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Le Monde Fantastique de Jean Rollin
andrabem27 May 2007
"Les Frissons des Vampires" can't be considered, in the strict sense, a horror film, because there are no suspense and/or scares waiting for the viewer. What the film has to offer is atmosphere, plenty of atmosphere. The plot is thin: a couple arrives in a castle, in order to pay the fiancée's two cousins, a visit (they were once brave vampire hunters, but one night they fell in battle, and became afterwards enthusiastic vampires). These cousins, together with their team (two beautiful servant maids and a solemn vampire girl that emerges out of the most unexpected places), prowl around the innocent guests. This stuff could lead to a really suspenseful film, but I guess that was not Jean Rollin's intention.

The lighting effects create beautiful night colors. Every new night, bathed in a different color - the castle - a visual leitmotif. The conversations are frequently literary (especially the two philosopher vampire cousins) and a self-parody - not to be taken seriously. Delicate camera movements, strange angle shots, various colored lights flooding landscape, castle and graveyard.... the idyllic prog rock of Acanthus..... the fog grows and spreads in wonderland.

We should relearn to watch films. "Les Frissons des Vampires" is slow-paced - maybe if you just relax and don't hang too much on the story, you may experience the film - enjoy its gorgeous colors effects, its poetic-humoristic dialogues (spoken in French, a very sweet language) and its bizarre atmosphere.

Welcome to the fantasy world of Jean Rollin. Give free reins to your senses and imagination. Dive in.
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Nothing in cinema like it.
alice liddell7 June 2000
Unforgettable Rollin extravaganza, daring to go for effects other directors would dismiss as cheesy, and pulling them off. On one level, it seems pure exploitation, with its somnolent virgins and lesbian vampires; but it is the prospective male viewer that the film targets - his representative on screen is reduced to an impotent observer, finally breaking down into helpless madness. Rollin's style is as delirious as ever, fantastic French Gothic sets, seeping red filter, dreamlike pace, bewilderingly inventive soundtrack, resonant set-pieces and unmissably pretentious dialogue. It's easier to follow than THE RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE.
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French hippie horror art film
Eegah Guy29 March 2001
Jean Rollin's early films are an acquired taste with their accent on mood and atmosphere over linear plot structure. This film is the best of his early output, right up there with LES RAISINS DE LA MORT. It's got a prog-rock music score, long-haired hippie vampires, old cemeteries and castles lit in bright shades of red, blue and green. Rollin's first feature was like a pretentious student film. His second feature added a little science fiction to the vampire mythos. But it's here that all the ingredients came together in just the right way. I still find myself falling asleep during the nonsensical dialog scenes or long takes but am always riveted back to the screen by the next striking scene to come.
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Perhaps it's a matter of personal taste...
roganmarshall29 January 2001
Perhaps it's a matter of personal taste, or the lack thereof; I love Jean Rollin movies, and this Rollin film in particular I've seen several times. Of all the European erotic horror of the sixties and seventies, Rollin's movies most effectively maintain a certain morbid psychedelic vibe, a genuinely Gothic atmosphere, which most of his peers' work only captures fitfully, at best. "Shiver of the Vampires" was the movie that firmly established my fondness for this entire genre; and if it sounds interesting to you, do yourself a favor and seek it out, especially the Redemption DVD, which is gorgeously mastered from (according to the liner notes) the director's own print.
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Very atmospheric
SlimeyPete5 October 1999
This is one of those films that is entirely plotless, but it doesn't matter. There's bucketfulls of atmosphere and the acting is pretty good. The directing is excellent. It's got one hell of a lot of nude women in, but they're presented in an arty sort of way rather than simple pornography. I reckon it must have had a budget of about 20 francs, though, but this gives it a kind of loveable quality.
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Lesbian Vampires!!! gRooVy!!!
blzbozo10 November 2006
I actually got this movie as a mistake. I ordered something completely different from Amazon and the 3rd party sent me "Labios De Sangre" which was a Spanish dubbed version of "Le Frisson Des Vampires". How they got them confused is beyond me. Well since I already got a refund and I read some of the reviews about the seller sending wrong tapes, I figured I'd watch it. I love the music and the cinematography. I threw it in when I was going to bed so I did fall asleep but I was very interested. So I watched it again the next day. Since there's a lot of visuals and not really a whole lot of dialogue(mine being in Spanish) I didn't mind... I ignored it and followed the story visually. It was easy to figure out that they were Lesbian Vampires and the must en-trance the victim into getting naked and then dramatically chomping down on her neck as they immediately go limp and fall down with their legs together(dammit!)Nice! Trippy, Groovy Music. Subservient naked chicks...... it's Awesome.
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classic of the surreal vampire genre
nodiro2 May 2017
A wonderful, weird, vampire movie about temptation and confusion. I am very much a fan of 1970s European vampire movies and Jean Rollin was the best of them. And Shiver is one of my favorites. It has very weird dialogue and the plot is very confusing, which is why it is great! If you are looking for the best of this genre, this is one of the films to watch.
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Strange and heady psychedelic vampire horror oddity from the ever-interesting Jean Rollin
Woodyanders20 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Isa (a charming performance by the fetching Sandra Julien) and her husband Antoine (a likable portrayal by Jean-Marie Durand) are a recently married honeymooning couple who stop for the night at a moldy old castle. The couple discover that the castle is the home of a horde of vampires who have very special plans for Isa. Director Jean Rollin, who also co-wrote the offbeat script with Monique Natan, relates the cheerfully outré story at a hypnotically gradual pace, does his usual ace job of creating and sustaining a dreamy'n'trippy oddball atmosphere, smartly explores an intriguing theme about destiny, and makes the most out of the rundown castle and adjacent spooky cemetery locations. Moreover, Rollins not only further spices things up with a generous sprinkling of sizzling lesbianism and yummy female nudity, but also gives the picture an extra delightful lift with an amusing sense of playful humor and a few startling moments of inspired surrealism (for example, the vampiress who pops up inside of a grandfather clock). The game cast have a ball with the idiosyncratic material: Jacques Robiolles and Michael Delahaye contribute engaging work as a pair of cordial and jolly vampires, cute brunette Kuelan Herce and adorable blonde Marie-Pierre Castel are very sexy and appealing as loyal maids who work for said vampires, and Nicole Nancell cuts a marvelously wicked figure as calculating man-hating bloodsucker bitch Isabelle. Jean-Jacques Renon's striking cinematography makes impressive use of bold and vibrant color. The funky-throbbing score by the prog-rock group Acanthus hits the get-down groovy spot. A real weirded-out blast of an entertaining avant-garde item.
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An oddity
moondog-143 October 1999
Absolutely true to say that it has no story but the combination of pretty nude vampires and photography, coupled with the muddled story give it a certain charm. Watch out for the purple eyed vampiress who emerges from a clock then from a chimney. See her kill her victim with a pair of pointed breasts.

Also look out for the two old male vampires who wear crushed velvet loon pants. I especially liked the end where the vampires dies with cheesy special effects and our demented hero is firing his gun into the air as he runs along the beach.
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One of the Better Jean Rollin Flicks
gavin694218 October 2011
A young honeymooning couple stop for the night at an ancient castle. Unbeknownst to them, the castle is home to a horde of vampires, who have their own plans for the couple.

This is the sixth Jean Rollin film I have seen in the past week, and the fifth one to feature nude vampire women. Not sure what is up with Rollin: he needs nude women, vampires, castles and a sea side with a fence (or dilapidated pier) in all his films...

I think this one was probably the best of those I have seen. The rocking music, the actual attempt to have a back story for the vampires... it was like he decided that a plot would be nice, besides just the sex and stripped women. Good call, Jean.
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Imaginative if cheesy soft porn/horror
rossaw2 March 2002
The interesting characters in this are a couple of guys who used to be vampire hunters but, after an "accident" (they got bit) have become unabashedly undead, and never had more fun. They dress somewhere between hippies and 18th century fops, and at one point lecture the protagonist on their "researches" which purport to explain the origins of devil worship in Europe in relation to the Catholic Church. It's all tongue in cheek. One the two guys smokes a pipe, and presumably it's not for tobacco.

There's elaborate sets and amusing action for something so low-budget. In the heroine's room there's a Dali-esque chair with a monstrous man-like thing behind it. In place of its stomach is a fish bowl with fish and a skull inside, and a closeup of the skull shows reflections of the burning fireplace in its eyes. The clock strikes midnight and a skinny lesbian vampire slinks out of the bottom part and starts putting her hands on the buxom heroine, who doesn't object. Not bad, eh?

The music is good and actually enhances the action. Plenty of T&A, with slow pans over naked babes, a pair of deadly Madonna-like tit-spikes, and other good stuff. You can probably watch this while you balance your checkbook, but if you like cheesy low-budget horror there's plenty worse.
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A slight frisson
Glen McCulla23 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A newly-wed couple unwisely decide to spend their honeymoon in an old castle, wherein the frigid and not at all up-for-it bride discovers the joys of Sapphic undead love thanks to the lovely Isolde, a slightly malnourished vampiress who lives in a grandfather clock. Also participating in this feast of Gallic ghoulishness are a pair of pretentious philosophising vampire brothers, one of whom is for unstated reasons best known to himself attending this particular Halloween party dressed as Austin Powers.

Not a lot else happens, to be honest, but there is much enjoyment to be had here: a gorgeous shot of a slain dove, its crimson blood spattering a coffin; the fey vampires' beautiful maids, scantily clad in diaphanous cloaks and not a lot else; interesting set dressings like a skellington fishtank; and a pounding bass-heavy jazzy score. The random ending, which finds the cuckolded and jilted for a corpse bridegroom firing his weapon uselessly into the air, could possibly have meaning read into it by those with a media studies degree and the inclination to use it, but personally i'm just in it for the sexy vampire chicks. And if you are of a like-minded persuasion, you can't go wrong with Rollin.
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Charlies to die for.
Ben Larson22 May 2011
If you are a fan of the "Twilight" series of supposed vampire films, you will want to stay away from this. Or, maybe you will want to see what a real vampire film is all about.

This is good work from Jean Rollin. It is a mixture of horror and art with some great surrealism thrown in. The long haired hippies add a nice contract to the Gothic settings. It may be Gothic, but it is painted with rich color and the rock music really applies.

It is non linear, which tends to upset some folks, ad it doesn't make sense inn some parts, but the link between vampirism and sex is well defined.

People pop out of the strangest places, and there is enough nudity to satisfy the most jaded.

You do have to feel for poor Antoine (Jean-Marie Durand). After all, he just gets married to Isa (Sandra Julien) and along comes a hot vampiress to steal her away.
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Surprisingly good erotic vampire film
slayrrr66613 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"The Shiver of the Vampires" is one of the better erotic vampire films around.


On their honeymoon, Isle, (Sandra Julien) and Antoine, (Jean-Marie Durand) decide to stop off at her cousin's castle for a while. Finding that both her cousins, (Michael Delahaye) and (Jacques Robiolles) have both passed on, and soon afterward, she comes down with a strange illness that forces her into bed. That night, wandering around the castle, he witnesses two men who resemble her cousins alive and performing a black magic ritual with a strange women, Isolde, (Dominique) who later appears to Isle and attempts to seduce her. When he realizes that all of the inhabitants of the castle are a coven of vampires who want to initiate her into their group, he races to stop them before it's too late.

The Good News: This is far better than it should've been. The film's impressive and continuous Gothic atmosphere is it's greatest asset. With the action mostly concerned with a large castle, filled with stone and rock, cobweb-laced furniture and all sorts of Gothic-influenced surroundings, including winding staircases, giant candles illuminating the proceedings, large, cluttered rooms, coffins in the middle of a ruined abbey, flowing dresses and much more to give off a real eerie feel to the setting. Taken place in a fog-covered graveyard doesn't hurt either, and the sequences inside, including the initial ceremony, some random dialog sequences, and a naked unconscious woman draped over a cemetery vault just a few examples of this. It has its occasional moments of surreal glory as well, including a vampire that sleeps inside a grandfather clock and giant ornate chimney places, only rises at midnight to the accompanying image of a female victim draped willingly around the clock waiting for her to awaken, the image of a female vampire wearing giant spiked black nipple caps to kill a troublesome woman, skulls in a goldfish bowl and the like. These surrealist images are seemingly inserted less with logical purpose in mind and more for the visual image they provide. They are wonderfully inserted and make the film that much more entertaining. The plot isn't that bad, and actually is pretty understandable. It's not exactly linear, but it's not that difficult to get an understanding of the film's motivations and intentions. The vampire plot is strong and well-defined, allowing for most of the best scenes to come from their appearance. Most of the rest of the time the film seems assembled in order to display as many women in a state of undress as possible. There are a large number of scantily-clad women in see-through gowns, a near-continuous stream of stripping for unnecessary events, a naked lesbian couple caressing on a fur blanket, a couple of seduction and sexual scenes and more, and is nicely integrated with the film artistically rather than being there for the sleaze appeal and it's a nicely different touch. There's also a really great pace on display, as something is always happening even if they don't make sense. It's a really great, underrated film.

The Bad News: There isn't a whole lot wrong here. One of the main problems is that the film really fails to make the most of the connections drawn between vampirism and sex. Despite the great pain taken to set up the allure cast over the wife: she is mesmerized by the female vampire, nothing much occurs of the plot-line until she is led to a cemetery and the vampire bites her neck, the wife instantly collapses. The act of vampirism is reduced to a nano-second event with no eroticism other than the naked bodies on display. For a film containing vampires, that is a surprisingly small amount devoted to it's official status. The dream-like atmosphere maybe a source of frustration to some, as it's quite hard to get into and results in it being an acquired taste, but beyond these, the film isn't that bad at all.

The Final Verdict: With abundant Gothic overtones, impressive scenery, lesbianism and only minor flaws, this is one of the better erotic vampires films around. This is certainly required viewing for anyone interested in the genre or a fan of the European Vampire films, and is a nice starting point for the uninitiated as well.

Rated UR/R: Full Nudity, Violence, several sex scenes and Mild Language
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A couple of striking images can't dilute the fact that this is like watching a tacky porno film with all the juicy bits cut out.
Wilbur-1022 April 2003
Dreamy European vampire art-film with a modern-day setting, but all the trappings of a more traditional period horror. Throw in a psychedelic pop score and various hippy motifs and the result is an awkward hybrid of themes and ideas.

'Le Frissons des Vampires' is basically a slow series of impressive images set to music, with limited dialogue and a disjointed narrative. The characters and performances are wooden but functional, although this is probably a deliberate method of enhancing the surreal aspects more. The allusions to vampire eroticism, with semi-clad females and implied lesbianism, are not unwelcome but the results are singularly uninteresting with little to excite the viewer.

The storyline - pair of newlyweds stop off at a Castle inhabited by vampires - meanders dreamily (drearily) along, with no points of interest to break up the monotony. Despite some individual images which are stunning - the female vampire emerging from the grandfather clock - it's difficult to find much to recommend here. I'm not sure how much of the film's strength was lost to the poor dubbing, but even so I can't help feeling that 'Lust for a Vampire' (1971), despite its lack of artistic merit is better entertainment.

For all its striking visuals, Rollin's film falls down on too many basic levels and as naked lesbian vampire films go, it's simply dull to watch.
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The Shiver of the Vampires
Michael_Elliott14 October 2011
Shiver of the Vampires, The (1971)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Jean Rollin's third vampire film follows a honeymooning couple, Isa (Sandra Julien) and Antoine (Jean-Marie Durand), as they travel to the castle of her cousins. Once they arrive they only find a couple female servants and they are told that the cousins died the night before. It doesn't take long for strange things to start happening including the so-called dead cousins coming back. Following THE RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE and THE NUDE VAMPIRE, I think most people would agree that this is the film where director Rollin started to show what good things he was working up to. This film here is certainly far from a good movie but there are several interesting aspects that make it worth viewing and there many elements that you can see the director working with and he would eventually perfect these in upcoming films. The most impressive thing here is the style in the film. One certainly isn't going to mistake the style of Rollin with someone like Mario Bava or Dario Argento but what's so unique is that this French director was able to do something rather original and all his own. What's so impressive about Rollin's style is that it almost seems so lifeless but when you consider that he's dealing with the undead, this perfectly fits the films. Just look at the way he shoots all the stuff with the living. The majority of the interior shots all look as if they were filmed on faded film stock as the walls seem as if they were bleached and the skin tones are also very light. Compare these to the scenes when the dead are ruling things and you'll see Rollin using beautiful, haunting colors and there's some terrific stuff in the cemetery with some vivid reds that really jump out. Of course, this being a Rollin picture, the nudity levels were starting to rise at this point, which I'm sure is going to sit very well with the male viewers. Not only is Julien extremely beautiful but she gives a pretty good performance as well. Marie-Pierre Castel and Kuelan Herce play the seductive maids and, as you'd expect, they're certainly easy on the eyes but they too offer up fine performances. The nudity here on full display from start to finish and the director also manages to make quite a bit of it very erotic. The one major flaw with the picture is that it runs 96-minutes and it almost feels as long as Abel Gance's NAPOLEON. The pacing of the picture is a very big flaw because it moves so slow that there will be times where you think the thing is almost over and then you realize that you've only been watching for a matter of minutes. You'll then feel as if it's almost over, check the time and then realize it's only been a few minutes since you last checked. The pacing issues aside, overall this is a rather impressive mix of horror and eroticism that fans of Rollin will certainly want to check out.
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Dreamlike and beautiful ...
Nigel P11 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Of all the few Rollin films I have seen (and I intend to see more), Le Frisson des Vampires/Shiver of the Vampire (his third) might be my favourite. The plot is still thin and difficult to follow in places – but that is deliberate. Rollin seems instead to concentrate on imagery, atmosphere and mood. Shiver contains all these things. Equally typical, there is plenty of casual nudity which rarely actually comes across in an erotic way, rather as a perfunctory element of the whole, delirious dreams-cape.

As one of the two serving girls, once again, is Marie Pierre Castel. Marie featured in a number of Rollin films, sometimes alongside her sister Catherine. Both girls are striking to look at, quite ethereal in fact, and here Marie is her usual rarely-speaking, somnambulistic subordinate who for once, appears to have a happy ending. Marie's final Rollin role was in La Fiancée de Dracula/The Fiancée of Dracula (2002). Though not often required to do a great deal other than look alien, the Castels are mesmerizing performers.

Here, the locations are truly stunning and deathly creepy. Huge castles and lush forestry, together with a freezing beach – another Rollin staple – often belie the sometimes stilted acting, especially from the two hippy/vampires.

This film is afforded an actual ending, which doesn't always happen. Often in the Rollin films I have seen, they end very suddenly, possibly as a result of his lack of budget or time constraints. Not so here. There is a very final moment – which nevertheless invites the viewer to check out more of his work. Certainly, this is one of his most accessible, although no kind of compromise to 'normal' film-making in any way.
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Stay away unless you are a die-hard fan.
lbworshiper24 May 2003
Ultra low-budget outing from French sex director Rollin has even less plot and an even deadlier pace than his previous films, LE VIOL DU VAMPIRE (1967) and LA VAMPIRE NUE (1969). A newly-wed couple travel to a castle to meet the bride's cousins. It turns out they are vampires with a harem of bloodsuckers. Cheesy, pretentious with lots of nudity and almost no violence at all. Psychedelic rock score is ultra-bad. What you get is an attempt at creating atmosphere (fog, colorful lighting) and Rollin's trademark before-sunrise coast-finale. Stay away unless you are a die-hard fan.
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I just don't get it...
johnslegers16 July 2009
Because I've always been a fan of vampire stories and I like to experiment with different genres, I bought three Jean Rollin films. Even though this is - in my opinion - the best out of the three, I really don't get their appeal.

For an erotic/porn film, the nudity is too scarce and tame. For a horror/scare film, there is too little suspense. For a drama, there is too little dramatic development. etc. Add this to the lack of a decent story line or decent acting and you really start wondering what the hell some of these reviewers are so excited about...

They say Rollin is all about atmosphere, but I wonder what atmosphere they're talking about. I guess they're just talking about seeing naked women in a Gothic surrounding. If that's the case, they better find themselves a girlfriend/wife who's into the whole Gothic thing (like I did). It's far more worth it ;-)
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Brings the Groovy Back
Bonehead-XL11 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Shivers of the Vampire" brings the groovy back. A pair of newlyweds, so newly wed they are still in gown and tux, visits an uncle's old castle. The uncles have recently been turned into vampires by the vampire woman who lives in the near-by cemetery. Despite the signs that something is afoot, like the uncle's mute female servants, the couple stays. The girl is immediately seduced by the lady vampire. The husband realizes quickly weirdness is about. Wackiness ensues. You know the drill.

I think Rollin was aware of his formula. Despite the typically fast-and-loose story, he packs the film full of gorgeous images. The opening is long and almost dialogue free, as the two servants walk up a spiral staircase, bathed in red light. The opening credits play over fog billowing over a tombstone. The castle is decorated with bizarre statues, skulls, bones, and burnt-wood sculpted into human features. The vampire woman first appears nudged into a grandfather clock. Later, she shows up again, leaping out from behind red curtains. Color is hyper-stylized, as there are several late night walks into an orange and purple shaded cemetery. Rollin continues to dress his actresses in see-through shawls and it goes without saying that the nudity is abundant and often unexplained. The lesbian maids (Did I mention they are lesbians?) lunge around the castle in the nude and use an unorthodox method to wake the husband.

Pretty pictures only do so much to make up for the maudlin pace. What does make up for that is hilarity. The musical score is composed of waa-waa-ing funky guitar riffs. The movie establishes it's goofy streak early when the female vampire rises from her grave, the stone moving in stop-motion and punctuated by animal screams. Upon hearing there's a library in the castle, the groom flocks to the room and is attack by psychic books. The obsessed (human) lover of the uncles is murdered with a bra fitted with metal spikes. Oh man, I haven't mentioned the crazy uncles. Dressed like fops, they ramble on about paganism, Christianity, goddess worship, while the camera spins around, as confused as the characters. The acting is more stilted then usual.

Yeah, it's pacing falters by the end and there's plenty of vampires musing about what a wretched, unlovable species they are. The ending does feature an ironic take-down of the film's antagonist and that weird beach appears again. The film wasn't released in the US until the late seventies, with the new title "Strange Things Happen at Night." I actually prefer that title since it's far more evocative and also an accurate description of what's to come. This is my favorite of the director's films since "The Nude Vampire."
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Arresting Low Budget Fun.
aklcraigc3 October 2014
This was my first Jean Rollin movie, having come across his name on related searches on Amazon and seen his name mentioned in conjunction with Jess Franco, I thought I'd take the plunge. Firstly, this is really low budget stuff, not quite z-grade, but sub b-grade. However, even with obvious limitations Rollin seems to be able to produce one atmospheric, visually engaging shot after another, his use of color reminds me a little bit of Ken Russell. Any notion of plot goes out the window fairly quickly, we're treated to some preliminaries concerning a couple on their honeymoon, but this rapidly degenerates (evolves) into random shots of women in various states of undress wandering though smokey castles and graveyards, in one famous scene, a woman emerges from a Grandfather Clock. On the downside, Rollin seems to have a thing for over-loud, annoying and repetitive sound effects, he often uses these to ruin a perfectly good scene right at the end. Overall there is more to like than dislike here, it's no 'Vampyros Lesbos', but definitely worth seeking out if you're a fan of the whole 70s Lesbian Vampire sub-genre.
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Very Slow Yet Somewhat Intriguing...I Think
BaronBl00d10 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This was my first Jean Rollin film. Rollin, a pre-eminent French director known for his eroticism and surrealism in his "horror" films, definitely has an eye for atmosphere with his particular attentions given to color, shading, set pieces(love the Gothic look and feel of the film), and even the music chosen for the film. He also has an eye for the female form as well as we get to evaluate that critical approach again and again and again...honestly, Sandra Julien has one of the most beautiful backsides I have ever seen - in film or anywhere else! The story is very, very thin as Julien and her new husband want to pay their respects to her two cousins as they are on their honeymoon. These two strange men were vampire hunters(unbeknown-st to Julien) and have now been turned into vampires. Julien arrives hearing the news that her cousins are dead. That is more plot than the rest of the film which has a female vampire popping out of a clock and all sorts of strange places who turns Julien into her lesbian lover and then we wait for her final turn into a real vampire whilst her husband Antoine cannot understand what is going on. The two cousins have one good scene at dinner talking about vampirism but really the rest of the film is so slow....not much at all happens. The atmosphere does make up for much of it do the plentiful breasts. While this film is not going to keep you on the edge of your seat at all(just wait until you see the anti-climatic end), it was interesting and intriguing and charming in its own way.
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Ennui of the Vampires...
Dave Godin7 October 1999
It seems axiomatic that the more cruddy a movie is, the more variant titles it will collect along its merry way, and this pretentious, self-conscious mix of "horror" and "sex" is tedious, dreary and almost embarrassing in its desperate attempt to appear "meaningful". With hammy acting and posturing substituting for emotional expression, what little plot development there is, gets padded by longeurs which, whilst evidently intended to convey some kind of "significance", merely provoke a yawn and a glance at the clock. What this film seemed to be aiming for, and so miserably failed to achieve, was so much more successfully captured in DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, so, give this one a miss, and fast-forward to that title instead if you want a vampiric theme pregnant with dark sensuality and sexual energy.
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Artsy-fartsy vampire flick.
Thom-P27 September 1999
Leave it to the French to make an artsy-fartsy vampire flick. A heavy emphasis on atmosphere, decor and sex while devoid of any substance. Pretentious acting, weak direction and a mediocre script. On the plus side, the score is kinda groovy and the naked babes (it's a French film, after all) make it easier on the eyes, though not enough to recommend.
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