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  • A treasure hunt. An aging ex-nobleman of the Czarist regime has finally adjusted to life under the commisars in Russia. Both he and the local priest find that the family jewels were hidden in a chair, one of a set of twelve. They return separately to Moscow to find the hidden fortune.

    - Written by John Vogel <jlvogel@comcast.net>
  • It's the late 1920's Soviet Union. Ippolit Matveevich Vorobyaninov was an aristocrat prior to the Russian Revolution, but in addition to squandering away most of his wife's family's money at that time, lost everything during the revolution and now is a lowly government bureaucrat. He learns from his mother-in-law, on her deathbed, that during the revolution she hid all her jewels in what were then one of their twelve dining room chairs so that the Bolsheviks could not get a hold of them. Those jewels would now be worth upwards of 200,000 rubles, enough for Vorobyaninov once again to live a lavish life. Going back to the old family home where the dining room set should still be, he finds that the chairs have been largely dispersed individually. As he is a feckless man, he goes into cahoots with Ostap Bender, a con artist, to search for the twelve chairs, the prize being the unknown one with the hidden jewels. In addition to their task, they find that they have to steer one other off that search, namely the family priest, Father Fyodor, who learned of the jewels in Vorobyaninov's mother-in-law's last confession and who now wants the jewels for himself. Through and after the process of trying to locate the prized chair, Vorobyaninov may find out his true lot in life, or at least that for his immediate future.

    - Written by Huggo
  • Years after the Russian Revolution in 1917, the former aristocrat Ippolit Matveevich Vorobyaninov is informed by his terminal mother-in-law that she has hidden her jewels in a the upholstery of chair from a set of twelve chairs. The Orthodox Father Fyodor also hears and leaves the Church to seek out the treasure. Vorobyaninov travels to his old house and meets his former servant Tikon that adores him. He learns that the chairs had been expropriated by the new government and sent to another place. However the con artist Ostap Bender convinces Vorobyaninov to be his partner. They travel to Moscow where Ostap succeeds in luring Father Fyodor, telling that the chairs belong to the Engineer Bruns, who has very similar chairs and lives with his wife in Siberia. Will Vorobyaninov and Ostap find the twelve chairs?

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • In 1920s Soviet Russia, a fallen aristocrat, a priest and a con artist search for a treasure of jewels hidden inside one of twelve dining chairs, lost during the revolution.

    - Written by Anonymous


In the year 1927 in the Soviet Union, Ippolit Matveyevich Vorobyaninov (Ron Moody), an impoverished aristocrat from Imperial Russia now working as a local village bureaucrat clerk...

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