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  • H.P. Lovecraft meets Hollywood: Wilbur Whateley wants to help the Old Ones break through by consulting the Necronomicon, and Armitage must stop him. Attractive females are added to fill out the plot.

  • Dr. Henry Armitage, Sandra Dee and another girl who wasn't in the book visit the library of the Miskatonic University where they are studying, and find a mysterious young man named Wilbur Whateley trying to borrow the Necronomicon (to non-HPL fans : a book containing ancient rites to bring alien gods to our planet), and as it is a public library they let him. Sandra Dee offers to drive the moustachioed warlock back to his home in Dunwich, where he drugs her and makes her stay to be a part in his evil ceremonies.

  • Wilbur Whateley pops over to the Arkham Miskatonic University to borrow the legendary Necronomicon and Sandra Dee. But little does anyone know, Whateley isn't quite human...


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  • Dean Stockwell delivers a creepy, sexually suggestive performance as Wilbur Wotley. This film proves that Lovecraft can indeed be portrayed in film where so many have failed miserably. I look to Guillermo Deltorro to carry on the tradition!

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