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Sex & Nudity

  • Close up of a woman's breasts as she is lying down.
  • A woman is shown undressing, and her breasts and buttocks are seen. During this scene, another woman comes into the room, walks up to the woman, and begins carressing her hair, shoulders, and breasts. The original nude woman seems to be in a trance in this scene. The second woman then places a cloak on the first woman.
  • Immediately following that scene, the second woman leads the first outside into a graveyard. She removes the first woman's cloak (revealing her breasts again) and begins making out with her while groping her breast. The woman then bites her and she passes out. The unconscious woman is pushed onto a platform, and during the push, her pubic hair is partially seen.
  • Two women occassionally wear sheer cloths that make their breasts and buttocks slightly visible underneath.
  • A man walks into the room where his wife is sleeping. He lifts up the blanket and it is revealed that she is nude. Her breast and the side of her buttock are seen. Her runs his hands alongside her torso, over her pubic region, and over her breast a few times, and then leaves.
  • Two women change clothes and their buttocks are seen.
  • Two women lie completely naked in bed together, running their hands across each other's bodies. Their breasts and buttocks are visible.
  • A woman wears a dress that just barely covers her breasts.
  • Two men unbutton two women's blouses, exposing their breasts.
  • A woman appears and she has only some jewelry on. Her breasts and buttocks are visible, although it is shown at a distance. She soon puts a cloak on.
  • A nude woman's breasts and buttocks are seen. She waits beside a clock for a bit, and then goes and lies down in bed. Immediately after lying down, the curtain's above the bed are thrown open and another nude woman is revealed (her breasts are seen). The first woman sits up in shock and then gets on her knees on the bed. The two nude women kiss, and then the second one bites the first, and she passes out on the bed. Her pubic hair is briefly seen. Afterwards, there is a brief closeup on her breast.
  • A woman removes her top and her breasts are briefly seen.
  • A woman violently hugs another woman. The second woman is topless and falls to the ground; she is seen with bloody nipples [see Violence/Gore].
  • A woman mentions "seducing" another woman.
  • Two men attack and murder a woman. She is heard screaming, and it is unclear whether or not they raped her as well.
  • To awake a man, two women undress completely, exposing their breasts and buttocks, and climb into bed with him. They are shown giggling and carressing the man, and then lean over him to kiss. Once he starts to wake up, they quickly get up and run out of the room.
  • A woman stands naked in front of a group of people; her breasts and buttocks are seen.
  • A nude woman is curled up in the corner of a room. The side of her breast and buttock can be seen. She is later seen nude in various places outside the castle, with her breasts exposed. Her legs are always positioned in such a way though as to not reveal her pubic region.
  • Two men strip a woman completely, and she is seen fully nude, including breasts and pubic region (from a distance though). They then lay her down on the ground, partially lie on top of her, and suck her blood. Her breasts are visible during this scene.

Violence & Gore

  • Two women walk into a room where two men have staked themselves. Some blood is seen, although the room is dimly lit, so not a whole lot is visible.
  • A woman is staked.
  • A bunch of books topple on top of a man and he passes out.
  • A woman is bitten by a vampire.
  • A woman grabs another woman and hugs her violently. The second woman falls to the floor and we see blood dripping from her nipples. The first woman is then shown to have been wearing spikes on her breasts and that is what injured the other woman.
  • Two men attack a woman. Nothing is shown, although it is implied that they kill her. They are later shown dumping her body in a river.
  • A man pulls out a gun a few times during the course of the film and fires a few shots, although he only manages to shoot a bird. A woman sucks the blood of the dead bird and then places it on a coffin, where extremely unrealistic blood (looks like red candlewax) is seen dripping from it's neck.
  • Two women stab each other in the arm and then collect the blood in a bowl.
  • Two men lunge across a table and tie a third man up.
  • Two men bite a woman's neck and she passes out. This happens twice in the film.
  • Three vampires are exposed to sunlight and writhe on the ground and die. (It's unintentionally comical, actually).


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are a few creepy statues and figurines that may scare younger children. Other than that, it is unlikely that this film will come even close to truly scaring anybody. It's a very cheesy/campy movie-night-type film.

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