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Alternate Versions

The 2004 "George Lucas Director's Cut" contains several updated and CGI- expanded sequences:
  • The mosaic at the beginning of the film has been color treated and looks more like a bank of monitors.

  • The droid factory at the start of the film has been greatly expanded with CGI and we see much more detail of the creation of droids.

  • Many shots of the "city" have been greatly expanded with much more detail.

  • Several corridors in the film have been extended with more people.

  • The "Mind Lock" sequence has been updated and now has much more shots of the droids being created and new eye effects on Robert Duvall.

  • There is a never-before-seen shot of the police station.

  • The train scenes at the end have been expanded with more special effects.

  • The car chase scene is longer and more intense, with more CGI.

  • THX is attacked by new CGI shell dwellers at the end on his way out.

In the original release the movie includes a one minute clip from Things to Come (1936) before the opening credits. When re-released in the late-1970's this clip was replaced by a clip from the serial Buck Rogers (1939).

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