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Star Wars Rumor: New Luke Skywalker Details For The Last Jedi?

Well it’s been nearly 2 weeks since we have had any new leaks or rumors for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Shocking! But fear not, the hype train is still in high gear for possibly the most anticipated film of the year.

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The folks over at Making Star Wars have published some new supposed leaks and some rumor which we can share with you today. As always with this stuff, there is no confirmation, but we must tread with caution for those that wish to know nothing going in, so...

Spoiler Warning!





The outlet is reporting they have some information on some of the gear that Luke Skywalker uses during the film. Sorry folks, but as of now there is still no sight of Luke’s green lightsaber...yet.

The information they do have concerns other items Luke supposedly uses in the movie.
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Sherlock: 34 nerdy spots in The Lying Detective

Louisa Mellor Jan 10, 2017

We've scoured The Lying Detective for details and noticed a few interesting titbits. Spoilers ahead...

Once again, we’ve clued for looks in the latest Sherlock episode The Lying Detective and noticed some fun details and references to the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories. Here goes…

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1. The episode’s very first shot of a smoking gun – which we assume is that of Vivian Norbury in The Six Thatchers as remembered by John Watson – is actually the gun shot at John Watson by Eurus Holmes in the episode’s final shot. (The same shot also features in the series four opening credits and is briefly edited in to the scene of Sherlock and ‘Faith’ sitting by the Thames after he’s thrown her gun into the water.)

2. A vase of white roses,
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