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Season 8

2 Oct. 1977
Archie Gets the Business
Archie buys Kelsey's Bar, but has to forge Edith's signature to get the money.
2 Oct. 1977
Archie Gets the Business
Mike has to soothe Edith's feelings after she learns that Archie forged her signature to buy the bar.
9 Oct. 1977
Cousin Liz
After Edith's cousin Liz dies her female roommate admits to Edith that they were lovers.
16 Oct. 1977
Edith's 50th Birthday
Archie, Mike and Gloria plan a surprise party for Edith to celebrate her 50th birthday. But an unwelcome visitor to the Bunker's home - while Edith is home alone - has a much different surprise in mind for the Bunker matriarch.
16 Oct. 1977
Edith's 50th Birthday
A badly shaken Edith tells Archie, Mike and Gloria about her encounter with the rapist and that she managed to fight him off. Two weeks after the attack, Edith is still shaken by what happened and refuses to come to the station to identify the suspect. Gloria finally manages to persuade her mother to snap out of her shaken self and help bring her attacker to justice.
23 Oct. 1977
Unequal Partners
Archie has to delay his fishing trip when Edith has an anniversary party for a couple from the Sunshine Home.
30 Oct. 1977
Archie's Grand Opening
Harry the bartender quits after Archie keeps bossing him around. Edith and the Stivics end up helping out during the grand opening of Archie's Place.
6 Nov. 1977
Archie's Bitter Pill
Slow business at the saloon depresses Archie, so well-meaning Hank Pivnik gives him some pills to help him cheer up. But Archie takes too many and the family fears for his health.
13 Nov. 1977
Archie's Road Back
Depressed Archie confines himself to bed indefinitely, so the family tries to get Harry the bartender to become Archie's partner and invest in Archie's Place.
27 Nov. 1977
Archie and the KKK: Part 1
A power outage and reports of looting in the city prompt Mike to write a letter to the editor about how greedy governments do the same in the name of free enterprise. At the bar, Archie vents his frustrations about how Mike always argues his point and doesn't see things his way. Two men - who have been listening in - approach Archie and suggest that he come to a meeting of the Kweens Kouncil of Krusaders (a chapter of the Klu Klux Klan), where they will come up with a more severe way of "teaching" Mike a lesson.
4 Dec. 1977
Archie and the KKK: Part 2
Archie learns that Gordie and Mitch - the two men he met earlier at his bar - plan to burn a cross on the Stivic's lawn and must come up with a way to stop them. When Archie tries to persuade Mike to write a new letter to the editor (recanting his previous stance on free enterprise), he lets slip that he had spoken with known Klu Klux Klan members. Mike is outraged and tells Archie to go away, but Archie is still determined to stop the cross burning - even if it means he will be the KKK's next target.
11 Dec. 1977
Mike and Gloria Meet
The story of Mike and Gloria's first blind date, the first time Archie calls Mike a Meathead and the first time Mike and Gloria have sex.
18 Dec. 1977
Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 1
Edith's faith is severely shaken when their friend Beverly, the female impersonator, is murdered at Christmastime.
25 Dec. 1977
Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 2
Mike recovers from the injuries he sustained in the mugging. But the Christmas Day gift exchange is still strained due to Edith's depression, so the family rallies around her.
8 Jan. 1978
The Commercial
Honest Edith just can't lie during a detergent commercial.
15 Jan. 1978
Super Bowl Sunday
On Superbowl Sunday, Archie's Place is robbed.
22 Jan. 1978
Aunt Iola's Visit
Archie will not allow Edith's aunt to move in after she was rejected by the rest of her family.
5 Feb. 1978
Love Comes to the Butcher
The butcher falls in love with Edith.
12 Feb. 1978
Two's a Crowd
Mike and Archie get locked together in the storage room at Archie's Place and have a long talk.
19 Feb. 1978
Even a Pocono weekend doesn't seem to spark the romance in the Stivic's marriage.
26 Feb. 1978
The Brother
Before an operation, Archie's brother tries to smooth over differences that occurred long ago.
5 Mar. 1978
Mike's New Job
Mike accepts a job on the west coast and the Stivics prepare to move.
12 Mar. 1978
The Dinner Guest
Mike and Gloria can't make the special dinner that Edith prepared for the departing Stivics.
19 Mar. 1978
The Stivics Go West
Episode #183 - Saying goodbye to Mike and Gloria proves traumatic for the Bunkers. Before they leave for their new life in California, Mike and Gloria share some long-hidden feelings, confused tears, and much, much more with Archie and Edith

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