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May 30th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include The Blackcoat’S Daughter, The Hearse

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! While you’re off enjoying some much-needed downtime with friends and family, we’ve gone ahead and put together a recap of this week’s horror and sci-fi home entertainment releases that are coming our way on May 30th.

For those of you cult film aficionados out there, get those wallets ready, because there’s a bunch of great titles arriving on Blu-ray this Tuesday, including Blackenstein, Evil Ed, The Blood of Fu Manchu / The Castle of Fu Manchu double feature, The Hearse, The Undertaker, Slaughterhouse Rock, and Hide and Go Shriek.

As far as new genre films go, The Blackcoat’s Daughter (one of my personal favorites of 2017) and Rupture are making their way to Blu-ray and DVD, with the Shock-o-Rama box set also coming out on DVD.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (Lionsgate, Blu-ray & DVD)

Beautiful and haunted Joan (Emma Roberts) makes
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The Bottom Shelf: Frankenhooker, We Are The Flesh

Apr 28, 2017

Lucio Fulci, Frankenhooker and more in our round up of new horror Blu-rays and DVDs...

So, what’s your personal idea of hell? For this writer, it would almost certainly involve being chained down in the audience of an eternal live filming of Loose Women as Donald Trump waves a slice of tiger bread, forever just out of reach. Yours is likely to be similar, though it would have to be pretty grim indeed to come anywhere near Lucio Fulci’s 1981 career-best infernal vision and perhaps the definitive (obviously other than Little Nicky) cinematic depiction of eternal damnation, The Beyond.

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The Italian gore icon behind such genre classics as Zombie Flesh Eaters and The House By The Cemetery offers ostensibly a zombie film set in
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DVD Review – Zombie Lake (1981)

Zombie Lake, 1981.

Directed by Jean Rollin.

Starring Howard Vernon, Pierre-Marie Escourrou, Anouchka, Antonio Mayans, and Lynn Monteil.


A French village becomes overrun with Nazi soldiers killed in World War II who have returned as zombies.

The launch title for new label Black House Films, 1981’s Zombie Lake is considered something of a classic amongst genre devotees so for a new label trying to establish itself by putting out a series of Euro-horror staples it makes sense to start with a well-known title. However, movies can be called a ‘classic’ for many different reasons and being good is not always one of them, and Zombie Lake is definitely not a good film.

In fact, it is an absolute turkey and when you look into its production history and discover that original director Jesus Franco (Vampyros Lesbos/White Cannibal Queen) – a man not exactly known for his scruples when it came
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Horror Highlights: The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Man, Wizard World Cleveland, Cavity Colors, Blue Underground, Apocalypse Kiss, NJ Horror Con

Dark Horse's The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man comic book series tops today's Horror Highlights, which also includes Wizard World Cleveland, new releases (respectively) from Cavity Colors and Blue Underground, Apocalypse Kiss, and the New Jersey Horror Con.

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man Comic Book Series: Press Release: "Milwaukie, Ore., (March 14, 2017)—Victorian horror fans, rejoice! Dark Horse is delighted to announce the follow-up to 2011’s cult classic The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, with The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man. Mr. Hyde’s Cole Haddon brings fans even more Thomas Adye adventures, while Sebastián Cabrol (Thief: Tales from the City, Caliban) lends his beautiful art to the story, and Hernán Cabrera (Caliban) brings the art to life with his gorgeously grotesque color palette.

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man finds Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard struggling to return to normalcy after his run-in with
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American Genre Film Archive Adds Arrow, Severin, Vinegar Catalogs

Alamo Drafthouse’s nonprofit American Genre Film Archive has added the catalogs for Arrow Films, Severin Films, and Vinegar Syndrome, Variety has learned exclusively.

The archive announced last year that it would begin distributing titles theatrically and on home video in partnership with Seattle’s Something Weird Video. Agfa touts itself as the largest non-profit genre film archive in the world and offers 4K and 2K scanning to preserve 35mm and 16mm films.

Titles in Arrow’s catalog include Mario Bava’s “Blood and Black Lace,” “Blood Rage,” and Japan’s “Female Prisoner Scorpion.” Severin’s catalog includes Italian zombie title “Burial Ground,” Jess Franco’s “Vampyros Lesbos,” and “Birdemic: Shock and Terror.” Vinegar Syndrome’s catalog include James Bryan’s “Don’t Go Into the Woods,” Rudy Ray Moore’s “Dolemite” series, and holiday horror film “Christmas Evil.”

“We’re incredibly excited about Agfa’s expanding mission, with our
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'The Ladies of The House' coming to DVD

Wildworks Productions announced today that Mvd Entertainment Group will release John Stuart Wildman’s The Ladies Of The House on DVD, December 13th.

The critically acclaimed grindhouse-style feminist thriller is available for pre-order at Mvd here and on Amazon.

The Ladies Of The House follows the fate of two brothers, Jacob and Kai, who, along with their friend Derek, go to a dance club to celebrate Kai’s birthday. After Derek convinces the other two to follow one of the dancers home, things take a tragic turn. However, that is simply the beginning of the nightmare for the young men, because her roommates (Getty, Lin and Crystal) aren’t just fellow dancers, they are also cannibals with a fierce sense of home and family – and a taste for men. After Kai quickly falls victim to Getty and Lin and is on his way to becoming the centerpiece of that evening’s meal,
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The Movies That Changed My Life: ‘The Love Witch’ Director Anna Biller

Anna Biller’s delicious debut —the stylish, technicolor-esque “The Love Witch”— is like nothing you’ve seen before. Or at least nothing you’ve likely seen in decades. A throwback and campy “horror” movie, “The Love Witch” is part softcore erotica, part ‘60s pulpy psychedelia and a hybrid of influences like “Vampyros Lesbos,” “The Wicker Man,” the films of Russ Meyer, Jess Franco and countless sexploitation movies from the 1960s and ‘70s.

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Rotterdam 2016. The Streets, the Mountains, the Snow, and the Ocean

  • MUBI
The French New Wave did not invent the idea of exploring a city through the wanderings of a couple—F.W. Murnau suggest as much from the Fox studio backlot in Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, and Luchino Visconti offered his own glorious fairy tale stroll of Cinecittà’s Venice in White Nights—but that movement certainly provided an invigorating, youthful inspiration to an emerging generation of international filmmakers to orient their cinema to the relationships close to them and to streets they know so well.Thus we see Catalonian director José María Nunes’s 1966 masterpiece Noche de vinto tinto (Red Wine Night), which begins with a young woman distraught when her boyfriend breaks a promised date and, going out into the night, she attaches herself to a failed Romeo. The character of their meeting encapsulates all the oneiric, irrational, partially romantic, partially despondent tenor of the evening of bar hopping that follows,
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‘Vampyros Lesbos’ Blu-ray Review

Severin Films make their return to the UK home video market with the Blu-ray release of two Jess Franco films in their library, She Killed in Ecstasy and Vampyros Lesbos – erotically charged Euro-horrors starring Franco fave Soledad Miranda which mark the pinnacle of Franco’s career. The former, a revenge thriller, is considered the best of the 200-odd films the Spanish auteur has made, whilst the latter is a crowd-pleasing slice of sleaze (who doesn’t love lesbian vampires) that is also an oddly-faithful adaptation of Dracula.

Vampyros Lesbos

Stars: Soledad Miranda, Ewa Strömberg, Dennis Price, Paul Muller, Heidrun Kussin, José Martínez Blanco, Michael Berling, Andrea Montchal | Written by Jaime Chávarri, Jesús Franco, Anne Settimó | Directed by Jess Franco

Utilising the same cast of performers has always been something of a trait of Jess Franco’s but when you watch two of his films back-to-back (as I did with Severin
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‘She Killed in Ecstasy’ Blu-ray Review

Severin Films make their return to the UK home video market with the Blu-ray release of two Jess Franco films in their library, She Killed in Ecstasy and Vampyros Lesbos – erotically charged Euro-horrors starring Franco fave Soledad Miranda which mark the pinnacle of Franco’s career. The former, a revenge thriller, is considered the best of the 200-odd films the Spanish auteur has made, whilst the latter is a crowd-pleasing slice of sleaze (who doesn’t love lesbian vampires) that is also an oddly-faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula.

She Killed In Ecstasy

Stars: Soledad Miranda, Fred Williams, Paul Muller, Howard Vernon, Ewa Strömberg, Horst Tappert | Written and Directed by Jess Franco

She Killed In Ecstasy tells the story of Mrs. Johnson (Miranda), the widow of a young doctor (Williams) who kills himself after a medical committee terminates his research into human embryos, considering it too inhumane.
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Severin Films to debut Franco Blu’s in the UK

What are widely considered to be the finest works of late, great Euro-cult master Jess Franco’s labyrinthine career, his 1971 erotic horrors Vampyros Lesbos and She Killed in Ecstasy have long been sought after by cult cinema collectors. Now, for the first time ever in the UK, the fully restored, uncensored versions of both films will be available in Special Editions from Severin Films.

Both films star the bewitching beauty Soledad Miranda, who was tragically killed before either film was released, and achieved additional cult status thanks to the sexadelic, ultra groovy soundtrack that became an unexpected dance floor hit three decades after original release.

Vampyros Lesbos has already had successful and acclaimed theatrical screenings in the UK ahead of these releases, and the time is set for the extraordinary work of the mercurial Franco to reach out to a brand new audience. Featuring newly created cover art by Wes Benscoter,
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The Forgotten: Grigori Kromanov's "The Dead Mountaineer's Hotel" (1979)

  • MUBI
Irksome, dazzling, baffling, eerie, luminous, silly, turgid and unique, The Dead Mountaineer's Hotel delights and frustrates in equal measure. It's easily the best Estonian sci-fi detective story I've ever seen. And yes, it's the only one.I believe Isaac Asimov had some kind of rule about detective stories being difficult in science fiction because if the reader doesn't know the rules, he or she can't fairly be expected to have a chance of guessing the answer to the mystery. This film certainly falls prey to that problem, as despite its occult atmosphere it doesn't tip its hand that anything truly out-of-this-world is going on until the third act. Once we're allowed to know the secret, the film ceases to be a mystery at all and actually works a lot better.First things: a detective arrives at the titular mountain resort, following up an anonymous tip. The hotel itself is dazzlingly
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August 18th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Nightmare Castle, Nomads, and Burn, Witch, Burn

August 18th is bringing horror and sci-fi fans a bounty of home entertainment choices this week, especially if you’re into cult classics and indie genre films. Titles arriving on Tuesday include newer movies like Cub, Ejecta and Closer to God as well as the latest from the Soska Sisters, Vendetta. Several older films are getting an HD overhaul on Blu-ray too, including Nomads, The Hunger, Nightmare Castle, The Wife Killer and the supernaturally-infused Burn, Witch, Burn which was also co-penned by Richard Matheson.

And while it may not necessarily be a full-on genre movie, it’s worth noting that Shout! Factory is also releasing the criminally underrated cyber-adventure/thriller Hackers onto Blu-ray this week to celebrate its upcoming 20th anniversary.

Burn, Witch, Burn (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray)

The powers of dark magic rule the night in this chilling masterpiece of supernatural horror as a

college campus turns into a nest of evil.
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Crowdfund This! Rollin-inspired Blood Of The Tribades Lusts For '70s Vampire Kink

Award-winning indie filmmakers Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein (Magnetic, Ten) have launched their latest Kickstarter to fun their third feature, Blood of the Tribades. Described as a Hammer- and Jean Rollin-inspired, '70s lesbian vampire film, Cacciola and Epstein namecheck the majestic Countess Dracula, Twins of Evil, Vampyros Lesbos, and The Shiver of the Vampires as influences. Not content to simply be a vampire lesbian film, the story also focuses in on a socio-political statement. From the film's description: "A vampire named Bathor turned an entire village to vampires, stuck around long enough to teach them to survive, and then promised to return 2,000 years after conquering the rest of the continent. The only problem with this plan is that the vampires, although immortal, have only a...

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New on Video: ‘The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein’

The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein

Written and directed by Jesús Franco

Spain/France, 1972

Since May of this year, I have embarked on an ongoing exploration into the cinema of Jesús Franco. After first viewing Justine (also known as Deadly Sanctuary), one of seven Franco films released in 1969 (his filmography boasts 203 directorial credits from 1957 to 2013), I sought out more of what this infamous Spanish auteur had to offer. Like Justine, some of these films have been extraordinarily entertaining: The Diabolical Dr. Z (1966), Vampyros Lesbos (1971), A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973), Female Vampire and Women Behind Bars (both 1975), and Bloody Moon (1981). Others, however, have been downright atrocious: Emmanuelle Exposed (1982) and Red Silk (1999), one of the worst films I have ever seen.

The latest addition to what is now a 25-films-and-counting “Summer of Jesús Franco” is The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, available on a new Blu-ray edition from Redemption Films, which has released several other Franco titles.
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Jess Franco On Blu-ray: She Killed In Ecstasy And Vampyros Lesbos From Severin Films

Cult film specialists Severin Films recently released two of Jess Franco's most well known and liked films on Blu-ray. She Killed in Ecstasy and Vampyros Lesbos are both extremely good examples of where Franco was in 1970-1971in terms of honing his craft. Spanish siren Soledad Miranda stars in both films, and turns out to be the best thing in them by no small margin. We've taken a look at both films and the incredible packages that Severin has assembled for them....

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Movies This Week: May 15-21, 2015


The Violet Crown Cinema has an encore screening of its Arthouse Monthly series Sunday night with the acclaimed new documentary I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story. In her review, Jette says it's a "pleasant and sometimes touching profile of Caroll Spinney, who has spent decades portraying both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street and elsewhere." Tickets are on the verge of selling out, but if you miss out on this one-time local screening, the film is available now on cable and digital VOD from Tribeca Film. In addition, Violet Crown is holding over Austin-shot indie Arlo and Julie (Elizabeth's review) for another week, with daily screenings.

The Austin Film Society kicks off the weekend with Jess Franco's 1971 avant-garde horror film Vampyros Lesbos, which screens tonight at the Marchesa. On Sunday afternoon, Afs is teaming up with the Austin chapter of the National Alliance on
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May 12th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include The Drownsman, Extraterrestrial, The Toxic Avenger Part III

On May 12, horror and sci-fi fans have many reasons to be excited as there are a ton of great titles making their way onto Blu-ray and DVD. Anchor Bay is unleashing The Drownsman this week and Scream Factory is releasing Extraterrestrial, the latest from The Vicious Brothers, as well. Kino Lorber also has several fun cult titles getting a high-def overhaul this week, including X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes and The Premature Burial. For all you Troma lovers out there, The Toxic Avenger III is getting repackaged in a fun Blu/DVD combo pack featuring some new content that should thrill all the Toxie fans out there.

The Drownsman (Anchor Bay Entertainment, Blu-ray & DVD)

After almost drowning in a lake accident, Madison (Michelle Mylett, Antisocial) develops hydrophobia: an abnormal fear of water. After shutting the world and her friends out for over a year, her friends attempt an intervention.
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Severin Announces Restored Jess Franco Blus of Vampyros Lesbos and She Killed in Ecstasy

Severin Films has announced fully restored and uncut Blus for two of Jess Franco’s most lauded works, Vampyros Lesbos and She Killed in Ecstasy. Out May 12th is Vampyros Lesbos and She Killed in Ecstasy, in limited editions of 7500 and 4000, respectively. Both beloved cult titles star Soledad Miranda. In the former, she plays…

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Retro Slave: Jess Franco's Vampyros Lesbos & She Killed In Ecstasy Restored for Blu-ray Release

For the first time ever in America, the fully restored, uncensored versionsof Jesse Franco's Vampyros Lesbos and She Killed In Ecstasy will hit Blu-ray in newly restored 2 Disc Limited Editions on May 12th.

Early orders through Severin will ship late-April and come with posters of newly commissioned Wes Benscoter artwork, with orders of both titles.

Both films star the bewitching beauty Soledad Miranda, who was tragically killed before either film was released.

Full specs on these Special Editions, including a pair of Franco’s final interviews, are as follows:

Vampyros Lesbos Limited Edition Of 7500

Disc 1 (Blu-Ray):

Newly remastered HD presentation of the feature in its original 1.66:1 aspect ratio

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