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Plot Summary

  • The brilliant but misunderstood scientist Frankenstein builds a man made up of a collection of spare body parts. The monster becomes alive but he has mental capabilities much below par. The monster is aggressive and wreaks havoc outside the laboratory.

    - Written by Mattias Thuresson
  • Academically gifted but arrogant and amoral, Victor Frankenstein will stop at nothing, not even patricide, to achieve his goal of recreating human life. When his handiwork turns out to have homicidal tendencies he is happy to use this to his own ends rather than realize he has gone too far.

    - Written by Jeremy Perkins {J-26}
  • Scientist Victor Frankenstein builds a man from spare body parts; the monster comes alive and wreaks havoc.


In his school class, Victor Frankenstein (Ralph Bates) demonstrates an outstanding aptitude for maths and an interest in anatomy...

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