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Crowning Glory of RAJESH KHANNA !

Author: Umar Mansoor Bajwa ( from Lahore, Pakistan
21 February 2002

Although the romantic, suave and serene Rajesh Khanna has other big hits to his credits like AMAR PREM, ANAND, SAFAR and ARADHANA but in KATI PATANG, his inherent and innate acting prowess shot to that vintage point from where, the exact reflection of his acting skills that were imbued in mystic, elegant and romantic gestures emerged supreme.

Coupled with great hit songs and excellent direction of Shakti Samantha, KATI PATANG is a memorable landmark in the filmography of Rajesh Khanna. Being her last lead acting performance on the silver screen, Asha Parekh has also consummately portrayed the pensive image of a forced widow lover.

The real to life turbulent story of an innocent girl who was betrayed by her clever boyfriend, had to bear the brunt of a lifetime stigma. Shakti Samantha's direction, R.D. Burman's choreography of songs and majestically soothing cinematography by Gopi Krishna made "Kati Patang" a toast for the eyes and a sublime stimulant for the spirit of audience. The songs and the wording transcends the true beauty of pure love along with the flow of tumultuous events, thereby captivating the audience to stick to their seats till the end.

Folks ! they don't make it like Kati Patang, any more ........

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A classic not just for the song selections alone

Author: Shabbir Husain ( from Dhaka, Bangladesh
21 December 2002

A true classic for the hopelessly romantic. An ageless epic of romance and with sprinkles of suspense and agony of a woman scorned by one and yet passionate and protective of another who she had betrayed unknowingly. This is perhaps Asha Parekh's last starring role and she converges all of her emotions and essence into it portraying a woman living a lie. Rajesh Khanna plays true the man scorned by a love he has never seen and falls again for a maiden whom he isn't likely to get either. The songs alone channel the story through its pathway and the climax well - is not unlike so many other Hindi movies around. Prem Chopra a true Hindi villain and Bindu the budding vamp is just the right touch for any ole Hindi Classic.

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Spend a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea cookies & Kati Patang

18 August 2003

This film is just the excuse for a lazy sunday afternoon. The story though a little old fashioned has been beautifuly presented with the centeral character played by Asha Parekh taking centre stage alongside Rajesh Khanna. The story centres around Asha Parekh who on the day of her wedding betrays her fathers wishes and runs away to her boyfriend only to find out that he has betrayed her and has found another woman. hurt and disillusioned the girl returns home to find her father dead due the shock of his daughters dissapearance. There is only one place left to go... her friends who is widdowed single mother on her way to meet her inlaws. sadly the there is an accident and Asha parek is left to play the role of the little childs mum and takes on the role of her friend. Enter in Rajesh khanna the man whom she would have been married to if she had not run away. This then becomes the beginnig of a beautiful love story between the two. the film features a lovely evergreen classic soundrack, a must watch film...

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A classic hit

Author: alokc from India
14 May 2007

Kati Patang a movie from Shakti Samanta's stable was released when Super Star Rajesh Khanna was at his peak and was churning hits after hits and it appeared that there is going to be no end to his giving hits. This movie written by Gulshan Nanda had excellent music by R D Burman and had top of the charts songs sung by Kishore Kumar - ' Ye jo Mohabbat hai"," Yeh Shaam Mastani" etc. The holi song " Aaj na chodenge" has become a part of the culture of India. These songs are remembered even today. The movie revolved around Super Star Rajesh Khanna's character who is in love with a forced widow Asha Parekh, whom he was supposed to marry but she had run away due to the fact that she was misguided by the playboy and bad man Prem Chopra. The movie revolves around these character until the hero and heroine unite. It is a classic hit and is a must see for viewers as a movie as this movie is evergreen and easily available.

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Great Dialogue by Vrajendra Gaur, Music and Performances in Kati Patang

Author: kismatwaala from India
19 July 2006

Kati Patang is a big hit from the 1970s and its success was purely on merit. Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh teamed for the first time in Kati Patang and the result was some powerful performances and great screen chemistry between the two. After, Aradhana, Shakti opted for Asha Parekh despite his regular Sharmila Tagore. Asha Parekh takes the place of her dead friend and starts living with her in laws -in her friend's identity. She is a widow. Rajesh Khanna falls in love with Asha Parekh and Asha hesitates to reciprocate his love thinking as to what the society will think and say. She is framed for murder by Prem Chopra and Bindu and how Asha with Rajesh Khanna's help comes out of the frame up forms the climax of the story. She eventually marries Rajesh Khanna. Its a lovely film and the film engrosses the viewers for its entire length. The music is superb with all the songs being hits. The highpoint of the film is the dialogs by Vrajendra Gaur. The dialogs are hard hitting, sensitive and heart warming. VRAJENDRA GAUR is no wonder one of the most gifted dialog writers of the Hindi film industry. His sensitivity came through in his dialogs and he penned dialogs for films like Sharmeelee, Lal Paththar, Anuraag, The Great Gambler, Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaye, Geet Gaata Chal, Teen Deviyaan, etc.etc. I became his greatest fan after watching Kati Patang. The contribution of the versatile Gaur is very big in making Kati Patang a classic hit. Very few know that Shakti Samanta was Vrajendra Gaur's assistant in the only film directed by Gaur called "Kasturi". Gaur passed on all the subsequent offers to Shakti and returned to his first love writing. He subsequently wrote most of the films made by Shakti. The dialog penned by Vrajendra Gaur in innumerable films will always be remembered as they make us value the true worth of great dialogs.

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Quite engrossing, and entertaining, though clichéd !

Author: Queen_of_pentacles from India
22 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh as the lead romantic pair , are quite endearing, in this combination of a little romance, mystery, villainy, and cabaret numbers, plus wonderful music, with meaningful lyrics, and this otherwise commercial movie , succeeds in engrossing you in it's plot line. Film's casting with Prem Chopra as a woman chaser, cheating, two timing villain, Bindu as a vamp, and a cabaret dancer, with that famous number, which includes a dialogue, Tumhara Nam kya hain, ya Madhu, and Rajesh and Asha in their hey days, is satisfactory. even Nassir Hussein as the father-in law, in love with his grandson, and compassionate to his widowed daughter-in-law, who is actually an imposter,by the strange twist of destiny, caused by an unfortunate train accident , delivers a sensitive performance . This movie is pleasant on the eyes too, with it's cinematography, and shooting of outside locations of a hill station, covering beautiful lakes, and greenery around the place, where the story takes place. Asha is a good actress, and her performance as a torn young woman, between her love towards Rajesh, and realization of the unfortunate role of a widow that she has to enact, in a prestigious, wealthy family, is really touching. Rajesh , in his usual stylized mannerisms, and some everlasting songs by kishore Kumar for him to enact on the screen, is adorable. Dialogues are well-written, and poignantly delivered . However, if only we overlook the clichéd situation, that Rajesh was the one, to whom Asha was supposed to be getting married, and elopes for the love of Prem Chopra, who is a bad man in the story, as well as the train accident, The father-in -law, who hasn't seen the girl to whom his son was married before, and Asha entrapped in a situation, to abide by the oath that she would take care of that orphaned baby etc. and finally, the truth dawning on her, that it's Rajesh, whom she had wronged unwittingly, but loves him now deeply, the movie is a passé. This movie made a fairly good business at the box, and most of the songs are still fresh in the people's memory. it also indicates to the problem of young girls eloping from their homes, and landing in trouble eventually. The idea of widow remarriage wasn't acceptable even then, as one can observe from the attitudes of the older generation shown in this movie. Worth watching at least once !

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Paging William Irish!

Author: 12-string from United States
24 October 2003

Entertaining Hindi romance is really an unauthorized remake of Cornell Woolrich's noir novel "I Married a Dead Man." No matter; it's a good story and works well here, with fine perfs by Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh in the leads. A little longer than it should be, but it doesn't drag, and the situation is a hook even though contrived. Then again, it was pretty contrived when Woolrich wrote it. This version avoids the depths of cosmic bleakness in Woolrich's vision and makes for a satisfying entertainer. On the IMDb scale, 7/10 from me.

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A woman cannot forget her first love is a total myth!

Author: Aparna Gangopadhyay from India
23 June 2015

A female is deeply in love with a male. Female role played by Asha Parekh and male role – the role of first lover – Prem Chopra.

Prem is actually in love with sexy siren Bindu (had Bindu taken birth in the 1990's – she would have been the most sought after heroine in the Bollywood film industry – Sunny Leone could not have made even an entry!). But Prem was a good actor – so he duped Asha by his lovey-dovey talks and Asha was deeply-2 in love with Prem. So you also know folks…when a villainous male is in love and has managed to dupe a female to the extent that she readily runs away from home on her wedding day…..also means that she probably had 'done that' – yea – I am talking about the process of copulation ..fornication – whatever you may call!!

Anyway, Prem throws her out and now Asha had nowhere to go – she could obviously not go back home – her groom got the shock of his life (Rajesh Khanna) – when he came all ready to take home a pretty bride but had to go back empty handed!

She boards a train and heads for an unknown destination…train meets with an accident (look at her life…gosh! what an adventurous turning point) – her friend dies along with her husband leaving her child behind. Asha pretends to be that friend of hers and reaches her in-laws house (apparently the in-laws had never seen their daughter-in-law…like they had thrown out their son because he had married against their wishes…but child birth sort of changed their opinion about them – no no – no cell phone of Facebook at that time folks – that images were easily available).

Long story short – Asha meets Rajesh Khanna – OK – Rajesh had not seen her picture – like in the US, you have blind dates…in India, we have blind marriages! He had just gone to the house – mounted on a horse – only to know that the bride had run away – so he went back home – never bothered to look at her picture also!) Call it decree of fate – Rajesh gets drawn to the widow (Asha was pretending to be a widow remember)- and eventually they get married! Wow! Happy ending!

Conclusion – Bollywood tried to make the Indian females understand that they may sleep around with just anyone who catches their fancy – coz. eventually, they will get married to the Hero! The daft category of females are still trying the funda out…and causing misery to themselves as well as the society!!

So a woman can forget her 1st love after all - see Asha did forget all about Prem Chopra chill!! (esp. for the dumb girls who cling to a single love affair all their life and live is sheer misery!)

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Fresh love story

Author: sanjayppc
16 December 2014

Kati Patang has everything going for it - a beautiful lead pair, neat script, lively screenplay, lovely dialogues, breathtaking locales, pleasing photography, melodious music & efficient direction.

The film tackles the issue of widow remarriage, albeit not so deeply. It is a heroine centric film with Asha Parekh doing full justice to the character, her expressive eyes being a big plus point. She pairs up well with Kaka, though she looks slightly older than him.

The supporting cast of Nasser Hussein, Bindhu & Prem Chopra play their parts well.

Rajesh Khanna once again walks away with the honours even though the focus is on the heroine. He is at his dashing, handsomest best & does full justice to his character.

The songs by R.D Burman are melodious & evergreen - pyar deewana hota hai, yeh sham mastaani etc., The film was liked by people of all ages & was a smasher at the box office.

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