Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970) Poster

Plot Keywords

attack pearl harbor
japan navy
hawaii japanese navy
u.s. navy aircraft
air attack sunday
intelligence pilot
military three word title
warplane warship
destruction combat casualty
japanese soldier dead soldier
year 1941 world war two bomber
punctuation in title bomber aircraft
b 17 bomber exclamation point in title
black smoke airplane shot down
repetition in title naval uniform
american soldier smoke
fire explosive
explosion zeros
weekend waves
u.s.s. west virginia u.s.s. oklahoma
u.s.s. nevada u.s.s. arizona
unprepared typing
telegram task force
sunk student pilot
state department star spangled banner
sneak attack shore leave
u.s. secretary of the navy secrecy
scofield barracks remember pearl harbor
radio silence preemptive strike
oahu hawaii minesweeper
military headquarters midget sub
honolulu hawaii heavy cruiser
harbor nets hangar
giant flag raising
fighters dive bomber
delay declaration of war
day of infamy cook
convoy confirmation
catalina capsize
bomber biplane
u.s. army air force armor piercing ammunition
alert air strike
u.s. pacific fleet pbys
p 40 hickam field
air base u boat
vice admiral u.s. president
strategy staff sergeant
ship sergeant
rear admiral prime minister
naval ships military life
major major general
machine gun lieutenant
lieutenant general lieutenant commander
lieutenant colonel gun
general dry dock
corporal commander
colonel captain
boat battleship
army anti aircraft gun
airplane airfield
admiral torpedo
aircraft carrier radio
surprise attack national park
submarine pacific ocean
1940s radar
air raid tokyo japan
world war two airforce
ambassador negotiation
washington d.c. decoder
delayed communication defeat
based on novel

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