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5 Jan. 1976
New Year's Wedding
In the wake of the birth of little Joey, Gloria and Michael are at odds with one another over communication issues. Gloria is upset because Michael keeps making big and little decisions without consulting her despite the fact that their marriage is suppose to be an equal partnership. The crux of their argument is over plans for their friends who are getting married before the year ends. Problems with the arrangements cause them to lose their original location and so it is suggested that they have it in the Stivic's living room. Mike comes to understand why Gloria is ...
12 Jan. 1976
Archie the Babysitter
It is finally time for Mike and Gloria to have a break from little Joey for the evening and they hire a babysitter named Sharyl to watch him. Archie checks in but is none too thrilled by her choice of studies - Aboriginal sexuality - nor her hippie boyfriend whom she takes to smooching with on the couch. Archie throws them both out and takes little Joey over to his house just as the guys are converging for their poker night. He becomes irritated by the chatter and the noise from his buddies until they come together to try and help little Joey get to sleep.
26 Jan. 1976
Archie Finds a Friend
Archie has ulterior motives when he befriends a Jewish watchmaker, who has a sure-fire invention that the world has been waiting for.
2 Feb. 1976
Mike's Move
Mike's support of hiring quotas faces a stern test when he is passed over for a promotion to a less-qualified black man. Mike confronts the hiring manager, but his big mouth gets him in trouble again.
9 Feb. 1976
Archie's Weighty Problem
Archie is told by his doctor to go on a diet, or else he'll suffer serious health problems. He rejects the efforts of Edith, Mike and Gloria to stick with the diet, but Justin Quigley may provide the inspiration Archie needs.
16 Feb. 1976
Love by Appointment
With a lot of demands on Mike and Gloria's time - Joey needs a lot of care, and both of them working - the Stivics begin wondering when...or if they'll ever have time for each other.
23 Feb. 1976
Joey's Baptism
Archie is determined to baptize Joey, especially over Mike's express wishes against it. When Edith begins refusing to allow Archie to be with Joey alone (knowing what will happen), Archie begins getting very sneaky.
1 Mar. 1976
Gloria and Mike's House Guests
Mike finds out that Archie baptized Joey without his consent, prompting another argument between the agnostic and so-called Christian. The argument begins to simmer ... until the Bunkers' furnace breaks down.
8 Mar. 1976
Edith's Night Out
Edith takes matters into her own hands when Archie continually refuses to treat his wife to one night out on the town. An evening at Kelsey's Bar shows Archie that Edith is no social wallflower.
22 Sep. 1976
Archie's Brief Encounter: Parts 1 & 2
Archie finds himself in a compromising situation with an attractive waitress after Edith ignores his amorous advances and dashes off to the Sunshine Home.
22 Sep. 1976
Archie's Brief Encounter: Parts 1 & 2
Archie finds himself in a compromising situation with an attractive waitress after Edith ignores his amorous advances and dashes off to the Sunshine Home. Janis Paige guest stars as Denise, the attractive waitress whose flirtations with Archie lead him to trouble on the home front.
29 Sep. 1976
Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 3
Episode #137 - And estranged Archie and Edith are determined to prove to each other that they are perfectly content going their separate ways, in the conclusion of a three-part presentation. The going gets tough for a while when the Bunkers continue to resist Mike and Gloria's efforts to reconcile them.
6 Oct. 1976
The Unemployment Story: Part 1
The family is getting ready to celebrate Mike's good fortune, he's been published. It happens just at the wrong moment, because Archie has just been laid off due to the recall of a government contract. At the unemployment office, he finds nothing but bureaucracy and frustration, especially with the information he won't get much of a check due to his job moonlighting in Munson's cab. At home, Edith makes it worse trying to make him feel better by trying to sing him to sleep.
13 Oct. 1976
The Unemployment Story: Part 2
Archie continues to have problems with finances and with finding another job. At the grocery store, he stresses himself about Edith's spending habits and tries to save money even if it means denting cans to save two cents. Gloria informs him that he has an interview for a job as a custodian, and at the interview he finds out that he is only being offered the job because of his lack of education. He gets the job over a man who is highly educated but has been out of work for three years. The man is so distraught that he climbs out onto the ledge of the building and ...
27 Oct. 1976
Archie's Operation: Part 1
Archie goes into the hospital and has a verbal run-in with a Puerto Rican nurse and gets a blood transfusion from a black doctor.
27 Oct. 1976
Archie's Operation: Part 2
Archie goes into the hospital and has a verbal run-in with a Puerto Rican nurse and gets a blood transfusion from a black doctor.
6 Nov. 1976
Beverly Rides Again
Archie is tired of being the butt of Pinky Peterson's practical jokes and sets out to get revenge by fixing Pinky up on a date with Beverly Lasalle.
13 Nov. 1976
Teresa Moves In
The outspoken Puerto Rican nurse that Archie met at the time of his operation moves into Mike and Gloria's old room.
20 Nov. 1976
Mike and Gloria's Will
When Mike and Gloria are preparing their will, they have problems with having Archie and Edith as guardians for little Joey.
27 Nov. 1976
Mr. Edith Bunker
Edith saves a man's life and becomes a local celebrity much to Archie's annoyance.
4 Dec. 1976
Archie's Secret Passion
Edith invites a couple of high school friends over for dinner, unaware that Archie had a brief fling with the wife back in their high school days.
11 Dec. 1976
The Baby Contest
Despite the objections of Mike and Gloria, Archie enters his grandson in a beautiful baby contest.
18 Dec. 1976
Gloria's False Alarm
Gloria wants Mike to have a vasectomy when she thinks she might be pregnant.
25 Dec. 1976
The Draft Dodger
It's Christmas again and the Bunker's are preparing for their holiday meal with Archie's buddy Pinky. Mike's old friend David Brewster drops by unexpectedly and Mike is concerned because he is a draft dodger who has been living in Canada and is wanted by the FBI. Pinky comes by and Archie warns the family not to let him move the conversation toward his son Steven since Pinky is still in shock over his tragic death in Vietnam. During dinner Archie won't stop quizzing him about why he lives in Canada. David is so put out that he admits that he is a draft dodger, which ...

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