The Todd Killings (1971) Poster


Police Officer: Do you have relations with men?

Skipper Todd: I try not to. But sometimes there's a guy who's really sweet... it's so easy. We're both men... we both know where it's at. Personally, you not giving anything away.

Police Officer: What's your feeling's towards girls?

Skipper Todd: I can sleep with them once because it degrades them. It makes them dirty. The worst thing about it is... you meet a chick who isn't... bad. You can't screw her because you don't want to make her "dirty".

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Detective Shaw: Are you putting us on?

Skipper Todd: Putting you on? What do you mean?

Detective Shaw's Partner: We picked up your girlfriend Norma. She's in the other room. She told us everything.

Skipper Todd: Everything?

Detective Shaw's Partner: Yeah, I mean what you did to Sue Ellen. Now why would your girlfriend want to tell lies about you?

Skipper Todd: For revenge. Jealousy. Hell, you know better than I do, woman are irrational.

[starts smiling]

Skipper Todd: But she didn't do that did she? But you guys are good... really good at timing and everything. Ha-ha! God! You guys are great! Ha-ha.

Detective Shaw: Look, there's talk you are the "drug-man" around town.

Skipper Todd: I wish I were. If I come across any , would you fellows like a little?

Detective Shaw's Partner: Look, we've been pretty easy with you so far.

Skipper Todd: What? Don't you like to "turn on"? I thought you might because there's this friend of mine, "Lil' Mike", who said you guys picked him up one day and made a deal with him that you would not bring him in if he split his kilo with you guys. I thought you were users. But maybe you gentlemen want to use for commercial purposes... I don't know. I think I'm leaving now.

Detective Shaw: We are not finished.

Skipper Todd: Are you making charges? Either book me or let me go.

Detective Shaw's Partner: You playing a pretty tough game kid. We gonna get you. And when we do, we gonna get you hard.

Detective Shaw: Real hard.

Skipper Todd: My pleasure gentlemen...

[gets up and leaves... ]

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Roberta: You actually came to see me without any of your baby-pimps? Wow. How do I rate that honor?

Skipper Todd: I just loved your performance at the pool.

Roberta: So, you're the one who rides the dune buggy and "services" the little girls huh?

Skipper Todd: Oh yes... and speaking of little girls, how old are you?

Roberta: 16. Just about your speed too, isn't it?

Skipper Todd: Ha-ha! It's a good age. It's a little over the hill these days, but it will do.

Roberta: How old are you?

Skipper Todd: 23

Roberta: Why don't you do something besides hang around the pool.

Skipper Todd: I'm a songwriter. I'm gonna immortalized all of us here.

Roberta: Wanna drink?

Skipper Todd: Uh... sure.

Roberta: It's interesting what turns on the little girls. What do you think it is? Is it because you're a creep? Or is it because you're dangerous?

Skipper Todd: It's some of each.

Roberta: Sue Ellen's mom's goes around saying you are responsible for her disappearance.

Skipper Todd: What do you think?

Roberta: I wouldn't be surprised.

Skipper Todd: I'll do everything I can to keep up the surprises... When we gonna "make it"?

Roberta: Who said we were?

Skipper Todd: Oh don't punish me. they are a lot of guys who said they had the privlegdge... unless of course they've been lying... Your parents home?

Skipper Todd: Back any minute.

Skipper Todd: Well... you can always catch me at the renaissance...

Roberta: I know.

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