: Independence Day

22 October 1972

Season 1, Episode 5: Boomsticks

5 November 1972

Season 1, Episode 6: The Search

12 November 1972

Season 1, Episode 7: Highliners

19 November 1972

Season 1, Episode 8: Totem

26 November 1972

Season 1, Episode 9: Clamdigger

3 December 1972

Season 1, Episode 10: Investigators

10 December 1972

Season 1, Episode 11: Gravel Pit

17 December 1972

Season 1, Episode 12: Easy Day

24 December 1972

Season 1, Episode 13: Potlatch

31 December 1972

Season 1, Episode 14: Sidewinder

7 January 1973

Season 1, Episode 15: The Evil Eye

14 January 1973

Season 1, Episode 16: Wharf Rats

21 January 1973

Season 1, Episode 17: Truck Logger

4 February 1973

Season 1, Episode 18: Welcome Island

11 February 1973

Season 1, Episode 19: Sadie

18 February 1973

Season 1, Episode 20: Prairie Sailor

25 February 1973

Season 1, Episode 21: Relic's Revenge

4 March 1973

Season 1, Episode 22: Hole in Three

11 March 1973

Season 1, Episode 23: Wolfman

18 March 1973

Season 1, Episode 24: Pool Shark

25 March 1973

Season 1, Episode 25: Dynamite Jim

1 April 1973

Season 1, Episode 26: Sea Cavalcade

15 April 1973

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Happy Birthday Molly

23 September 1973

Season 2, Episode 2: Fraser Red

30 September 1973

Season 2, Episode 3: Bush Fever

7 October 1973

Season 2, Episode 4: Our Champion

14 October 1973

Season 2, Episode 5: The Greek Eagle

21 October 1973

Season 2, Episode 6: McLoskey's Bones

28 October 1973

Season 2, Episode 7: The Sea Is Our Friend

4 November 1973

Season 2, Episode 8: Hard Times

18 November 1973

Season 2, Episode 9: Battle of the Goddesses

25 November 1973

Season 2, Episode 10: Keep Your Shirt On

10 December 1973

Season 2, Episode 11: Relic R.I.P.

16 December 1973

Season 2, Episode 12: Tizzy

23 December 1973

Season 2, Episode 13: The Trouble with Diamonds

30 December 1973

Season 2, Episode 14: Affairs of the Heart

16 January 1974

Season 2, Episode 15: The Sasquatch Walks by Night

13 January 1974

Season 2, Episode 16: Cliff Hanger

20 January 1974

Season 2, Episode 17: Here Comes the Groom

10 February 1974

Season 2, Episode 18: Nick's Ferry

17 February 1974

Season 2, Episode 19: Kim

2 March 1974

Season 2, Episode 20: Runt O' the Litter

3 March 1974

Season 2, Episode 21: Bathtubs

10 March 1974

Season 2, Episode 22: Love Story

17 March 1974

Season 2, Episode 23: Two's a Crowd

7 April 1974

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Sheet of Flame

15 September 1974

Season 3, Episode 2: Angus Calhoun

22 September 1974

Season 3, Episode 7: Fortunes of War

3 November 1974

Season 3, Episode 8: Jet-Boat Gemini

10 October 1974

Season 3, Episode 9: The Boom Inspector

17 November 1974

Season 3, Episode 10: Winner Lose All

24 November 1974

Season 3, Episode 11: Pandora's Box

1 December 1974

Season 3, Episode 12: Identity Crisis

8 December 1974

Season 3, Episode 13: Here Comes Santa Claus

22 December 1974

Season 3, Episode 15: Nick and the Amazons

12 January 1975

Season 3, Episode 18: The Glory Hole

16 February 1975

Season 3, Episode 19: Shotguns and Lovers

2 March 1975

Season 3, Episode 20: Charade

9 March 1975

Season 3, Episode 21: The Saturday Night Millionaire

16 March 1975

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: A Rover's Dream

14 October 1975

Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Rae Brown ... Molly Carmody
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Jim Ferguson ... Member of The Irish Rovers
The Irish Rovers ... The Irish Rovers

George Millar ... Member of The Irish Rovers
Joe Millar ... Member of The Irish Rovers
Will Millar ... Member of The Irish Rovers
Bob Park ... Hugh Camody
Juliet Randall ... Margaret Carmody
Reg Romero ... McLoskey

Season 4, Episode 3: Invisible Relic

28 September 1975
Relic is being miserable and selfish as usual. He won't donate to the charity Margaret is collecting for, and he leaves McLoskey stranded out on the rough water since he won't pay the $50 Relic wants for his help. Relic plans on going out an hour later to pick up McLoskey when he, a little more tired and frustrated about being stranded, might fork over the money. Relic is angered when he sees Nick tow in McLoskey's boat, as that means he's just lost $50. But Nick has some bad news: McLoskey apparently fell overboard and didn't make it. What Relic is unaware of is that Nick's story is a lie orchestrated by a now hiding McLoskey to show Relic the error in his ways. Nick believes they can take McLoskey's plan to another level by everyone pretending that Relic's invisible, and even talking about him when he's there like he's not there. It works, as Relic even bringing up hot button topics doesn't get a rise out of anyone. But Relic thinks he has a way to break their little game, which starts a play of oneupmanship between him and Nick on who can outlast the other.

Season 4, Episode 4: The Great Oyster Chase

5 October 1975

Season 4, Episode 5: Abandoned

12 October 1975

Season 4, Episode 6: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

2 November 1975

Season 4, Episode 7: Blackmail

9 October 1975

Season 4, Episode 8: The Hexman

16 November 1975

Season 4, Episode 11: In the Still of the Night

21 December 1975

Season 4, Episode 12: Boat in a Bottle

30 January 1976

Season 4, Episode 14: Bull Kelp

14 March 1976

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 3: Sara

3 October 1976

Season 5, Episode 10: Hail to the Chief

21 November 1976

Season 5, Episode 17: The Witness

27 February 1977

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: Episode #6.1

18 September 1977
A racing promoter wants to turn Relic into the Evel Knievel of boat racing.

Season 6, Episode 5: Steelhead

16 October 1977

Season 6, Episode 9: Wolf Song

13 October 1977

Season 6, Episode 14: The Patriarch

26 February 1978
Nick's father comes from Greece to try and convince him to return to his homeland. Through a series of flashbacks, Nick relives his days during the Second World War fighting the German invasion as a partisan. A two part episode. Young Nick : Aaron Crockett

Season 7

Season 7, Episode 1: Return of the Hexman: Part 1

10 September 1978

Season 7, Episode 2: Return of the Hexman: Part 2

17 September 1978

Season 7, Episode 7: The Talking Stick

29 October 1978

Season 7, Episode 9: Graveyard Shallows

12 November 1978

Season 7, Episode 15: Jo-Jo

7 January 1979

Season 8

Season 8, Episode 1: Songwriters

16 September 1979

Season 8, Episode 2: Episode #8.2


Season 8, Episode 3: Episode #8.3


Season 8, Episode 4: Boom

14 October 1979

Season 8, Episode 5: The Singing Death Man

28 October 1979

Season 8, Episode 6: Sunblind

4 November 1979

Season 8, Episode 7: Cargo of Doom

11 November 1979

Season 8, Episode 8: A Fool and His Money

18 November 1979

Season 8, Episode 9: Up the Creek

25 November 1979

Season 8, Episode 10: Participaction

2 December 1979

Season 8, Episode 11: Wheeler Dealer

9 December 1979

Season 8, Episode 12: Manhunt

16 December 1979

Season 8, Episode 16: Mystery at Plunket Island

15 January 1980

Nancy Isaak ... Melissa Abathy

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 1: The New Corporal

5 October 1980

Season 9, Episode 4: Sadie Is a Lady

2 November 1980

Season 9, Episode 11: Voice of the People

4 January 1981

Season 9, Episode 15: The Tray Tree

1 February 1981

Season 9, Episode 19: Dowser

29 March 1981

Season 10

Season 10, Episode 1: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

1 November 1981

Season 10, Episode 13: Yesterday's Lover

7 March 1982

Season 11

Season 11, Episode 1: Never Can Say Goodbye

26 September 1982

Season 11, Episode 2: Courtaship

3 October 1982

Season 11, Episode 3: Marriage

10 October 1982

Season 11, Episode 5: The Life and Legend of Nick Adondidas

31 October 1982

Season 11, Episode 11: Salmon Woman

31 October 1982

Season 11, Episode 12: Wave of the Future

6 February 1983

Season 11, Episode 19: The Bait

12 December 1982

Season 12

Season 12, Episode 1: Multiple Choice

9 October 1983

Season 12, Episode 3: Hawkeye

30 October 1983

Season 12, Episode 4: Reliable Source

6 November 1983

Season 12, Episode 12: Maggie

15 January 1984

Season 12, Episode 13: Million Dollar Rescue

22 January 1984

Season 12, Episode 20: Burning with Guilt

1 July 1984

Season 13

Season 13, Episode 5: 24 Hours

4 November 1984

Season 13, Episode 6: Dream Hunters

11 November 1984

Season 13, Episode 13: You Won't Miss It

27 January 1985

Season 13, Episode 19: High as a Kite

31 March 1985

Season 14

Season 14, Episode 1: Anatomy of an Accident

29 September 1985

Nancy Isaak ... Vanessa

Season 14, Episode 2: For Better of for Worse

6 October 1985

Season 14, Episode 3: Mussel Man

13 October 1985

Season 14, Episode 4: Save the Persephone

20 October 1985
While local bank manager Arthur Carruthers is away on business in Toronto, a suit named Morton Stanley from the regional office in Vancouver comes in in an acting manager capacity. One of his first orders of business as he sees is to seize the Persephone as he feels Nick has defaulted on his $8,000 loan by only paying interest on it, despite Nick having an agreement with Carruthers to do so when business is slow, such as now. Just as the bailiff Charlie is ordered to put the seizure notice on the Persephone, Nick manages to escape with his boat with a somewhat reluctant passenger, Pat, who just happened to be on the boat at the time. Relic, however, senses an opportunity and offers to buy the loan from the bank in order to put Nick out of business. Stanley agrees. This situation lays the framework for each person's task. Nick and Pat's task is to hide themselves and the boat from Stanley and Relic. Relic and city slicker Stanley's task is to find Nick and the Persephone. John's task is to uphold the law by finding Nick, but he who wants Relic and Stanley out of his way. Jesse's task is to see if he can raise the money to pay off the loan. And bank employee Laurel's task is to see if she can contact Carruthers in Toronto to override who she sees as her opportunistic and slimy temporary boss.

Season 14, Episode 5: Mirror, Mirror

3 November 1985

Season 14, Episode 6: Halibut Stu

10 November 1985
Nick and John seeing him play his saxophone for the whales out on his boat anchored off of Tuck Island is the first indication that anyone has of the return of former Gibsons resident Stuart Brody, better known as Halibut Stu. Nick and John end up spending the day with their eccentric old friend, who seems to spend his life playing music, drinking homemade wine and inventing things that have no real world use. Nick and John spending the day with Stu is why they are the second to last people in Gibsons to know about the two mysterious but bumbling men in town, they who are wearing matching suits and hats, that are looking for Stu, and are willing to pay big money to find him. Stu is the last person to know. Relic has no problems taking their money and showing them where Stu is, no matter who they are. But when Nick and John tell Stu of the men, he doesn't tell them who the men are beyond not wanting to have anything to do with them, which means his immediate departure from these waters. Will the two suits or Stu get what they want in their immediate tasks?
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Valdy ... Halibut Stu
Bob Metcalfe ... Carl aka Short Suit

Ryan Stiles ... Leo aka Tall Suit

Season 14, Episode 7: Mountain of Fear

24 November 1985

Season 14, Episode 8: End of the World: Part 1

1 December 1985

Season 14, Episode 9: End of the World: Part 2

8 December 1985

Season 14, Episode 10: Fool's Errand

15 December 1985

Season 14, Episode 11: A Slice of Red Herring

5 January 1986
It's a dark and stormy night. John's expectation to play Clue with his friends ends up being a bust due to miscommunication and other issues arising. Jack, Molly and Sal are heading off to play bingo for the evening, Jesse is taking Sara to the movies, and Nick has a last minute work issue in cleaning up a log boom. Alone at the Reach with his beloved board game, playing it which he believes makes him a better policeman, John quickly falls asleep and begins to dream. His dream is that he is an Inspector with more under his hat than usual, he who has been called by an anonymous person to solve the Clue-like suspected murder of Captain Chutney. There is, however, yet no body. He heads to the home of Professor Orange, where all the suspects happen to be for the evening. Each of the suspects has motive, access to a murder weapon, and access to a secluded room in Professor Orange's house to commit the murder. Will the brilliant Inspector's keen sense of deduction lead him to the killer, if indeed there is one?
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas / Captain Chutney

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips / Professor Orange
Rae Brown ... Molly Carmody / Mrs. Gray
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable / Inspector Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim / Jeemes
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim / Rose

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman / Commodore Whitehead
Shirley Broderick ... Sal / Miss Crimson

Season 14, Episode 12: A Fine Line

12 January 1986

Season 14, Episode 13: Mystery Tour

18 January 1986
Whenever it suits his schedule and as long as he can make money, Relic has been providing boat tours showing Gibsons from the water. His tour guide descriptions are filled with half and exaggerated truths, as well as downright lies. He thinks he has the potential to make a bundle when a British couple, Lord Roger and Lady Pamela, want him to provide an extended tour for them. To do so, he "borrows" old Stewart's ferry as it's he only vessel big enough, and he coerces Sal to come along as a classy companion who will be able to speak the Lord and Lady's language. Relic won't say where they're going, calling it a mystery tour, but Nick thinks that's a bad idea as Stewart's ferry may get into problems if it hits rough waters. Relic may have regretted his decision not to tell anyone where they were going as he may need someone to save him from the hell that the trip ends up being for him. John may provide that salvation, he who is looking for Relic for his own ulterior motives.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim (credit only)

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Shirley Broderick ... Sal
Joseph Golland ... Ceece
Kareen Zebroff ... Lady Pamela
Noel Burton ... Lord Roger (as Dermot Hennelly)

Season 14, Episode 14: Better Late Than Never: Part 1

19 January 1986

Season 14, Episode 15: Better Late Than Never: Part 2

26 January 1986

Season 14, Episode 16: Blue Plate Special

2 February 1986
The latest letter the gang receives from Molly states among other things that someone local has placed a bid on The Reach, who that someone is she does not know. Relic deduces that the only person besides him who has that sort of money is Sal. Relic is able to wrangle out of Sal that she is indeed the bidder, and plans to bulldoze the café and build high end condos in its place. As she won't cut him in on the action, Relic decides to start a rumor that the new owners, whoever they may be, are planning on tearing down the café. John comes up with an idea of getting the town council to declare The Reach a heritage building. Council in turn agrees to the proposal only if the café still can generate revenue by picking up more business than it currently has. As such, Relic switches allegiances back to Sal, telling her he will drive away business from The Reach if she cuts him in as full partner. Sal relents and agrees to Relic's proposal. Relic's plan is to work at The Reach, with people who won't be able to see what he's up to. He will be rude and lie about food and service to customers. Relic is able to carry out his plan to onlooker Sal's satisfaction, but will it have its intended result?

Season 14, Episode 17: A Boy and His Dog

9 February 1986
Jesse is painting his deck and dock. On Nick's advice, Jesse contemplates buying a paint sprayer to make the job easier, but he doesn't have enough money. That's why Jesse can't pass up Relic's offer, he who is willing to sell some old paint he has lying around at reduced price, which will allow Jesse to buy the paint sprayer. Jesse immediate regrets doing so as Relic's paint is causing him more problems than it was worth. Regardless, Jesse contemplates asking Tommy to help him, if solely to keep Tommy's mind off of missing his best friend Jason, who has just moved away. But Tommy has a much needed other distraction in the form of a stray dog, who he's named Harry. Frankie at the animal shelter allows Tommy to keep the dog as she's pretty sure it has no owner. Sooner thereafter, Jesse shows signs of having an allergic reaction to something, that something determined to be Harry after allergy tests are conducted. Jesse is heartbroken to have to tell Tommy that he can no longer keep Harry. But Tommy may have other thoughts to Jesse's news.

Season 14, Episode 18: One Man's Dreams

16 February 1986
Married for forty years, Saskatchewanians Frank and Bess Irvine are visiting Gibsons for the first time. Bess does not seem happy to be there, while Frank does whatever he can to rent a boat for a salvage mission. As Frank won't divulge the nature of what he's looking for, Nick won't rent him his boat. But Relic, with Pat by his side, has no problems doing so for the right price. Frank, with Relic and Pat as his dive support, and Bess part company on angry terms. While inexperienced diver Frank goes underwater, Bess, who vowed secrecy, does end up telling Nick and Laurel the reason for their trip to Gibsons, why she is so upset with Frank, and what "dreamer" Frank is looking for, that cache which Frank is hoping will change their lives. While Nick and Laurel seem to be more enthralled with the story than with what Frank is looking for, Bess becomes worried for Frank's safety for good reason. Meanwhile, it's tax season, and Jesse, as usual, is abandoning Nick to do the company's taxes on his own.

Season 14, Episode 19: Firemen's Ball

2 March 1986
Gibsons' Sea Cavalcade is upcoming. While Laurel, Sara and Tommy prepare Molly's Reach's float for the parade, John, Nick, Jesse and Pat practice for the cavalcade's centerpiece this year, the water soccer game between the volunteer fire department and the team led by John. Laurel has some problems as the theme of the float requires John, Nick, Jesse and Pat to be on the float which they refuse to do since they need to practice for the water soccer game. Laurel think she's got an innovative solution. And John's team may not require all that extra practice if only because the firemen's team is down one man, and they ask the only person they know to fill in, Relic, who does so only on one condition. After all is said done, real life may make who wins the game a moot point.

Season 14, Episode 20: Loud and Proud

9 March 1986
Pat is working several jobs. What he doesn't initially tell anyone, but what he eventually tells Nick, is that he plans on using the money to refurbish what was designed as a work boat into a racing boat. For Pat, the boat represents his transition into manhood, as he feels the adults still treat him like a kid. The word of Pat's plan does eventually get out, which doesn't sit well with Relic, as Pat already owes him $100. As a result, Relic and Pat make a wager on a race of their two boats. If Pat wins, Relic will forgo the $100. If Relic wins, Pat still has to pay, but he will also turn over the boat to Relic. The race becomes more to Pat than just the money and the sign that he truly is a man, as he tries to impress a pretty girl. But with a little help from Nick, Pat learns there is more to being a man than just having a fast boat.

Season 14, Episode 21: Opera Barge

16 March 1986

Season 15

Season 15, Episode 1: Pedal Pushers

28 September 1986

Season 15, Episode 2: Twice the Pleasure

5 October 1986
While on patrol in his car, John hears the cries of babies. He is surprised to find that the sound is coming from the back seat, where he finds two newborn baby girls. According to the note left with the babies, their names are Amanda and Amy. The note further states that the unnamed mother, who met John briefly a few times and who he remembers but does not really know, is entrusting the babies to his care until she can land her feet, since her deadbeat husband abandoned them. As John doesn't consider the babies to be abandoned, he plans on taking care of them until she reclaims them. Based on the information, Laurel believes the mother is a young woman who works as a cook at the summer camp. Upon Nick and Jesse investigating, Laurel's assumption is correct: she is Wendy Turner, who is trying to earn money to raise the kids properly. Meanwhile, Wendy's husband, Roddy Turner, comes through town looking for his wife and kids. He states that he was a scared kid himself when the babies came, but now is ready to be the responsible husband and father. Only Wendy can surmise whether or not Roddy has indeed turned over a new leaf. While Wendy contemplates getting back with Roddy, Joe contemplates rekindling an old romance with a woman named Sparkles who he has not seen or heard from in thirty years. What may stop him from meeting her again is that he is afraid that she may have lost her sparkle. And John, who is supposed to be looking after his mother's prized cat Puss Puss, may have a problem in that Nick kicked Puss Puss out of the house because of the babies, Puss Puss who is now running loose.

Season 15, Episode 3: Over the Hill

12 October 1986

Season 15, Episode 4: Father's Day

14 October 1986
A young woman by the name of Carla Maloff is visiting Gibsons for the first time. When she meets Nick, she is up front with him that meeting him was the reason for her trip, as her mother, Sonia Maloff, speaks often about him, the two who met and last saw each other over twenty years ago when Nick was passing through Sonia's home town of Hazel Ridge, Manitoba. Carla implies that she'd like to stay in Gibsons for as long as her meager funds will allow, which leads to Laurel offering her a short term position and board at The Reach. Nick isn't concerned about what seems to be Carla's obsession with him, until Carla's true motive for the visit eventually comes to light. Nick has to help her come to grips with her misunderstanding about his personal connection to her, and help her deal with an issue in her personal life about which she is in denial. Meanwhile, Pat has developed a computer program as a matchmaking service which he is trying to market to potential lonelyhearts, such as John and Sara.

Season 15, Episode 5: Poster Boy

26 October 1986

Season 15, Episode 6: Tricky Moves

2 November 1986
Now that Jesse and Laurel have moved into The Reach, their houseboat is sitting empty. Jesse doesn't want to sell it, but feels uncomfortable about renting it out to strangers. On Nick's advice, Jesse decides to speak to Pat to see if he and Jack would like to rent it at more than a fair price as he would rather have people he trusts in the houseboat than make a fortune from the rental. Pat loves the idea, especially as it is a much nicer place at a lower cost than their current rental. However, when Pat talks to Jack, Jack refuses to move, in part as he sees Jesse's offer as charity. So Pat takes some actions which he feels will force Jack to move with him, including forging Jack's signature on the rental agreement with Jesse. Once Jack gets wind of what Pat has been doing, they get into a stalemate. Neither can afford to live on their own and each brings a specific skill set to their living arrangement together. Although Nick and Jesse intervene as mediators between Pat and Jack, what Pat and Jack end up doing in terms of their living situation may depend on who can outmaneuver the other.

Season 15, Episode 7: Alekos

9 November 1986
A young penniless Greek man with an easy-going charm named Alekos Mykonos has come to Gibsons looking for his grandfather, and asks Nick, as the resident Greek, about his grandfather's whereabouts. What little Nick knows is that Alekos' grandfather used to live in Gibsons but moved away about five years ago to parts unknown. Alekos uses his Greek sensibilities to earn a little money while he's in Gibsons, such as doing odd jobs for Nick and those at The Reach, but it's one of his side ventures that could cause a problem for his new friends. Beyond this issue, Nick eventually learns that Alekos is in the country illegally, he being a ship jumper. He and Sara have to convince Alekos that the best way to locate his grandfather is through legal means, as if immigration catches up with him before he returns to the ship, he will be deported and probably never allowed back into the country, which means he will never be able to reconnect with his grandfather, wherever he may be in Canada.

Season 15, Episode 8: Unlikely Allies

23 November 1986
While out gathering logs from a log spill on his own, Nick runs into a boat in seeming distress. The three man crew - Phil, Richard and Clare - are all right but their rented boat is having engine problems. While Nick tries to help them fix their engine, he sees their cargo and understands why they didn't call for help: they're drug smugglers. Nick is able to radio in a partial cryptic message before Phil realizes what Nick is up to, and holds him hostage. As the smugglers see an approaching boat - Relic - they warn Nick to get rid of him or else. Nick tries to relay a coded message to Relic and hopes that Relic understands before he heads off. With their rented boat still inoperable, Phil decides to drop Nick off on a deserted island so that they can escape. Meanwhile, Jesse and John, worried about Nick after receiving his partial message, go out looking for him. Will they or Relic find him, and will the smugglers get away with their stash and Nick's boat?
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim (credit only)

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)

Garry Chalk ... Phil (as Gary Chalk)
Jeff Irvine ... Richard
Lucinda Nielsen ... Clare

Season 15, Episode 9: Kiss of the Dragon

7 December 1986
While out on the water, Nick and Jesse come across a Chinese junk. The four man crew - who Nick and Jesse later learn are Captain Chong Ling, his two adult nephews Ming and Wah, and his adult niece Lin - are suffering from dehydration and exposure. Their story: they are part of a Chinese fishing expedition that got separated from the rest of the fleet in a storm. Both Nick and Relic do not fully buy the story as there is no sign of fishing equipment on board the junk, but there is diving equipment. Relic believes the worst: that they are modern day pirates. With John and Coast Guard official Danny Lee on the case, Nick is not overly concerned whatever their true motive for being in the area. But when the Chinese take off unexpectedly, John, Danny, Nick and Jesse try to locate them so that they can get the true story, while Relic does whatever he can to raid them of whatever loot he believes they may have or will pilfer. Their true mission is a search for family history and restoring family name, but one that could be hindered by international red tape.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim (credit only)

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Hang-Sheng Tsai ... Chong Ling

Alannah Ong ... Lin

Tong Lung ... Danny Lee
Pat Lee ... Ming

Stephen Chang ... Wah

Season 15, Episode 10: Trial Balloon

28 December 1986

Season 15, Episode 11: Not Just Another Pretty Face

4 January 1987

Season 15, Episode 12: Plain Sailing

11 January 1987
With the newspaper as sponsor, Sal organizes a sailing boat race. There will only be two entries as the race is an exhibition, primarily to preview the Kydaka, a new boat designed by a Toronto company, which is backed by an unknown syndicate. But the sentimental local favorite is the Pauline Johnson, a Vancouver based boat helmed by an all female crew. This sentimental favorite status is despite the antagonistic first meeting the Pauline Johnson's captain, Anna, has with Nick, Jesse and Relic. What everyone is unaware of is that Sal has ulterior motives for wanting the Kydaka to win: she is a member of that syndicate. She figures if the Kydaka wins, sailors from around the world will be clamoring for sister boats to the Kydaka for the upcoming Victoria to Maui race. She confides in Relic, who she wants to conduct a little sabotage on the Pauline Johnson in turn for a small cut in the profits. Will Relic be able to pull off Sal's wants?
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Shirley Broderick ... Sal
David Battle ... Smitty

Merrilyn Gann ... Anna
Dale Wilson ... Kydaka Skipper
Pam Barnsley ... Joan
Dale Brynelson ... Kydaka Crew
Robert Huntingford ... Kydaka Crew
Bill Kitchen ... Kydaka Crew
Steve Kinsey ... Kydaka Crew
Dave Bruynesteyn ... Kydaka Crew
Lisa Carstensen ... Sanfire Crew
Allison Copeland ... Sanfire Crew
Janet Kine ... Sanfire Crew
Lois Kerr ... Sanfire Crew
Sue Liebert ... Sanfire Crew
Craig Douglas ... Sanfire Crew

Season 15, Episode 13: Free Ascent

25 January 1987
Pat and Graham are trying to develop their own dive salvage business. As part of that end goal, they're out for a dive with Nick as their support. They come across a wreck, which surprises Nick as there is no known wreck in the dive area. Pat and Graham believe they have the potential to become rich if indeed the wreck is not one that has been claimed. Nick tries to help them with the red tape. That tape ends up being an obstacle as there is among other issues a one year waiting period to claim. In the meantime, Pat and Graham are not allowed to remove anything from the wreck. However, Relic believes that he can get rich by Pat and Graham's find as Graham had brought up an abalone shell from the wreck. Relic wants them to harvest as much abalone as they can, which Pat and Graham are unaware is illegal as they have no license. But Pat and Graham may find there are more problems to their business proposition as they go diving without support.

Season 15, Episode 14: Homme Fatale

8 February 1987

Season 15, Episode 15: Beyond the Limit

15 February 1987
Late one evening, Pat ends up passed out on the road in front of Molly's Reach. Nick initially believes that Pat was run over, but soon learns that Pat is stone cold drunk and he fell out of the car an equally drunk Graham was driving. Pat is all right physically otherwise. Nick is able to stop Graham and take his car keys before he hurts anyone else. Nick chastises Pat for his behavior, but sees it nothing more that Pat being a typical teen-aged boy. The next day, Pat misses a job interview because he's hung over, but isn't too hung over to go out partying with his friends again. This time, it is a house party to which good girl Sara is also going. While Sara tries to abstain from drinking, she who has no interest in it, Pat, Graham and their friends feel they need alcohol to have a good time. But Sara gets caught up in the flow of the party, as she joins Pat, Graham and Elaine on a motor boat ride toward Keats Island in the dark. They all quickly learn that alcohol and the water don't mix when they lose control of the boat and capsize. Without life jackets or a radio, they cling to the overturned boat hoping that someone will come and save them.

Season 15, Episode 16: By the Pricking of My Thumbs

22 February 1987
Nick and Jesse spot a log on the beach at Mackerel Island. Once they get to the beach, they are met by an officious young man, Jaff, with a group of youth dressed in similar "uniforms". Jaff speaks cryptically about not allowing Nick to take the log or be on the private island as it would upset his boss and jeopardize his mission. Later back in Gibsons, Graham and Sara spot Pat, who was supposed to be in Vancouver visiting friends, getting into a speed boat with an unknown man. Although Pat heard their yelling after him, he goes off like he heard nothing. Based on Tommy's new found baseball cap, Pat wearing that same cap, and those caps being part of the uniform of the youth on Mackerel Island, Nick believes Pat is on Mackerel Island. They do find him there, Jaff who is local head of the Divine Connection Church (DCC) - a cult - that has indoctrinated Pat, who refuses to leave the DCC, and the other youth there. John discovers that the DCC is a legal entity and their "official" activities are also legal, which means he cannot do anything from a legal perspective. But Graham and Nick, both working individually, believe they have to do something to save Pat from his so called "saviors".

Season 15, Episode 17: Coming Home Again: Part One

8 March 1987

Season 15, Episode 18: Coming Home Again: Part Two

8 March 1987

Season 16

Season 16, Episode 1: Hooray for Mollywood

4 October 1987
Everyone in town is enthralled with Molly's latest novel, which is a fictional account of life in Gibsons. They are so enthralled that they lose track of their regular day to day duties. Each is most excited by the larger than life depiction of the character who is based on him or herself. Their excitement grows when Hollywood director Mr. Palooka and his assistant Whitney come into town, they who are making a movie of the book and who seem to want to use the local person upon who the character is based to portray that character. As such, each person tries to act the way they see their self portrayed in the book. So they all happily sign the contract that Palooka places in front of them, all except Nick, who sees that the contract is not all it seems on the surface. When Nick convinces them all that they have basically signed their life away to Palooka, they have to come up with a way to regain their life back from him. They get some unexpected support in the matter.

Season 16, Episode 2: Disposable People

11 October 1987
Sara becomes enthralled by Mother Teresa and her work. Sara believes her imminent beatification justified. Nick tries to encourage Sara to do her small part in making the world a better place through everyday kindness to others. What Sara ends up doing is inviting Didee, a homeless woman she just met, to dinner and to stay with her, Nick, Jesse and Laurel in the spare bedroom. Nick, Jesse and Laurel are taken aback enough by the dinner invitation, let alone the open invitation to stay for as long as she wants. The differing value systems of Didee on one side, and Nick, Jesse and Laurel on the other are quickly evident, which causes some quietly antagonistic feelings on both sides. Caught in the middle is Sara, who is still trying to find the right thing to do. Meanwhile, John is trying to convince everyone to attend the police fund-raiser, the Mountie Stomp. Pat, in particular, takes John's challenge to heart. And using the Heimlich maneuver, Nick saves Relic from choking. Using his own values, Relic, not wanting to be indebted to anyone, offers Nick what he believes is fair compensation for saving his life. Nick on the other hand, wants other things from Relic.

Season 16, Episode 3: And in This Corner

18 October 1987

Season 16, Episode 4: Sign of the Times

25 October 1987

Season 16, Episode 5: A Long Way Home

1 November 1987
John requests Nick and Jesse to make a run to Lund - one full day in each direction - to transport cantankerous seventy-six year old Duffy Bingham to his son Lorrie Bingham's house. Fed up with living at the senior's boarding house, Duffy figured that living with Lorrie a better option. However, Duffy hasn't seen his son in close to twenty years, when Lorrie, then a hippie, got married. But after Lorrie inherited a fortune from his grandmother, he has since built a house on his private island. Jesse refuses this job because of its cargo as he and Duffy aren't on the best of terms, so John decides to be Nick's second in command. Because of Duffy's ever complaining attitude and behavior, Nick also regrets taking this job by the time they reach the island. But Duffy too may regret the trip when he sees that Lorrie has not changed at all in twenty years, that the house is nothing more than a shack with no running water, and that Lorrie's dream house - a pyramid - is a long way from being completed if it ever gets done. They also find that life between Lorrie and his wife Mo is not totally harmonious, as she long outgrew her hippie beliefs, and finds that Lorrie is as much a child that needs to be taken care of as any of her and Lorrie's biological children. The question becomes what will happen with this new extended Bingham family in all its disharmony.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim (credit only)

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (credit only) (as Cam Bancroft)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman
Imbert Orchard ... Duffy Bingham

David Longworth ... Lorrie Bingham
Elie Halcrow ... Mo Bingham
Lillian Carlson ... Mrs. Brody

Season 16, Episode 6: Sunday Drive

8 November 1987
John is looking for an out of the way recreational property to buy to get away from his work stresses. Relic has a friend who has a small A-frame house on acreage he wants to sell. As such, the two are planning on taking a drive out to see it in the police cruiser. What Relic is unaware of is that John has asked Nick and Jesse to come along as a second and third pair of eyes. Relic isn't very happy as he believed he would have been able to con John, but he isn't able to con all three as when they eventually arrive at the very, very, very out of the way property off on a dangerous mountainous dirt road, the house in question is a run down shack, which John has no intention of purchasing. However, on their way down the mountain, the cruiser runs into mechanical difficulties, which results in it and them being perched precariously on the side of the cliff. In the accident, Nick sustains a sprained ankle, while Relic sustains a head injury, which results in a form of amnesia, where he reverts to his childhood. As such, Jesse and John are tasked with heading down the mountain on foot to flag down help, although John is more preoccupied about what he will eventually tell his supervisor about why he was off on a mountain road in the cruiser. But their task is easier than Nick's, he who has to look after childlike Relic, who is more to handle than adult Relic.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim (credit only)

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (credit only) (as Cam Bancroft)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)

Season 16, Episode 7: Stars of Wonder

20 December 1987
It's Christmas, and the festive holiday mood has hit most of the regulars of Molly's Reach as demonstrated by them being aboard the caroling ship which is circling the harbor. There are a few people however who are retreating from the Christmas holidays. One of those seemingly is Coug McCoy who came into town from his remote cabin to pick up supplies, but who, behind closed doors, is celebrating Christmas in his own special way. Another is Relic who is his old crotchety self, he who wants to get as far away from the caroling as possible. And yet another is a young couple, Joel and Jessica Turner, who came to Gibsons from Vancouver for Christmas to get away from their traditional family obligations. They purchased a boat to do so, despite Joel not being either marine or mechanically inclined. His lack of aptitude in these areas become problems when the boat breaks down out on the water while a just over eight months pregnant Jessica goes into labor. Even if Joel knew how to operate the radio, it may be difficult to contact anyone with most in town being preoccupied on the caroling ship.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (credit only) (as Cam Bancroft)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Shirley Broderick ... Sal
Peter Yunker ... Joel Turner

Sandy Tucker ... Jessica Turner
Luther 'Corky' Williams ... Coug McCoy

Season 16, Episode 8: Freezer Full of Beef

27 December 1987
Jesse is the only person excited to learn that he's won a contest, the prize being a freezer full of beef which should be able to feed his family for a year. His excitement turns to horror and his friends and family's indifference turns to amusement when he finds out that that freezer full of beef is still alive in the form of a live cow. Beyond the added cost of butchering the cow, Jesse learns that the butcher will not slaughter the cow, meaning that Jesse has to do it himself, or find someone to come out of the woodwork so to speak to do it for him. He does get a few offers from his friends to do the slaughtering, the cost of half the meat which he is willing to pay. The question becomes whether his friends are full of hot air. In addition, everyone seems not to know how to handle the cow, that is except for Sara, who bonds with who she names Emma. The problem becomes whether Jesse can now kill Emma, especially as Sara has vowed never to forgive him if he does.

Season 16, Episode 9: Silicon Smith and the Wall of Death

3 January 1988
Following a telephone cable where it shouldn't be, Relic comes across a young teen named Jordan Smith, nicknamed Silicon, hiding behind the Reach. He is a boarding school runaway and computer expert, that telephone cable which is hooked up to his personal computer. Relic doesn't turn him in as he becomes Relic's unofficial partner. Relic recently lost some work to Nick and Jesse with Woodchuck Lumber, who, using a new computer system, relays the location of stray logs for Nick and Jesse to pick up. Hacking into their computer system, Silicon is able to provide the log locations to Relic before Nick and Jesse arrive on the scene. But Relic is unaware of Silicon's other computer passion, namely developing a computer game. Wanting it to be based on the real life activities of beachcombers, Silicon uses Relic, Nick and Jesse - all without their knowledge - to test out the game scenarios, some which may have disastrous results if what Silicon plans on programming into the game doesn't happen in real life.

Season 16, Episode 10: Options

10 January 1988
Nick is handling the sale of his friend Alan Crispin's restored luxury yacht, the Alibi Wahoo, which is priced at $56,000 and which Crispin spared no expense in restoring. Upon first sight, unemployed Pat, who believes that working for wages gets one nowhere in life, falls in love with the boat and wants to buy it to start a luxury charter business. He is certain he can raise the money somehow to buy it. He believes that source of cash will be from his grandfather, as Jack has just inherited his just deceased friend Bert's downtown property, a warehouse that is at least worth $75,000. Pat feels that his grandfather owes him as much as he does everything for him, and has never asked for anything in return. Pat does whatever he can to initiate both the sale of the warehouse and the purchase of the boat. But Jack loves the warehouse, which is filled with musical memorabilia, and which is a comforting getaway for him from everyday life. As such, Jack contemplates keeping it as his retreat. Jack has to decide if he will fulfill his own or Pat's needs and wants. Someone else may ultimately decide what happens in this matter, but which may ultimately fulfill both Jack and Pat's desires... sort of.

Season 16, Episode 11: Picking Up the Pieces

24 January 1988
A storm has swept much debris into the area. There is some miscommunication on the issue, as before Nick and Jesse can clear the larger logs off the water, Graham and his friend Jenny, with Pat and Sara at the boat's helm, are water-skiing in the area. Hitting one of the logs, Jenny crashes and suffers what looks to be a serious injury, which requires a full body cast upon her admittance into the hospital. After Jenny initially feels sorry for herself about her situation, she learns from the doctor that she will most-likely regain full use of her upper body with physical therapy, but that she may never walk again. Jenny possibly being confined to a wheelchair brings up the issue of accessibility in all her old haunts. But as Jenny tries to cope with the news of her prognosis, Graham, Sara and Pat all deal with the issue of Jenny in a different way. While Graham goes overboard in trying to push Jenny to the limit in every aspect of her new life, Pat, feeling guilty about the accident, can't even face her. The question becomes whether the four can ever have a "normal" friendship again.

Season 16, Episode 12: A Light Touch

31 January 1988
Sara's day, which is so far overwhelmed by work, takes a turn for the brighter with the arrival into The Reach of a new customer, an artist and musician named Wade Sheffield, just arrived into town by boat. She is immediately smitten with him, and he by her. She, however, is not the only person captivated by him, as everyone in The Reach falls under his spell, everyone that is except Nick, who sees something not quite right in his demeanor. The next day, while Laurel is at work at the bank when Nick and Jack are among its customers, the bank is held up by two armed and masked men, who manage to escape with $50,000. Among the witnesses, Nick is sure he knows the identity of one of the robbers based on the glistening of what he is certain is a diamond stud in the robber's left earlobe underneath his dark stocking mask, as the only person who fits that description in the area is Wade. Nick shares his opinion with John. As Sara is staunchly supportive of Wade, Nick's accusation could mean the end of their friendship if Nick is wrong. But if Nick is right, Sara hanging out with Wade could prove to be dangerous, especially if Wade learns of what Nick has told the police.

Season 16, Episode 13: Miserable Sinner

1 February 1988

Season 16, Episode 14: Local Heroes

1 February 1988

Season 16, Episode 15: Elephant Diary

1 February 1988

Season 16, Episode 16: The Midnight Star: Part 1

6 March 1988

Season 16, Episode 17: The Midnight Star: Part 2

13 March 1988

Season 16, Episode 18: Redemption

20 March 1988

Season 16, Episode 19: A House Divided

27 March 1988
Laurel has just had an interview for a promotion at the bank, the interview which she believes went terribly. On top of that, she is feeling under-appreciated at home as she is forced to work at The Reach as Jesse and Sara go off on their own personal tasks. So she receives a boost in morale when she receives a letter from her band requesting that she apply for a job as band finance manager. If she gets the job and accepts it, that would mean she would have to move back to the reserve. Although she and Jesse have always talked about one day moving back to the reserve so that Tommy could learn more about his ethnic heritage, Jesse always assumed that reserve would be his and not hers. He feels that he will always be seen as riding on her coattails if he accompanies her, while she feels the need to have some say in what happens in their future beyond what Jesse directs. This impasse may be a marriage breaker unless one or the other changes their mind, and/or if her job situation changes.

Season 16, Episode 20: Ariel

3 April 1988
The local craft fair is the first that anyone in town has seen one of the vendors, a woman going only by the name of Ariel. She is a free spirit, who lives by the rhythms of the Earth which means being nomadic and living in a tent as she doesn't believe in being confined by walls, and who believes in the power of spiritual energy. Nick is immediately captivated by her, especially as her holistic healing is able to cure his sprained wrist which the doctor has not been able to do. As time progresses, Nick abandons all else to spend time with her. However, based on a talisman Pat purchases from her which is followed by a series of bad luck, Jack is able to convince both Pat and Graham that Ariel is a witch. Although not going quite that far, Jesse also believes that Ariel is bad news. Beyond specifically Pat and Graham trying to find out more about her in an effort to prove their belief about her to Nick, the shelf-life of a Nick/Ariel relationship may be limited based on Ariel's basic "butterfly" nature despite their mutual feelings for each other which may be described as love.

Season 16, Episode 21: Channel Swimmer

17 April 1988
Teenager Jordon Cooper has arrived in Gibsons to do some long distance swimming training in the open water in the pursuit of swimming the much more difficult Bay of Fundy. She is in town with her coach father, Derek Cooper, who dictates every aspect of his daughter's life. Jordon used to be a competitive sprinter, but always finishing second or third in races made her father believe that long distances was a winning approach. It is unclear whether Jordon achieving this goal is more her desire, if at all, or her father's, and if the latter if he is using her solely through which to live vicariously. Regardless, they run into a difference in wants as she befriends Graham, Pat and Sara, the former in particular who is attracted to her. As such, she wants to hang out with her new friends rather than train, which is all Derek wants her to do. As such, Derek has a few run ins specifically with Graham and Pat, from who he want Jordon to stay away. But during their stay in Gibsons, both Jordon and Derek may come to the realization that, although setting goals and trying to achieve them to the best of one's abilities are important, other things in life may trump those goals.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (as Dione Luther)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (as Cam Bancroft)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)

Kehli O'Byrne ... Jordon Cooper
Richard Sargent ... Derek Cooper
Colin Vint ... Doctor

Season 16, Episode 22: Changing Course

1 May 1988
Sara has been accepted into the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. Sara's decision to accept the placement causes a strain between her and Jesse, who has two issues. First, he would like to see her take something useful instead, such as a trade. And second and probably more importantly, he is worried that she is not ready to live in the big city away from the protection of family. But he can't stop her, especially as Molly has provided the tuition. As Sara heads off to Vancouver to embark on her new life - first with John as her chaperon, then with Relic making a delivery to her which leads to what Relic may have found is his new calling in life - Jesse works behind the scenes to lead Sara back in a direction he would like to see her life go. Jesse eventually takes a trip into Vancouver to visit her. By this time, will either Jesse or Sara have changed their mind about this new life, especially as Jesse meets senior student Barry Stickles, who has taken it upon himself to be Sara's guide in this new venture?
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (credit only) (as Cam Bancroft)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)

Allan Zinyk ... Barry Stickles

P. Lynn Johnson ... Josephine Tetrich
Paul Stanley ... Floyd Robertson
Angela Moncur ... Receptionist

Season 16, Episode 23: Stolen Moments

15 May 1988
Brandon Lewis is new to Tommy's class. He and his widowed father, Cliff Lewis, an unemployed engineer, live on a boat moored in the marina, which allows them to move easily from place to place as Cliff looks for work. Cliff seems overly protective of Brandon from everything outside of their small two person world. In trying to help them, Sara suggests that Cliff may be able to help Nick with a small immediate job as Jesse is out of town. An insurance company is paying $5,000 for the recovery of a missing barge which got lost during a recent storm. Of all the people in town, Nick is the only person who knows the barge's location, but can't tow it in on his own as it's grounded on some rocks in a out of the way cove. Cliff agrees to the job, leaving Brandon at The Reach with Sara and Tommy. Cliff may regret taking the job for two reasons: the unknown cargo aboard the barge in combination with what is waiting back at Gibsons for him and Brandon.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Constable John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only) (as Dione Luther)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (credit only) (as Cam Bancroft)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Liam Ramsey ... Brandon Lewis

Robert Collins ... Cliff Lewis
Donna Cox ... Donna Lewis

Anthony Bekenn ... Mr. Forchuck
Rob Johnson ... Quentin Bellows

Season 17

Season 17, Episode 1: The Fixer: Part One

2 October 1988

Season 17, Episode 2: The Fixer: Part Two

2 October 1988

Season 17, Episode 3: Terms of Embattlement

9 October 1988

Season 17, Episode 4: Dinner for Two

16 October 1988
Dana is making what she considers subtle but significant changes to The Reach in order to make it what she wants, not disrupt what the locals expect, and attract a larger tourist trade. Many of the regulars like the changes, but Relic is not one of them, he who is forthright to Dana in his criticisms. Regardless, Dana tries what she considers her best to accommodate Relic, a customer. Even with these changes, Dana decides to make one more only because many of the regulars treat the café like their own private club, staying hours on end just to hang out and drink bottomless cups of coffee. This last move irks many of the locals but is the last straw for Relic. Because she cannot tolerate what she considers his inconsiderate and rude behavior, Dana bans Relic from The Reach forever. Caught in the middle is Nick, who John and Jack appoint as mediator as he is perceived Dana's closest friend in Gibsons. After Nick speaks to both Dana and Relic, they both soften their stance slightly, but if Relic is to return to The Reach, it has to be on each their own terms, which may be a deal breaker for the two combatants.

Season 17, Episode 5: The Wrong Stuff

23 October 1988
The Reach is closed as it's chore day. While the women are cleaning up the kitchen and dining room, the men are supposed to fix the patio floorboards. However, the men decide to help Jack with his inventory instead, which the women know is just an excuse to hang out at Jack's warehouse and do nothing, despite Jack truly needing the monumental task of the inventory completed. During that chore and seeing all Bert's technological gadgets, John and Jesse get into an argument, not only about the lack of ingenuity of each compared to their RCMP and First Nations ancestors respectively, but also about doing things using the latest technology versus traditional methods during pre-technology days. John believes the former is superior while Jesse believes the latter superior. As such, they make a bet, with Graham being John's partner and Pat being Jesse's partner: Nick will drop them off at an undisclosed location in the mountains, and without using the road as navigation, they are to make their way back into town, John with his plethora of technological gadgets, and Jesse using old fashioned First Nation's know how. The losing team is to fix the floorboards on their own. As the race progresses, John and Jesse find that the mentality of their partner is the exact opposite of their own. But they may find that there are other more important issues in life besides winning. Meanwhile, the women decide to take the matter of chore day into their own hands.

Season 17, Episode 6: Lone Wolf

30 October 1988
Nick and Jesse, and Relic are racing to a site with a large number of beached logs. Relic arrives first, which in a way is good news for Nick and Jesse as they are aware of a much larger and more easily salvageable pile of logs close by. So Nick and Jesse leave Relic to his own devices with that pile of logs. In trying to untangle his pile of logs, Relic gets trapped beneath one of them. In addition, his boat goes adrift which means even if he is able to get loose, he is stranded. This situation becomes even more perilous for him as he has been under the weather, the exposure to the elements which will take its toll more quickly, and which may hider his own ability to help himself. The issue arises that if no one notices him missing, what that means about the state of his relationships within the community.

Season 17, Episode 7: Computer Error

6 November 1988
Relic receives a $2,500 bill from the federal government. Upon hearing the words "computer generated" about the bill, Relic believes he's got a way out of paying: by calling his former partner in crime, high school computer whiz, Jordan 'Silicon' Smith. By hacking into his boarding school's computer, Silicon is able to manufacture a lie which allows him to ditch school and visit his old friend Relic. Upon his arrival in Gibsons, Silicon is easily able to fix Relic's problem, which ended up actually being a computer error. With nothing else to do, Silicon decides to help Relic in other ways, namely by hacking into the computer system which handles the salvage contracts, all of which have just gone to Nick and Jesse. When Nick hears that one of their contracts has been revoked since it was a computer error, Nick, upon seeing Silicon with Relic, knows how that error was created. Nick decides to fight computer whiz with computer whiz as he hires equally young and talented Kimberley Blake, although she admits she is no match for Silicon. Kimberley has to find a way to outwit Silicon at his own game.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Corporal John Constable

Janet-Laine Green ... Dana Battle (credit only)
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim (credit only)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (credit only)

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Beau Heaton ... Sam Battle (credit only)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Jason Michas ... Jordan Smith
Christi Lowis ... Kimberley Blake (as Cristi Lowis)

Season 17, Episode 8: Night Flyers

4 December 1988
Tommy and Sam are going through the initiation process to join a boys club called the Night Flyers, led by Patrick, who most of the adults know as a troublemaker. Of late, John has noticed an increase in mischief - primarily vandalism - which is probably largely attributed to Patrick. Although the things that Tommy and Sam are asked to do for the initiation would hurt friends and family, Sam in particular is willing to go through with them since he is still trying to find his place in Gibsons, which includes making new friends whoever they may be. Each initiation task becomes more hurtful. The questions become whether Sam will come to the realization that the initiation is not worth the friendship of such boys before he gets into some real legal trouble, and if he does what he will do about it.

Season 17, Episode 9: The Gift

18 December 1988
Tommy's mind is not on the canoe time trials for the upcoming races as his paternal grandfather, George, is coming for a visit. George gave Tommy the hand made oar he uses for canoing. Tommy and George are close, especially as George is Tommy's only connection to his long deceased father, who he never knew. When Tommy arrives home expecting to see his grandfather, he is dismayed to learn that his grandfather has just passed away. Although everyone in their house is saddened by the news, it hits Tommy the hardest, he who does not express his grief in tears but rather anger. Tommy goes about memorializing his grandfather in his own way, which in large part entails giving away all his material possessions and retreating from life. Laurel and Jesse in particular hope they can give Tommy a better understanding of how he can more productively remember his grandfather.

Season 17, Episode 10: Gibsons Landing Party

25 December 1988
Gibsons city council has approved Sara's idea of an annual Founder's Day event, but for this first one they have provided little money, meaning that it has to be done on a shoestring. Despite the lack of budget, Nick and the gang are planning among other things a parade, a fair in which they will highlight rhubarb in unique new uses as town founder George Gibson was a commercial rhubarb grower, and have a George Gibson lookalike act as honorary mayor for the day. The choice of the honorary mayor will be done through a contest held through the newspaper. The planning for this event coincides with the unexpected visit into town of Jane Carmichael, a renowned travel writer who has made or broken the tourist trade in many other such towns. Because of the way the planning is going, the townsfolk have to decide whether to go ahead with the event at the possible risk of its failure and thus the demise of their tourist trade. Other things that may negatively affect Jane's perception of Gibsons are Relic, who is going through his own issues with Gibsons city council, and the person who ends up being chosen honorary mayor for the day.

Season 17, Episode 11: Kelly and Kate

1 January 1989
Kelly is an 11-year-old boy who keeps running away from foster homes that are not accepting of his pet otter Kate. Convinced that his father, missing for two years in a small plane accident will one day return, Kelly stays on the run lugging Kate around in a pet carrier. The episode opens with Kelly wandering around the docks at Gibsons telling Kate that they'll soon find a boat in which "some yazbo" has left the ignition keys. Kelly actually finds a boat with the engine running and is soon under way. Owners Max and Susie report the missing boat to Constable John at the Reach where Nick suggests they offer up a reward of $250 to ensure its recovery. Relic suggests an amount of $300 which is enough to get him on the case. Relic catches up with Kelly and the boat and demands the reward money from Max and Susie. John Constable has to attend to a serious accident and leaves Kelly with Nick. Upon learning that his father most likely perished in the place crash, Kelly plans to talk off again. Nick, John and social worker Mary Ross try to find Kelly a stable home where Kate will also be accepted.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Corporal John Constable
Pat John ... Jesse Jim
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim (credit only)

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman (credit only)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (credit only) (as Cam Bancroft)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman (credit only)
Keven Naphtali ... Kelly
Ruth Nichol ... Mary Ross
Peter Jaenicke ... Max
Shirley Barclay ... Susie
Barbara Russell ... Jenny

Season 17, Episode 12: The Corporal and the Doctor

15 January 1989

Season 17, Episode 13: Mystery of Blubber Bay

22 January 1989
While Pat is helping Nick with his latest contract - making regular trips to Blubber Bay towing barges filled with vegetable oil - he misses another contract as Donna Lansing with Omega Chemicals, which has been doing some stream restoration work in conjunction with an environmental group called Clear Streams, wants to release salmon fry into a newly restored stream in the area. As such, Relic wrangles the Omega contract for himself. The plan for Donna and Relic to release the fry hits a snag when they learn from DFO that there is something toxic in the waters off Blubber Bay that is killing pockets of fish in the area. When Donna goes with Relic to investigate, she finds a green liquid floating on the surface, which she recognizes as a chemical toxic to fish as well as humans. She saw it coming from the Persephone and/or the barge, which implicates Nick and Pat as the culprits of illegal dumping. With help from John and others, Nick and Pat have to figure out what's going on with the Blubber Bay contract so that they can restore their good names.
Bruno Gerussi ... Nick Adonidas

Robert Clothier ... Relic Phillips
Jackson Davies ... Corporal John Constable

Janet-Laine Green ... Dana Battle (credit only)
Pat John ... Jesse Jim (credit only)
Charlene Aleck ... Sara Jim (credit only)

Cameron Bancroft ... Graham Blake (credit only)

Dion Luther ... Pat O'Gorman
Cory Douglas ... Tommy (credit only)
Marianne Jones ... Laurel (credit only)
Beau Heaton ... Sam Battle (credit only)
Joe Austin ... Captain Jack O'Gorman

Gillian Barber ... Donna Lansing

Don S. Davis ... Howard Usher
David Battle ... Smitty
Willis Horst ... Longshoreman
Gordon Lowery ... Man in Car

Season 17, Episode 14: Potter's Treasure

5 February 1989
Sam is the latest person to hear Jack's oft told tale of the fire of 1906, the other locals who know the story by heart as they've heard it so often. One component of the story is Potter's treasure, a supposed treasure buried by the Potter family but never found after their demise/departure from the area. Most of the locals have looked for it in their life to no avail. Meanwhile, it's Dana's birthday and Sam, wanting to use money he's earned but which he doesn't have since no one will give him a job, wants to buy his mother something nice, especially as she is particularly down since it is her first birthday with only her and Sam. As he knows Sam won't accept a loan or a hand out, Nick thinks that he and Jack can concoct a plan to bury one of the many nice antique items from Jack's warehouse, and lead Sam to it in the guise of it being Potter's treasure. They don't want to tell anyone what they are up to, as the more people know, the more likely Sam will find out it's a hoax. However, with all this secret activity happening, some come to the belief that Nick and Sam truly are digging for Potter's treasure, and want to beat them to the punch.

Season 17, Episode 15: 16 Elephants: Part 1

12 February 1989

Season 17, Episode 16: 16 Elephants: Part 2

19 February 1989

Season 17, Episode 17: Biker

26 February 1989
A motorcycle gang called the Devil's Disciples has just purchased some farmland in the area. Individual locals have differing reactions to the group, who have not done anything wrong. Sal, through editorials, has taken it upon herself to rid the area of the gang, using such tactics as mobilizing businesses not to sell to any member of the gang. Tommy, who has gone swimming on the Disciples' newly acquired property in the past, meets Emma, the young adult daughter of the head of the gang, Freddie. For Tommy, it's love at first sight. And John, who is on holidays, has just spent all his vacation money on a Harley-Davidson, his first motorcycle. He is a novice rider, and gets assistance with his new bike from the members of the Disciples, they who he has not told he is a policeman. The fact that Emma is to be married in the next couple of days leads to a series of events which clarifies whether the Disciples will be good neighbors or the scourge of the Earth that Sal believes them to be.

Season 17, Episode 18: Not for Sale

5 March 1989
Sara is having problems finding a focus for her project required for her video arts class. When her professor, Mark Carter, sees the street chalk artist that Sara has been filming, the artist who only does copies of Jimmy Galson originals, Sara believes she has the focus of her piece as she learns that that seemingly grumpy homeless man is indeed Jimmy Galson. After much negotiating, Sara gets his permission to be her subject, he even heading up to Gibsons with her, where she provides him temporarily with a roof and lots of streets, chalk and tourists for him to continue doing his street art and collecting pocket change from passersby. Jimmy tells Sara and the others the reason why he stopped painting and only now creates temporary art: he is in an on-going feud with his agent, Maurice Dawson, who has first option on any work he creates. But Jimmy's continual grumpy behavior, even when Nick and Dana provide him with options in overcoming his legal issues, makes Sara think that there is another underlying reason for him dropping out of life, that reason which she believes is his last gallery showing three years ago being panned by the critics. Sara learns the real reason, one which she hopes he can overcome.

Season 17, Episode 19: Club Laundromat

7 May 1989
At the last minute, Pat decides to accompany Nick and John to Vancouver to investigate an unknown business opportunity advertised in the newspaper. It ends up being the active but junior part owner of a run down laundromat. The active part includes being able to make whatever renovations wanted. Although originally not interested, Pat decides to put all his resources into the venture including using his boat as collateral for the bank loan for the down payment. But he requires private investors to make the renovations he wants, namely for social items such as an espresso bar and video games. Nick invests if only to show support for Pat. Relic also invests as a silent partner, but one with steep terms. Pat enlists Sara and Graham's help in the necessary legwork, despite both having much on their respective plates with regard to schoolwork. And Sara suggests a mutual benefit scenario as her art school colleague Xavier is putting together an exhibit on the theme "dirty laundry" which Pat allows to be held at the laundromat for its grand opening. But Pat learns the hard way that there is more to running a successful business than just the cosmetics. Meanwhile, helping Pat has reunited Sara and Graham, who haven't seen each other since they both moved to the city. Lonely, they both explore a potential relationship with each other, which was never evident while they were friends in Gibsons.