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  • House Of Dark Shadows, based on the very popular TV Gothic soap opera, follows the life (or is that AFTERlife) of Barnabas Collins. Recently unleashed from his coffin by local drunk, Willie Loomis, the vampire (Barnabas) goes on a killing spree, while at the same time charming his present day family members. In the process he meets local girl Maggie Evans and notices that she looks exactly like his deceased fiance Josette. Barnabas assumes that she is the reincarnation of Josette, and plans to make him his unholy bride for eternity.

    - Written by Nate Gardner <kzegersfan@sugar-river.net>
  • Barnabas Collins is unleashed from his long captivity by greedy Willie Loomis who had hoped to find the missing Collins family jewels, but instead found the family's darkest secret. Soon, women are being attacked and suffering blood loss. Meanwhile, the Collins family welcomes their newly discovered "cousin from England", not suspecting his terrible secret--he's a vampire. Dr. Julia Hoffman, a blood specialist, learns the truth and offers Barnabas Collins the chance of a cure for his affliction. But as Barnabas begins a relationship with Collinwood governess Maggie Evans, seeking in her his lost love Josette du Prés, complications arise and the stage is set for betrayal and death.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Vampire Barnabas Collins is released from his prison and searches for a cure to his affliction, so he can marry the incarnation of his lost love.

    - Written by Anonymous


At Collinwood Estate, a gothic mansion on a hill overlooking the small costal Maine town of Collingsport...

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