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5 Jan. 1974
Mike and Gloria Mix It Up
The Stivics quarrel over sex roles in their marriage when Mike complains that Gloria has become the aggressor as of late.
12 Jan. 1974
Archie Feels Left Out
Archie's family and friends throw a surprise party for his 50th birthday, but Archie insists that he's only 49, and is upset to find out he's older than he thinks.
26 Jan. 1974
Et Tu, Archie?
Archie learns his old friend is unemployed and engaged in an all-out effort to find a job ... any job, even if it means a job at the loading dock.
2 Feb. 1974
Gloria's Boyfriend
Archie learns that the mentally disabled have some real abilities, not to mention savvy, when he causes Gloria's friend, a stock boy at Ferguson's Market, to lose his job. The young man then finds himself another job.
9 Feb. 1974
Lionel's Engagement
The Bunkers, Stivics and Jeffersons attend Lionel's engagement party. His fiancée is a young woman whose father is white and mother is black, much to the chagrin of Archie and (especially) George.
16 Feb. 1974
Archie Eats and Runs
Archie learns that the canned mushrooms he just ate may have been part of a product recall because of reports of food poisoning. Mike urges Archie to investigate, but Archie decides he's sick and needs hospital treatment.
2 Mar. 1974
Gloria Sings the Blues
Gloria's bout with depression takes its toll on the family.
9 Mar. 1974
Pay the Twenty Dollars
George Jefferson storms into the house, demanding Archie to explain why he paid him using a counterfeit $20 bill.
16 Mar. 1974
Mike's Graduation
Mike graduates from college, an occasion that to Archie means Mike will soon be moving out of the house.
14 Sep. 1974
The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 1
Archie's union calls a strike, leaving the family to begin adjusting to not having a steady income.
21 Sep. 1974
The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 2
The strike continues to drag and Archie is left to sit home and complain. The household budget, meanwhile, begins to take a beating with the high cost of meat and gasoline. Finally, Louise Jefferson offers the family some stew. Archie doesn't want to accept charity, but Edith persuades him to take the helping hand.
28 Sep. 1974
The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 3
Three weeks into the strike, there seems to be no progress between Archie's union and company representatives; in fact, negotiations on both sides seem to be getting worse. With Mike's tutoring jobs only bringing in very little money, Edith decides the Bunkers need some real income, and does so by getting a cashier's job at Jefferson Cleaners.
5 Oct. 1974
The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 4
Archie's union finally negotiates a contract with his company that the workers ratify. When Mike finds out the terms - a flat pay rate for the next three years - he tells Archie that his union should have turned down the offer and started to fight for a cost-of-living escalator, especially with the onset of sky-high inflation. Archie, however, is just glad the strike has ended.
12 Oct. 1974
Lionel the Live-In
Lionel and George get into a huge late-night fight over Jenny and her mixed-race parents, prompting Lionel to spend the night at the Bunkers. Louise pressures her stubborn husband to apologize, and finds an unexpected ally in Archie, but only because he wants Lionel out of his hair.
19 Oct. 1974
Archie's Helping Hand
Archie persuades his boss to hire Irene as a bookkeeper. While she'd undoubtedly do a good job in that job, the boss thinks she'd do even better as a forklift operator. It isn't long before Archie finds himself working alongside Irene!
26 Oct. 1974
Gloria's Shock
Four years into the Stivic marriage, Mike and Gloria still have no children. That's just fine by Mike, and his wishes cause yet another argument between him and Gloria.
2 Nov. 1974
Where's Archie?
Archie mysteriously disappears while traveling to a union convention in Buffalo, leaving Edith fraught with worry.
9 Nov. 1974
Archie Is Missing
After fearing the worst when Archie fails to contact the family for 48 hours, Edith, Mike and Gloria begin speculating about his whereabouts.
16 Nov. 1974
The Longest Kiss
The family is relieved to learn that Archie is safe and sound - he had been sidetracked at a podiatrist's convention. But Archie's reaction is priceless when he arrives home to find plenty of wackiness going on - hula hoops, ballroom dancing, and Mike trying to make good on Gloria's dare that they hold a kiss for hours and hours.
23 Nov. 1974
Archie and the Miracle
Archie narrowly escapes a potentially deadly accident at the dock, prompting him to see the light. But can he deal with the demands of Christianity, especially after he is asked to drive a church bus on the same day he was looking forward to going to a New York Jets game?
30 Nov. 1974
George and Archie Make a Deal
Archie becomes suspicious when political office-seeker George is suddenly very nice to him.
7 Dec. 1974
Archie's Contract
A man comes by the house claiming that The Bunker's have a problem with heat loss in their home. He bars up the basement, and has Archie sign a contract for aluminum siding that he says he will get for free despite the fact that their house is brick. Edith reads the fine print and finds out that it will cost them $2000 no matter what happens. Archie is too stubborn to listen to Edith's good advice and signs the contract anyway. After the man leaves, Irene comes by to tell them that the man is scam artist who inspected their house with a light meter and a lot of phony ...
14 Dec. 1974
Mike's Friend
Mike's college friend Stu comes to the house to play chess. However, Mike's intellectual conversation leaves Gloria feeling inferior.
21 Dec. 1974
The Best of All in the Family
A special one-hour retrospective, celebrating the 100th episode of the groundbreaking sitcom. Host Henry Fonda narrates and shares clips from the series' most memorable episodes up to this point in the series.

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