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The Party at Kitty and Stud's
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Index 15 reviews in total 

41 out of 53 people found the following review useful:

Quite a skeleton in Sly's closet

Author: Casey-52 from DVD Drive-In
15 August 2000

ITALIAN STALLION, the video title, is one of the strangest adult films I've ever seen. I don't know if the version I saw was cut (the box said "Hard R Cable Version"), but overall, pretty unerotic.

Sylvester Stallone (the only real reason why anyone would watch this) turns in a pre-fame role as Stud, an Italian muscleman who has sex with his girlfriend Kitty and has a party at his house where lesbianism, anal sex, and orgies abound. Sly is looking pretty good here, better than he would in later years, and anyone looking for him in full nudity should be pleased here. Otherwise, there isn't much else to recommend. The only other male cast member is an unattractive no-name and none of the women are particularly memorable. There's a black stripper, a lesbian scene (overlong and boring), the 2nd man and his girlfriend have anal sex, and finally, the orgy that lasts FOREVER! This orgy scene only picks up when the camera is on Sly; otherwise, is not very erotic. Other unbelievable scenes: Sly flexes his muscles in a mirror while watching a lesbian scene, a woman flashes Sly in the park, Sly rapes Kitty after she slaps him, and the film ends with Sly slapping Kitty.

Under 60 minutes long, very cheaply done, and not very stimulating outside of Sly's scenes, ITALIAN STALLION is only recommended for those seeking out celebrity porn and no one else.

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30 out of 40 people found the following review useful:

Burn the negative!!!

Author: ( from Hartford
29 May 2002

All right, this is an historical curiosity because it's Sylvester Stallone's first film. Aside from that, it's a Z-grade porn film celebrating misogyny, drug abuse and, of course, promiscuity. If one had to categorize the "plot", it's a character study of Kitty and Stud's relationship to each other. The director tries to elevate the film to art-house level by inserting overlong montages of Stallone's treks through Manhattan and flashes of a very warm-blooded woman wearing boots, a fur coat and a smile in a snow-covered city park. We watched most of the film on scan...and yes, there are multiple shots of Stallone's genitalia, which have proven to be the only lasting allure this film can boast.

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34 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

Stallone is hot!

Author: roses888
7 April 2005

SPOILERS... A very young Sylvester Stallone is looking really fantastic here. You can really see his charm coming out during this film. His body is in very good shape,not at all "over done" like in his later years. He and the female lead in this film "Kitty" seem to really like each other.I noticed in some of the scenes, you see her catching glimpses of him when she does not think the camera is on her. You will notice they "crack up" by mistake during some of the ridiculous phrases.They seem to have a natural "chemistry".Perhaps they were a real couple at the time? This movie was filmed in the winter with Stallone running & tripping in the snow during the opening scenes, he also does some pre "Rocky" moves on a jungle gym. Some of the dialogue is either cut out or dubbed with other words added. Kitty "thinks out loud" and says some really bad quotes. Most of the scenes are pretty ridiculous: Stallone punches his hand through a window and Kitty licks off the "blood", he beats her with a belt while she moans, all the characters talking in a tiny bathroom,(what is the purpose?),Stallone flexing his muscles in a mirror while the "Rocky Theme" plays in the background,at the end is a hippie orgy party. Dancing around naked to late sixties music is big in this film, along with smoking & getting high. You can tell a lot of the scenes were just cut off. A lot of unnecessary, naked, dancing of the women is thrown in, perhaps to replace all the deleted scenes. There are no real graphic sex scenes, just a whole lot of rolling around, which at times is hard to follow. The editing is horrible in this movie. I would say this film is interesting & entertaining if you like Stallone, and if you want to peak your curiosity.

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29 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

Mmmmm, interesting.

Author: Dawn Craven (mcys09086) from Bingley, West Yorkshire, England.
26 December 2002

As a big Stallone fan, I recently bought this movie on video to add to my collection of his movies, and also of course to see what the movie was like - and Sly in the nude. :o) I certainly enjoyed watching Sly get it on, but that is of course because I fancy him. For anybody else or for somebody who doesn't fancy Sly, this movie isn't exactly great. I doubt very much that Sly would star in a porn movie ever again, which is a big shame! :o( If he starred in one nowadays I'm sure it would be 10 times better. If you're new to Stallone and his acting, I recommend Rocky as THE Sly film to watch. If you're just wanting to watch plenty of "decent porn" (as someone who doesn't fancy Sly as I've already mentioned) then do not rent out or buy this! I'm no porn movie expert, I only bought this for reasons explained above, but I'm sure there are plenty of saucier "blueys" out there for you.. Yes, you do get to see ALL of Sly. I just thought I'd mention that. :o) Also, fast forward the annoying girl at the beginning of the movie who rambles on about how this is Sly's first movie and how it may contain explicit scenes bla..bla..bla.. ENJOY! X X X

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8 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

it would be unendurable, even as a porno, if not for the big laughs to be had

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
1 July 2009

Definition of a Z-grade porno in America; if Porno Holocaust didn't do it for you, then neither will this. Yes, Sylvester Stallone is in it, that's really the only reason any of us have seen it save for the few true-blue perverts who just snuck in the theater in the raincoats and fake glasses and noses. It even got retitled to capitalize on Stallone's fame in the late 70s, ironic since they had to cut out a lot of the "graphic sex". Even more pointless when seeing the film unedited - there is a lot of nudity and "fake" sex. And it is so fake, good un-Godly almighty, that it makes late night Cinemax like Hotel Erotica look like the damn Bard! Wow is this some bad sex on film - one can tell the director just said "alright then, just uh, roll around, smoke some weed, camera will roll, I got to go do number two in the bathroom, it'll be a while."

And, sure, there are some moments of hilarity, and not always just because of Stallone's non-half-assed acting... such as at different times his "method" includes a training montage at the kid's playground, getting into a sexual frenzy after his girlfriend Kitty bites his you-know-what and, yes, she gets aroused by him *whipping her with a belt, or Stud's random moments of pre-Rambo "AAH!" anger that at one point gives him a bloody hand which Kitty licks of greedily like a vampire with down syndrome (note, this is not offense to down syndrome sufferers, only vampires). No, what makes Italian Stallion such an ultimate waste of time is that for all of its glorious pockets of celluloid that provide for the right and drunken viewer-ship some of the most potent MST3K possibilities around, there's so much tedium of relentless writhing around naked and dancing for FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT to super-bad 70s music.

It gets by as a horrendous guilty pleasure for about 60% of the time. The rest of it is so bad a porno that it may be justified that it's been off the market until recently. No matter what the temptation out of curiosity, or the minuscule rewards, some shards from the time capsule of a career like Stallone's should stay put in its (however shallow) grave; in extremely small doses its some fun, and all at one it's like getting the brown acid at Woodstock.

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19 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

Adds to Stallone's legend as a stud

Author: janlea-2
18 October 2001

This film became a part of his legend once "Rocky" made Stallone famous. It was talked about and became mythical in proportion. It may be low-grade filmmaking, but who cares? The point is that most don't bother to see it, they don't have to. Just knowing it exists gives fans something to chew that fat about and makes him all the more of a classic folklore figure of Americana.

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8 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

An excellent film, showcasing Stallone's true acting talent.

Author: arvig from People's Republic of Arvigtina
13 September 2010

I know people might try to debate that the first "Rocky" or perhaps even the first "Rambo/First Blood" film shows off Stallone's acting talents much better then this small independent film made at the start of his career. But for me, this shows off Stallone's true acting talent, true skills. The subtle nuances he gives the character of "Stud" truly make the film come alive. The fact that his first film was a romantic comedy with some slight erotic undertones (although perhaps not as erotic as let's say "Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot") shows what might have been if Stallone hadn't picked a direction like drama with Rocky, and action films with the Rambo films. Believe me, although I suppose both make good "popcorn" movies, his acting pales in comparison to the work in this film. Rent this, buy this, borrow this, or do whatever else you must do to see this. You'll regret not seeing this film on your deathbed if you don't, it is that good. The only minus? There's some odd sex scenes that seem to have very little to do with the plot or character development, but this was the freewheeling 70's too, and I'm sure they were put in to heighten the erotic aspects of this film. (Again, I find "Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot" a bit more erotic, though).

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

"Soon... everyone will know who you are."

Author: The_Movie_Cat from England
7 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's odd that any overview of Stallone's questionable movie career must always start with this, an insufferably tedious soft porn movie made when he was broke. Homeless and working for $200, the rights to this one were last seen on Ebay in November 2010, where it was sold for £270,000.

The links to Rocky are quite astonishing, not least that it was retitled "The Italian Stallion" to cash in on that film's success. But there's even a bit where Stallone does a run up and arms stretched moment, not to mention an instrumental track around 11m in that alludes so strongly to the Rocky theme I feel certain it must have been added in post- production some years later. Certainly Kitty's voice, which appears (badly) dubbed, does appear to have been recorded at least six years after the film was originally made, with lines like the title quote and the follow up thought "some day he'll be known as the Italian Stallion."

Just about to enter his mid-twenties when this was shot, Stallone isn't as stacked as he would later become, looking like a normal guy who lifts a few weights rather than the "coffee table" that Ruby Wax once described him as. The pacing is almost impossibly slow... nearly seven minutes can go by as "Kitty" gets everything ready for Stud to come home.

Rumours abound that this was a hard core film with the offending bits edited out, but this would seem to defy logic. Not only would removing such elements defy the film's release as an attempted financial concern, but the film clearly isn't that kind of movie. Okay, I could be wrong, but the facile depictions of love making and the half-hearted attempts at being an art movie would seem to bely the idea that shots of penetration were once in this film. It's an utterly sexless sex film, where the flaccid members of the male cast and heavily simulated bouts of love making would in no way indicate there was a darker underside. I've seen some of the alleged clips, and am not convinced that Stallone disinterestedly pretending to be making love without physical contact could suddenly transform into ejaculation shots where his face isn't on camera.

The most controversial element that IS in the film is a scene where Stallone hits Kitty around the head and beats her with a belt, something which turns Kitty on. This raises complex questions about misogyny and violence against women, though also raises the point that there ARE some mixed up women in the world like this, sadly, and also the honest truth that the scenes are amusing in how fake and badly orchestrated they are, no matter what the proposed content. I've seen some comments that suggest that he rapes Kitty here, but it's clear that it's a twisted S & M game that she's a willing part of.

The narration throughout is irritating and a distraction, the music laughably dated, but fun because of it. A group orgy ensues, which may or may not be all in "Stud's" mind. Fans of 60s TV cult "The Prisoner" may get off on seeing a naked ring-a-roses dance, which concludes with the instrumental track used in the final episode, known as "September Ballad".

Ultimately if you're watching this as a Stallone fan, wondering why his face went from gaunt in 1970 to looking like it was about to give birth in laughable dumbfest The Expendables (5/10), then it's worth a view. But unless you're such a Stallone completist, give it a miss.

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17 out of 31 people found the following review useful:

A better comedy than "Stop! Or my mom will shoot!!!"

Author: Daywalker from Germany
23 August 2001

This film was featured in the midnight program of German cable many years ago and all I can remember that every soap advertising is more stimulating than this poor porn flick. "The Party at Kitty and Stud´s" was shot in the 70s and the whole cast looks like a total hippie-crowd! You should only watch this movie if you want to know how long Sly´s dick is or to see him having sex with unattractive women. Otherwise this film is a real rarity today, one of the sins of one´s youth the celebrities are ashamed of today. Really seldom to see, so it´s worth ONE look because of its unconscious humor and the most untypical role Stallone has ever played!!!

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:


Author: songofkalima from United States
21 May 2013

I heard this was a 'porn' starring Sly Stallone. This stuff is certainly not X-rated, it could probably pass with an R today. No real plot, lots of nudity, but this definitely isn't porn. It's just a bunch of naked bodies rolling around in bed, on the floor, getting high, some spanking, some dancing, all set to a very cheezy disco soundtrack. I cannot even believe how awfully terrible, ridiculous and cheap this movie is. No reason to watch it, unless you just want to see Sly nude and limp. Reportedly, the director tried to blackmail Stallone with this movie for $100,000, and Sly said he wouldn't give them $2. He was right, because it would have been so not worth it, as this film is one of the most uninteresting films ever made.

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