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The Blaxploitation Triple Feature at Super-8 Movie Madness September 3rd in St. Louis

All you jiveass cornpone peckerwoods head down to the Way Out Club on Tuesday September 3rd for Super-8 Movie Madness featuring the Blaxploitation Triple Feature! The Blaxploitation film era has had an enormous impact on American cinema and culture and its influence can still be seen today. If you dig black culture, music, and lingo from the 70′s you’ll have a chance to take in a triple threat of urban cinema presented on Super-8 sound film projected on a big screen with condensed (average length: 17 minutes) versions of three iconic Blaxploitation classics: Pam Grier in Coffy, Richard Roundtree in Shaft, and Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson in That Man Bolt!

The non- Blaxploitation films we’re showing on September 3rd are: John Carpenter’s Dark Star, Gil Lamb in the comedy short Baby Makes Two, the sexy caveman spoof When Women Had Tails, Abbott and Costello in Midget Car Maniacs,
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Grindhouse Aficionado: Issue #Four

Grindhouse Aficionado: Issue #4 (Nov.06) by Kevin Klemm

Grindhouse Aficionado

Bringing you the best of Grindhouse cinema (without the sticky floors).

This month’s Double Feature: 42nd Street Forever Vol 1 and 42nd Street Forever Vol 2: The Deuce

This month we take a look at two DVD’s that highlight the real reason we risked life and limb by venturing into The Deuce- the previews!

So grab your popcorn (I sure hope that’s butter) and settle in for four full hours of Grindhouse excitement.

Reel 1:

42nd Street Forever, Volume 1

As I mentioned before, half the fun of visiting a grindhouse theatre was watching the coming attractions. It took a special kind of film to play The Deuce, and the coming attractions really played up the exploitation elements of the movie. Its job was to hook you and reel you in so you would come back week after week…kind
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42nd Street Forever: The Blu-ray Edition Review

From the 1950's to the late 1980's, New York's 42nd Street maintained a cinematic subculture of grindhouse cinema. Genres varied from exploitation to revenge to horror to XXX and anything else in between. More often than not, the cheaper the film was, the better it was received. Also more often than not, the trailers for said films were immensely better than the films themselves.

In 2005, Synapse Films created 42nd Street Forever, a compilation of sorts of the best of the worst trailers the grindhouse era had to offer. Having released 6 volumes of DVDs, Synapse has moved the series into the high def age with 42nd Street Forever: The Blu-ray Edition.

Obviously since this is nothing but a compilation of trailers, there isn't a real plot here. I do commend and appreciate Synapse for coupling the films together with their specific genres. It kicks off with Blaxsploitation and runs the gamut through zombies,
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Synapse Taking “42nd Street Forever” To Blu-ray

Synapse Taking “42nd Street Forever” To Blu-ray
Synapse’s 42nd Street Forever trailer compilations have been a tremendous success for the imprint, similar to what Something Weird Video has been doing for decades. Synapse gathered trailers from all corners of the cinematic universe, enough to populate five volumes over the last seven years, and now they are finally stepping into the world of Blu-ray.

42Nd Street Forever: The Blu-ray Edition, available on May 8th, is a compilation of the best of of the best from volumes 1 and 2 of the DVD series, featuring almost four hours of all the naughty bits that get underground cinephiles excited. Also included is a new commentary from Fangoria’s Mike Gingold. Fangoria.com has shared the cover art and sample list of trailers below.

Act Of Vengeance

Black Samson

The Bullet Machine

The Centerfold Girls

Chained Heat


College Girls

The Curious Female

The Dark

Dark Star

Delinquent Schoolgirls

The Deadly Spawn
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Ten Hot Cavemen Who Can Club Us Any Time!

I understand it’s an important find and all, but you’ve gotta admit this “gay caveman” story that made the news last week is also pretty hilarious. A gay caveman? That’s a stand-up comedy routine, not an archaeological discovery!

AfterElton.com already took on the problems with how the media reported the story, plus we also provided our own proof that us ‘mos have always been around – even during the Stone Age.

Nevertheless, since the word “caveman” somehow never fails to bring to my mind the image of a hot Abercrombie & Fitch model posing in a loincloth, the story inevitably got me to thinking of the dozens of Hollywood-ized interpretations of early humans that moviegoers have been treated to over the past several decades.

True, the majority of these interpretations aren’t exactly, shall we say, accurate (to my knowledge, they didn’t actually have laser-whitening capabilities back
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