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Pure psychedelic brilliance!
DJ Inferno23 June 2002
I was very curious to see this film after having heard so many things about it! And indeed, "Vampyros Lesbos" even exceeded my expectations! Loaded with symbolic language, an almost dream-like atmosphere, unusual camera angles, a fantastic score and some Franco typical lesbian soft sex the Spanish director created an absolute masterpiece of Europe´s early 1970s sleazy cinema. Both main actresses Soledad Miranda and Ewa Strömberg are excellent in the lead and maybe one of the hottest lesbian couples ever brought on the screen. Some people may find it boring, cheap and eventless, but "Las Vampiras" is not a film you should watch about story or suspense! It is a brilliant mixture of art and trash, and I was truly surprised what great film it is after having seen so many different works of the director. This gem is a pure trip into surreality: Wonderful! Psychedelic! Watch it and LIVE!
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VAMPYROS LESBOS (Jesus Franco, 1970) ***
MARIO GAUCI13 October 2004
After missing it a couple of times on TV (one of them in the guise of the shorter and 'clothed' Spanish version) and thinking about picking up the DVD in either region on several occasions, I finally managed to sit down and watch (via the now-OOP R1 DVD from Synapse) what is perhaps Jess Franco's best-known film. Not having been particularly bowled over by either of the two Soledad Miranda films I had watched until now – EUGENIE DE SADE (1970; though this is one I need to watch again) and SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY (1970) – I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed VAMPYROS LESBOS. The reasons for this are many and varied and, all in all, I'd say it is without a doubt one of Franco's most enduring – and impressive – works.

As most of you probably know already, the film is based on nothing less than that vampiric chestnut – Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' – which Franco had already filmed a year before and in which VAMPYROS' leading lady, Soledad Miranda, had also appeared! Not having watched that particular adaptation, I cannot say which 'version' is the more successful – but, in the case of VAMPYROS LESBOS, Franco certainly imbues it with an overwhelming visual style (which goes hand in hand with a bizarre and intoxicating soundtrack) that almost encourages one to overlook its deficiencies which, being a Franco film, it could hardly fail to be without!

From the very first shot, the film weaves a haunting and dream-like mood (which is, for the most part, effortlessly sustained throughout) that is as indescribable as it is hard to shake off. Frankly, this is what Franco is all about to me: counting Luis Bunuel as my favorite film-maker, I cannot but admire the ingenuity (coupled sometimes with naivete) with which Franco pulls off this surreal 'trip' of a film –memorable images abound in VAMPYROS LESBOS, many of them allegorical, elliptical, or just plain weird – that, in its own way, also manages to be a remarkably effective spin on Stoker's 'old' vampire tale. In fact, the film's updating/jettisoning of the 'established' vampire myths (a modern beach-house replacing the old family castle and decked out with fish-nets rather than cobwebs; instead of sunlight having a deadly effect on the vampire, we get to admire her while sunbathing and skinny-dipping – though the method of disposing of her remains through incredibly violent means) is surely one of its most endearing aspects. Apart from this, not only is the vampire herself (like the nymphomaniac in SINNER [1972] driven through rape towards lesbianism) as much taken with her victim as one expects it to be the other way around, but also we have what passes for the traditional 'vampire hunter' (Dennis Price's Dr. Seward) actively wanting to go to 'the other side' (the confrontation scene between the two, which takes place in the lobby of his clinic, is masterfully handled – except for one embarrassingly amateurish moment when Price is made to slink down the stairs when he should be running for his life!), whereas the vampire's henchman (named Morpho, no less) is not the expected creepy-looking hulk – if still a mute – but rather a lanky thug in a suit, sporting cool shades and a pistol (not to mention being secretly enamored of his Mistress)! And then there's Jess Franco himself, in a quite revealing bit, as a crazed sadist (foreshadowing perhaps his Vogel of EXORCISM [1974])…

Of course, the film would not have worked quite as well without the beguiling presence of Soledad Miranda who dominates every scene she's in, be it the various tantalizing night-club acts (surely among the finest set-pieces in a Franco film, and several of them feature this type of scene – though we are never told quite why she should be doing them, being a Countess and all!) that we see her perform or the utterly graceful and totally natural manner in which she lures our understandably confused heroine (Ewa Stroemberg) into her particular 'way of life', away from her boyfriend and the routine which governs her 'normal' existence. As has been promised by the title, we get to see a lot of female nudity – a Franco trademark, if ever there was one – but since the plot deals with an obsessive relationship (not only Miranda and Stroemberg's but also Heidrun Kussin's Renfield-like 'infatuation' with the former), it does not feel over-emphasized here and, in any case, is really quite tame considering the director's standards of even a few years later.

The film's basic plot is wafer-thin ('padded' by numerous repeated actions and images) which, coupled with its necessarily languid pace, induces a sense of drowsiness in the viewer; this, however, is not a detriment to the film at all, as this quality is also to be found in the work of even the major art-house film-makers (I felt entranced in much the same way, for example, while watching Robert Bresson's A MAN ESCAPED [1956] recently – a film possibly admired by Franco himself, seeing that it's referenced at the start of THE DIABOLICAL DOCTOR Z [1965]).

For those of you who are interested, I would like to point you in the direction of an excellent analytical study of the film – which lies at the heart of a lengthy article about five Jess Franco movies from the 1970s – written by Maximilian Le Cain that was published in the 'Senses of Cinema' online journal. Here's the relevant link:

Immediately after watching the DVD, to my horror I discovered that both VAMPYROS LESBOS and SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY are to be re-issued next year (by a different company, Image) and that these will most probably use the reportedly superior transfers that were available for Second Sight's impossibly expensive (for my tastes, being blind purchases and all) R2 discs. Well, I'm actually thankful I paid less than $12 (shipping included) for VAMPYROS whereas I managed to acquire ECSTASY in a perfectly acceptable VHS dub. Depending on the extras – not that Image has shown itself too generous in this department thus far, at least where Franco is concerned – I may eventually upgrade these two fun Franco flicks featuring the lovely, talented (and ultimately tragic) legend that was Soledad Miranda!
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Classic 1970s sexploitation horror!
Infofreak17 November 2001
'Vampyros Lesbos' is one of the high points of 1970s exploitation movies. This movie has something for everybody! Vampires, gratuitous nudity (especially memorable from the stunningly beautiful and ill fated Soledad Miranda), violence, pretentious symbolism, some aesthetically pleasing scenery and camera work, all bound together by one of the most unique genre-busting rock scores ever, chock full of fuzz guitars and electric sitar.

The legendary Jess Franco has made more cult movies than the mind can conceive of, but this must surely stand out as one of the most artistically successful of his career. 'Vampyros Lesbos' manages to juggle sex, art, trash and horror, and impresses on every level. A truly wondrous movie! Don't miss this one (uncut, natch) if you get the chance!
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The Citizen Kane of European exploitation
matt-20111 March 1999
Jesus Franco's 1970 VAMPYROS LESBOS (inexplicably titled above "El Signo del vampiro") is the masterpiece of all Euro-exploitation genres. You can swoon over the Greenaway lighting in SUSPIRIA; you can thrill to the comic-book metaphysics of THE BEYOND; a few solitary freaks might smack their chops over CANNIBAL FEROX. But the Big Mama, the 2001 or INTOLERANCE of the litter, is Franco's fever-dreamy Z movie, a dusted-out collage of St. Tropez glamour, poisonous softcore sex, platter-party lounge music gone Satanic, and more crazy zooms than the entire body of martial-arts movies combined.

Franco has made more movies than probably any other living filmmaker, and there's something intuitive and inspired in each of them. But in none of his other works did he so perfectly combine what he learned, in his zonked-out way, from his masters (Resnais, Antonioni and especially Welles), and his own lurid, kick-addicted, grade-Z technique. This movie isn't just for B-movie weirdos; hardcore Tarkovsky fiends might find themselves after fifteen minute saying, "God...I kind of like this...what's happening to me?"
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A psychedelic exploitation.
HumanoidOfFlesh2 October 2003
Linda Westinghouse(Ewa Stromberg)travels to a small island in Turkey to help Countess Nadine Carody(beautiful Soledad Miranda)complete an inheritance from Dracula's.The Countess turns out to be someone appearing in her dreams.But the Countess is a vampire and seduces Linda and drinks her blood."Las Vampiras"/"Vampyros Lesbos" is really a soft-core lesbian take on "Dracula".The film is filled with hallucinatory atmosphere and sensuality,so fans of violent exploitation may be disappointed.Jesus Franco plays a creepy hotel worker who likes to take women down into the basement.The soundtrack is pretty groovy-I liked it a lot.Overall,"Vampyros Lesbos" is a masterpiece and a must-see for fans of sleazy horror.
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Soledad Miranda's greatest legacy
inkybrown10 January 2002
This eurohorror classic by Jess Franco stars Soledad Miranda as Countess Nadine Carody, a wealthy recluse who strips at a club in Istanbul. Ewa Strömberg plays a woman who is strangely drawn to the Countess. Nadine appears in Linda's dreams, beckoning her. Linda is then sent to the Nadine's island on a business assignment. The film follows the course of the strange romance between Linda and Nadine. Linda falls under Nadine's spell and a living nightmare soon begins. This film mixes dream and reality in a terrific way. Franco appears as Memmet, a sadistic killer. Soledad is absolutely fantastic in this movie. She's very low-key, yet totally captivating all the same. You'll wish you could be possessed by her! Franco's direction involves crazy zoom shots, interspersed footage of insects (with a scorpion that perhaps is meant to mirror the Countess), and a funky pop-art style. The psychedelic music used throughout the movie was written by Manfred Hübler and Siegfried Schwab. Despite its European success, Vampyros Lesbos never received distribution in the United States. It was long considered the Holy Grail of the European lesbian vampire genre. It was a renaissance in interest in Jess Franco, as well as the chart-topping success of the soundtrack in the '90s, that brought the film back into attention. A must-see for anyone into Soledad Miranda, Jess Franco, or vampire movies!
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A heady cocktail of sleazy soft-core and art-house
db_simpson26 November 1999
This has got to be one of the most surreal films ever made. The film brilliantly combines weird art-house imagery with sexadelic soft-core to create a genuinly original film, full of strange gothic colours and futuristic, freefall visuals. The eerie soundtrack of spacey synths and sexy piano sleeze brilliantly captures Linda's confusion as she enters the world of the mysterious Countess. This film is quite unlike anything else you have seen before.
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Nice one by Jesus.
omp96 January 2005
Vampyros Lesbos is actually my first Jes(u)s Franco film. And I was stunned, very surprised. I was like expecting a cheesy European sex-horror film, and o'boy was I wrong, and thanks for that! For Vampyros Lesbos is actually a weird little art-house film, whit a lot of surrealism. And that's maybe why this film has such a bad rating on IMDb, people (like me) thought that it was a horror vampire flick, but get a art-house film instead. For this film probably won't appeal to most hardcore horror fanatics. It's all about soul and atmosphere, like the Hammer films, so if you like them, than Vampyros Lesbos is gold. The stars of Vampyros Lesbos Soledad Miranda and Ewa Strömberg are both great, and plays theirs roles with big credibility. And it's really not hard to see why Soledad became such cult star either, she is phenomenal. I also have to mention the ultra cool soundtrack made by the groovy German duo Manfred Hubler and Sigfried Schwab. Really great soundtrack, one of the music segments in the film were actually used by Tarantino in Jackie Brown.

I liked this film, and I will give it a 8 out of 10. I also looking forward to see more from Franco in the nearest future.
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niklewicz9 February 2003
it's not only another sleazy sexploitation horror of the 70's. it's much more, with its eerie soundtrack and stunning visuals, edited in the manner that would become a trademark in the 80's and later for such visual masters as kubrick and scott, or maybe lynch rather. the plot may be a bit cheesy, but i think it's not the plot that matters - the main language fraco speaks here is the visual pop-art-esque language (today might be rather regarded as 'post-modern'). and the hypnotic performance by soledad miranda is worth remembering forever as well. it's a franco masterpiece, way ahead of its time. a must see!
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Soledad Miranda dreamily seductive in otherwise slow movie
amerh24 February 2006
Not much happens in this movie. Like most Franco films, it features scenes that are slow and extended, with cliché situations. Its saving grace is that it reflects the dreams and hallucinations of the woman/victim, so the elongated scenes have a dreamlike quality which is effective and sometimes seductive. The violence is restrained, some blood here and there. Although I dislike gore, I did wish the horror element was played up more.

I enjoyed the musical score, uniquely psychedelic. It had some success as a dance reissue in the mid 90s. Soledad Miranda is incredibly beautiful. To me, watching her is reason enough to go through this film. Her strip tease scene is very unique, and fortunately gets repeated in the film. Her looks are beguiling in every one of her seduction scenes. Otherwise the movie is an average mixed bag.
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An Erotic and Cult Version of Bram Stoker's Dracula
Claudio Carvalho12 August 2010
In Istanbul, the lawyer of Simpson & Simpson Linda Westinghouse (Ewa Stromberg) has erotic dreams with a strange woman every night and her analyst Dr. Alwin Seward (Denis Price) suggests her to find another lover. Linda is assigned to resolve an inheritance issue with the Hungarian Countess Nadine Oskudar (Soledad Miranda) that has inherited a real estate from Count Dracula. Linda leaves her boyfriend Omar (Victor Feliman) in the Istanbul Hilton and travels to the Kadidados Island. While waiting for transportation in the continent, Linda is advised by a local that the island would be a place of death and insanity and she should not travel to there. However, she does not pay attention to the man and meets Countess Oskudar that is a lesbian vampire fascinated by Linda. The Countess drinks the blood of Linda and she has amnesia and is sent to a mental institution where Dr, Steiner (Paul Muller) who is also a vampire expert, treats her and puts an advertisement in the newspapers. Omar finds Linda and Dr. Steiner teaches her how to kill a vampire. Linda has to be very powerful to resist the spell of Countess Oskudar that has a crush on her and destroy the vampire.

"Vampiros Lesbos" is an erotic and cult version of Bram Stoker's Dracula by Jesus Franco. The story is very similar to the classic novel of 1897, but instead of Count Dracula, the vampire is a sexy female that was raped by Dracula centuries ago and does not like man. The lead actresses Ewa Stromberg and Soledad Miranda are very beautiful and undress practically in every scene. The film is very entertaining and funny. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Vampiras Lésbicas" ("Lesbian Vampires")
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Decent Trash From Jess Franco...
EVOL66622 May 2006
I don't hold this sleaze "classic" in as high-regard as many, but VAMPYROS LESBOS is definitely a "worth-a-look" film. Plenty of nudity on-hand in this one for those of us that need it, and a semi-interesting, if sometimes confusing storyline punctuates the puss-fros and soft-core lesbionic love-sessions...

Linda goes to an island to see Nadine who's a vampire who only digs chicks and bites Linda and starts her transformation as well. The rest is pretty much convoluted nonsense about Linda trying to fight the vampire urge and eventually overcoming Nadine, and some other random nonsense - which is all just really an excuse to show as much tits and ass as possible - not that that is a bad thing...

The acting in the film is OK I guess for this sort of thing, and the direction and camera-work range from very decent, to plain amateurish depending on the scene. There's a few scenes where the lighting is used to good effect - but who am I kidding...this one is all about the nekkid chicks. If you dig soft-core 70's exploit sleaze, you'll probably get a kick out of this one - just don't expect anything great in the way of storyline or acting, or anything TOO boner-inducing as the nudity (though plentiful...) is pretty "mild"...7/10
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Poor, poor Dennis Price - frown for all you're worth, me old son
The_Secretive_Bus2 April 2005
My purpose for watching this wasn't for the lesbian content (I'm sure I could find steamier stuff if I tried) - it was to see the depths to which such a fantastic actor as Dennis Price, the star of "Kind Hearts and Coronets" about 22 years earlier, was forced to sink to in order to pay his bills. It truly is a depressing experience, though, remarkably, Price manages to escape with most of his dignity intact. This seems an even greater achievement when you consider that the DVD is of a Spanish film dubbed into German with English subtitles.

In "Vampyros Lesbos" he plays a Dr. Steward, psychologist and secret vampire enthusiast, the latter hobby suddenly being revealed out of nowhere once the plot requires it. You see, despite being given a rather ill-defined character to work with, and in direct contrast to the rest of the cast, Price actually *acts*. Mixing concern with frightened fascination, he draws your attention in whatever scene he appears, and probably gets more close ups in this film than in any other I've seen. It's not a particularly large part but he does have a fair amount of screen time, and it was a joy to watch him. It was a huge shame that I couldn't actually hear him speak his own lines, as the German dubber made the best attempt to deaden any emotion that Price attempted to convey, but his facial expressions were enough, and so I just imagined Price's voice instead. Whilst the direction elsewhere in the film can be called into question, Price manages to create a great atmosphere of tension in his encounter with Countess Nadine, pleading with her to give him the secret of vampirism. The only real slip-up is in his death a few seconds later in which, upon realising that his life is distinctly on the line, gently canters down some stairs rather than make a bolt for it, allowing Nadine's burly henchman to effortlessly catch up with and throttle the life out of him, though I suspect this is more a directing fault than anything that could be blamed on Price himself. And it must be said that the strangling is rather unnerving.

However, after Price dies we still have fifteen minutes left until the end of the film, which we must spend with the other characters that we've been presented with throughout the duration, and this is where the film falls down - every scene lacking Dennis Price is absolutely dire, as he is the only actor capable of giving a decent performance, and the story holding everything together is so flimsy that it might as well not be there. And indeed isn't, for a majority of the time. Price's Dr. Steward is actually in one of the many seemingly pointless subplots peppered here and there, which also include a scary pervo bloke who gets his kicks him tying up women and threatening them with a hacksaw, and an insane woman throwing herself about a clinic waiting for Countess Nadine to return to her and give her a bit of a seeing to. These characters serve no function at all, and are rather tedious, all told.

The main plot line concerns itself with Linda, who is apparently worried about the frequency of erotic dreams she's been having about a woman she's never met before. When her boyfriend, a shifty looking spiv type, takes her to a strip-club (?!) she recognises the "dancer" (that's being charitable) as the woman in her dreams. Turns out the woman is Countess Nadine Carody, a vampire with connections to Dracula himself. Linda goes to Nadine's estate to help her with insurance, or something, and has various encounters with her during the running time. Narrative consistency is thrown out of the window when, despite being frightened of Nadine when they first meet, she quite happily goes skinny-dipping with her (?!) and then lies nude with her on the beach - "It's good to lie naked in the sand. Especially when you're with somebody." "Yes." Good grief. And in the next scene she's once more a bit suspect about the whole deal.

I know what you're thinking - "It's lesbo porn, it doesn't need a plot!" But there isn't really much of the steamy shenanigans going on to uphold such a claim, and the few scenes of "Near naked ladies snatch a few fumbling kisses," are played so stiltedly that any erotic tension is immediately dissipated. The director seems to think that propping a few nude women here and there automatically means "sexy" when it, well, doesn't. It just gets tedious and laughable more than anything else. It comes to something when I was far more willing to watch Dennis Price writing in his diary than two rather beautiful ladies having it away with each other.

The direction is full of "clever" and "artistic" shots of scorpions and moths and a kite (...), which are meant to make us nod our heads sagely and say "Ahh, mmm..." but just come off as pretentious and silly. We're also forced to endure a bizarre striptease performance (in which Nadine removes her clothes and puts them on her partner, who seems to be pretending to be a mannequin) twice, and both times it's dull as hell. Fortunately the group of 40-somethings in the club appear to be enjoying themselves, though since they staggeringly fail to notice Nadine killing her partner on the second run through and clap anyway, I'm not so certain that their opinion is valid.

Apparently this is a cult classic, with its dire soundtrack (the sitar has never been my favourite instrument) achieving acclaim in some quarters. Allegedly. I can't say that I was disappointed with this film as I knew it was going to be rubbish to start with. Fortunately it was vaguely worthwhile simply to see Price's performance, though it's certainly a disc that won't be given another spin in quite a long time.
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Maciste_Brother7 February 2003
If there's one word to describe VAMPYROS LESBOS, it would be the word dull. The film ain't bad but there's almost nothing to it except for the beauty of Soledad Miranda, which is not enough to sustain the non-existent story. I love atmosphere like any other cinephile but I still like some, huh, meat to a film in order for it to make an impact of some sort on me. VAMPYROS LESBOS is as anemic as a vampire's victim, drained of all blood. And the actor who played the blonde woman's husband was the worst actor I've ever seen.

So, to recap: not bad but listless and dull. If you're curious, rent it but don't buy the DVD.
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Really, really horrible.
jhsiao11 January 2000
A terrible, uncompelling, slow moving, confusing mess. There are probably less than 30 lines of dialogue in the whole movie, and they each followed by 15 minutes or more of footage of people walking up stairs, moths flying, scorpions walking, kites floating... Completely ridiculous! If you MUST see this movie, at least watch it in fast foward. Believe me, you're not missing much.
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Amazingly erotic.
Scott LeBrun31 May 2015
The late, extremely prolific Euro cult legend Jess Franco reaches true heights of eroticism in this variation on a common theme in the 1970s. Namely, that's the genre of highly sexualized female vampires working their wiles on a succession of female victims. The film may be much too sedately paced for some moviegoers, and in truth it's much more about titillation and atmosphere than anything else. Some people may admire it for the way that it so completely melds an artistic sensibility with pure exploitation. There's more eye candy going on here than just the female human form.

Ewa Stromberg stars as lawyer Linda Westinghouse, who has been having sexy dreams about a mystery lady (Soledad Miranda, Francos' muse until the time of her premature death). She's then surprised to see the lady turn up in reality, as a Countess who's just come into an inheritance. She becomes utterly fixated on the Countess, to the exclusion of all else.

"Vampyros Lesbos" is likely to succeed in at least one way for many viewers, by making them a fan of the alluring Ms. Miranda. She seems right at home in this predatory role. The cast features other familiar faces: Dennis Price as a clinic doctor with an interest in the supernatural, and Paul Muller as a psychiatrist, but it's Miranda who will command most of ones' attention.

This is all very well shot on stunning locations in Spain, Germany, and Turkey. The only real debit for this viewer was the music score, which is much too loud and overbearing. Costumes and set decoration are strikingly used throughout.

Franco and company know all too well how a vampire story can be inherently seductive and mysterious, and this has to rank as one of the directors' more memorable works.

Eight out of 10.
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A Keeper
jriddle7316 September 2006
VAMPYROS LESBOS was my second Franco, and the one that guaranteed there would be a third, fourth, and 50th Jesus Franco film in my future. It's very rare to come across something so utterly bizarre and unorthodox in every particular but to "get" it instantly. That's how VAMPYROS LESBOS and I hit it off, though.

Bela Lugosi's Dracula has been sequelized, remade, rehashed, and referenced more times than can be easily counted, but, as far as I know, this is the only time anyone set out to produce a "remake" that consciously reversed everything in the movie. Night becomes day, hetero Count becomes lesbian Countess, Puritanical vampire hunter becomes degenerate obsessed with becoming a vampire, and so on. The perversity of it all is delightful. When Franco zoomed into Soledad Miranda's exquisite face as she tells us how much she loves wine, I didn't spare a shout.
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Come on, guys......
Fuzzbomb12 December 1999
Let's face it - watch any more euro-explo fl;icks and this just don't stand up - sure, there's some great nightclub scenes, but the film as a whole is almost too much like 'art' - it's turgid in places, and lacks the balls one would expect from a film called 'Vampyros Lesbos'. If you need sex, Vampires and true art direction, I'd instead point you towards the films of Jean Rollin - specifically 'Les Frisson Des Vampires'. Happy Hunting.
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Let's be honest about why we're really watching this...
imdbmykl30 September 2001
Did you pick up a copy of "Lesbian Vampires" for any reason other than softcore sex? I didn't think so.

I had the wonderful fortune of stumbling across this movie late-night on local Australian TV station SBS. This station is well known for screening foreign films of this nature. And what a find!

I must admit to not paying much attention to the plot, but then it wasn't too hard to follow exactly what was happening most of the time. All of the key elements of B-grade movies are there - the freaky camerawork, the vacant stares of many of the actors, the implausible excuses for gratuitous nudity. It all gels well together in this little excursion.

I rated this movie a 3, because to rate it higher would do it injustice to its B-grade heritage. It would score much higher in B-grade circles, for the cheese factor and the provision of stuff to poke fun at. Fun stuff.
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Slow, plodding and dull
Keltic-216 February 2001
Usually, what you're looking for in a horror movie is horror. _Vampyros Lesbos_ fails to deliver in a big way.

The soundtrack is intrusive and jarringly mismatched to the action, such as it is, and each character appears to have selected at the outset the expression that he or she is to wear for the remainder of the film.

In essence, there is very little here to recommend, or to salvage the film from interminable boredom and chronic confusion. Abrupt editing does nothing to aid comprehension; frequent recourse to gratuitous lesbian erotica, similarly, adds nothing to the film as a whole.
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Psychedelic trash
Atavisten9 May 2005
The title gives it away really, its about lesbian vampirism. The two beautiful actresses Soledad Miranda (rip) and Ewa Strømberg get all sensual on us, undressing quite often and all is fine. Ewa is not so certain if she wants to turn into a vampire though. Thats the story. It is stitched together a bit incoherent, of course.

What makes it pleasurable to watch is the incredible surreal feel of it, the psychedelia, its quite like taking acid I guess. Franco himself had a hand in the fantastic score together with Hübler and Schwab, I was quite lucky to find it on white vinyl. I don't know what to compare it too, its groovy, naive and psychedelic.
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More Fun To Make Than Watch
blazintommyd22 March 2004
Even though this film is at best soft-core, it was probably semi-hot for 1970 since it shows women making out with each other. I'm sorry to see that the star Vampiress died apparently around the time the work was finished, because I really like her looks. Very nice legs.

Otherwise, there are repetitive takes edited in for change of scenes only one of which has any relation to the story line.

The organ theme is nice

The whole thing is low budget but the castle where some outdoor shots are done is pretty impressive

I like to see films that catch the era that are unusual. For example Kenneth Anger's "Scorpio Rising". But here you have this 'leading man' that looks like George Bush with fake moustaches and sideburns, dressed like some guy trying to look like he wants people to know he reads "Penthouse" which really detracts from the good looks of the Vampiress

The other leading lady (The German Blue eyed Blond)looks like a Hammer Film refugee -i.e., too old to do leading ladies for Hammer Films but still thinking she's not too old to be a leading lady.

It would be great for a 12 year boy old to see because I used to watch movies like this on late night TV before I was allowed to stay out late and was chagrined when local TV would censor the flesh shots.

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Boring and uneventful movie
Tito-828 October 2000
I had VERY low expectations for this film, and it narrowly managed to exceed them. Instead of being mind-numbingly dull, it was simply dull, and instead of being thoroughly uninteresting, it was only moderately uninteresting. That's about as positive I can be in reviewing this movie. It's slow-moving, low on dialogue, and it lacks interesting characters and scenes. Simply a waste of my time, and I urge you all to not make the same mistake that I did by watching this film.
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Vampyros lesbos
Scarecrow-8824 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"The Queen of the Night will bear you up on her dark wings."

I guess you can look at "Vampyros lesbos" as director Jesús Franco's 70's modern variation on Bram Stoker's Dracula using Soledad Miranda as the seductive female lesbian vampire who took lessons from her master(..that being Count Dracula)in capturing victims through a form of hypnotic lust, invading women through their dreams. You could say that Ewa Strömberg's Linda, an agent whose firm, Simpson & Simpson, is handling Dracula's will which would entitle that his inheritance of the Kadidados islands(..and everything on it) be left to her, is Mina, the object for which Carody desires to "initiate into her inner circle." Andrés Monales, as Linda's lover Omar, would be the Jonathan Harker, the one who stands between Carody and her paramour. There really isn't a strong candidate for Van seems like Dennis Price, as scientist Dr. Alwin Seward, who runs a clinic and studies vampirism, would be, but he harbours a desire to be a vampire himself so he could obtain supernatural powers. Within Seward's clinic is Agra(Heidrun Kussin), who is the Renfield of the film, except instead of madness, she's more overcome by a state of constant orgasm, wantonly desiring to return to Carody, locked up in Seward's clinic. Her husband is Memmet(..portrayed by the director in one of his typically bizarre roles), who works at a hotel which charters a small boat to ferry people to Carody's island. Memmet is actually a psychotic torturer(..who likes to sucker females into the hotel wine cellar where he binds them before the nasty business) whose madness derives from the fact that Carody "changed" his wife into a lunatic only yearning for her touch. Paul Muller is given, frankly, a thankless role as Linda's psychiatrist who believes her rantings of being haunted by fantasies of Carody is merely bad sex.

Carody's relationship to Dracula, subtly mentioned here and there in the film, comes from an incident near a castle she lived overcome by depravity and violence. Men were ravaging the village women, attempting to rape her(..this also provides the emphasis on why she hates men), dragging her from her castle..Dracula killing the man on top of her, subsequently "adopting" Carody into his family. Carody mentions how she was the woman who made his life worth living and that he always desired her body, taking just enough blood he needed to survive finally turning her into a vampire. The Turkish locations are definitely highlighted in this film as Franco's camera embraces various aspects of his setting. But, the pleasure for me is Soledad Miranda. The many ways Franco shoots her, the character is all hers. Of her short few lead roles, I think this, "She Killed in Ecstasy" & "Eugenie de Sade" each display her hold on the viewer. Whether it be her very unusual stage act where she dresses a "human mannequin" for an audience before biting her assistant's neck, the way her face is lit, or the abstract camera angles;it seems Franco wants you to see her as a very special creature, not meant for our world. Whether she's naked, in a bikini, or wearing lingerie on stage, Miranda is a showcase for our viewing pleasure. She's a dark-eyed goddess to me, a portrait on celluloid. I would definitely say Miranda's iconic accessory for this particular film is her red scarf. It's around her neck almost always. José Martínez Blanco is Carody's henchman Morpho, with dead eyes which stare right through you. The score only heightens the otherworldly nature Franco's direction brings to this fantasy. It's a vampire film, but I felt it embraces the erotic side rather than the violence often elaborated in Dracula adaptations. Sure, Carody's bites, but I think this is more about her seduction and entrapment over female victims she desires than the relishing bite on the jugular for flowing blood. I think the ultimate nourishment for a vampire like Carody is capturing the heart and soul of her victim, not their lifeforce.
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Slow, Sexy, Female Vampire Flick
hokeybutt17 April 2005
VAMPYROS LESBOS (3 outta 5 stars) Yes, this movie is about exactly what the title would lead you to think it was about: lesbian vampires. Being a very "arty", European film it is more likely to appeal to fans of softcore sex movies than fans of vampire flicks. Very slowly-paced and poorly-acted for the most part... the movie does have a slightly hypnotic dream quality that might hook you if you are in the mood for something obscure. A mysterious countess (turned into a vampire by the original Count Dracula) goes around acting in a suggestive, lesbian nightclub act and seducing all the nubile young women she can find. But then she meets the curious young Linda Westinghouse and for the first time in her life, she falls in love. Linda is equally smitten, though she's not sure how she feels about that turning-into-a-vampire thing. It helps that the two leads are incredibly attractive women... because the camera tends to slowwwwwww downnnnnnn a lot whenever one or the other is partially or fully unclothed. There are a couple of scary bits, but the movie is more of a romance than a horror movie.
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