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A young boy (Richard White) lives with his mother (Virginia Maitland) and his father (Robert Chadwick). Both of the boy's parents don't like him and taunt him aggressively. The father in particular is not impressed in the boy's life because his son still wets his bed.

One day, the boy has an idea to bring some stability and comfort into his life, he will get a grandmother by planting a seed on his bed, making sure there is adequate soil for her to grow. He tends the growing plant lovingly on a regular basis as it becomes a fully fledged grandmother pod. Finally it hatches and the boy helps his new grandmother (Dorothy McGuinnis) out of her pod and sits her down.

The boy and his grandmother have a wonderful time. When tired, he coils contentedly in her arms. His parents still treat him cruelly, but that can be easily forgotten. However, all good things must come to an end.

Grandmother becomes very ill and the boy is forced to go to his parents for help. But they laugh at him and his attempts to drag them upstairs to help grandmother are futile. The boy rushes upstairs to try to help grandmother on his own, but only to see that she is finally dead.


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