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The Door Scene

Author: missywatts from United States
1 December 2006

I asked my husband several weeks ago about this movie. I told him I knew I watched it while I was younger (I'm 43 now) and all I could remember was a scene where they took this woman out on a beautiful day and put a heavy door on her and put big heavy rocks on top of her. It scared me to death, but that is the only scene either of us could remember, but we both remember being terrified of it. I would love to see it again. We had to ask his sister who is sort of a movie buff about it. Again, the only part she knew and remembered was that door scene. To me it reminds me of the clown in the Stephen King movie "It." I can close my eyes and see that clown in the drainage ditch. I don't remember most of the movie, but that scene summoned it all up for me.

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funyy you should say that...

Author: amberapple-1 from United States
22 March 2008

I AM writing a book on that very subject! The Celluloid Bough: Cinema in the Wake of the Occult Revival.

I agree, this is a wonderful film, it certainly gave me nightmares as a kid. I am not sure it holds up as well as I'd hoped it would. But the basic conceit is fascinating and if anyone decided to do a remake it would probably be just as scary.

I think one aspect of the story that is very intriguing is not just the idea of reincarnation/past lives, but the idea that a young girl could seduce Hope Lange's husband and manipulate him into believing his wife is delusional..

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I would buy this title if it were released on DVD.

Author: samonet_az from United States
1 August 2007

I echo the other reviewer who said she saw this movie when she was very young. I, too, found it to be the scariest thing my young eyes had seen. The movie made a definite impression on me. To this day I can't hear harpsichord music without a chill going up and down my spine. I dare say this movie may have been the first exposure to the horror genre for many of the post-boomer generation, and for this reason it may be something of a pivotal, if unheralded, movie phenomenon for we 35-45 year-olds. Then again, it may be just my own experience talking. I would like to see it as an adult - just to see if it was really "all that," or to see if my mature perspective sheds a less flattering light on it.

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Absolutely Terrifying!

Author: joanneross from Ontario CANADA
28 September 2000

I saw this movie when it first aired. I was 10 years old and absolutely terrified and thrilled. For weeks following the movie I could not sleep with covers on. A classic which should be included in all thriller fests!

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Author: song_dance99 from Richmond, VA
15 May 2000

I saw this movie when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I honestly don't remember much about it except that it scared me so badly that I had nightmares about it for years!!! I would love to see it again. I wonder if it is really as frightening as I remember.

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it will scare you to the bone...

Author: marco primelli ( from venice, italy
24 April 1999

this is definitely one of the most intriguing movies i've ever seen so far..a low budget masterpiece i would like to see on vhs someday..forget the various amityville horrors or trash like that..this movie along with ''Trilogy of terror''is absolutely the top notch production of the '70's...not recommended to children...Director Walter Grauman is a man that really knows his stuff...As i said before..i hope somebody will release this movie on VHS someday..

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I know why you'll never see this movie again

Author: wmav01 from United States
14 January 2006

To begin with, I'm just like everyone else who has posted a comment here. I remember seeing this movie as a kid (In 1970 I was 12), and it did scare the crap out of me too. Fast forward 20 years and I took a film class while in college (career change). A young girl in my class did this whole presentation for an assignment on inappropriate relationship in films. She was a flake, and went on about inappropriate scenes involving adult males and underage females. Perfectly innocent scenes to most people, but offensive to her. One other example I remember was the scene in "Little Miss Marker" where the kid invites him (Walter Matthau) to sleep with her. But one of the film clips she presented was from Crowhaven Farm. God knows how or where she got it, but it's the scene with Cindy Elibacher and Paul Burke in bed together. As I remember, Cindy Elibacher was being seductive in a childish way. I don't remember enough of the movie as to why they were in bed together, but it did appear that Cindy Elibacher's character was behaving seductively for some reason in the story line. At this point in time we are in the midst of a hysteria, whereby a scene like this on prime time TV would be construed as veiled child porn. I know you'll never see this movie on DVD. Comments?

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Crow haven farm- at last I can comment

Author: cyclescar from United Kingdom
2 December 2005

i watched this film as a 14 year old in in 1985, it scared me to death I have never forgotten it and feel I need to watch it again as an (old) adult to exorcise it!!!!! I need to write some more for my comment to be accepted. so I need to tell you that I am now 44 but I have never forgotten this film that scared me to death when I was a teenager i year after the death of my father an supposedly the man of the household. I watched it with my younger sister who I hope was no effected in the way that I was. If she was she never mentioned it maybe I was just a wimpy scared kid. Either way, I still remember this film some 30 years later!

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One of the greatest witch movies ever made.

Author: Phill-13 from Anderson, Indiana
1 April 2001

Crowhaven Farm is one of the greatest witch movies ever made. It's up there with "Horror Hotel" (1960) (original British title "The City Of The Dead"). Both films explore the possibility that executed witches come back in contemporary times to wreak vengeance upon the descendants of those who executed them in 1692. Hope Lange is great as the reincarnated Meg Carey, trying desperately to escape the witches wrath as she and her husband (magnificently played by Paul Burke) try to have a baby. After she spends a night at the apartment of a friend (played by the usually devious Lloyd Bochner) she does, indeed, become pregnant. Burke, suspecting infidelity, (which did not happen, by the way) goes after Bochner with the usual jealous intent, all against a backdrop of witchcraft. What does young Jennifer Lewis, a spoiled, bratty, ten-year-old (played to the hilt by Cindy Eilbacher) and her aunt, Mercy Lewis (played by Virginia Gregg, a severely underrated actress of immense talent), and Felicia, played by the great Patricia Barry, all have to do with the witches? Viewers will be sitting on the edge of their seats right up to the exciting climax to find out.

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Not What I Expected, but still entertaining

Author: WTFCinema from United States
14 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Maggie Porter (Hope Lange) inherits some property from distant relatives, causing her and her Husband, Ben, to pack up their lives and move into the isolated farm. Immediately upon arrival, Maggie can't shake the feeling that she's been there before. She knows where the secret doors are hidden and even begins recalling past-life memories. Turns out.. Not only is the land haunted, but a coven of witches have something planned for one of them. If that wasn't bad enough… Add a creepy little orphan, pacts with the devil, And John Carradine.. being creepy as usual…And you got yourselves a story for a creepy, unknown, made-for-TV movie.

The acting was surprisingly well-done… Especially for a made-for-TV movie. I can't really vouch for Carradine's performance, because EVERY SINGLE FILM I've seen him in… He plays the same creepy man. I consider Hope Lange and Paul Burke performances to be slightly above average… But in all honesty.. They could have been Oscar-Worthy and nobody would have known. Just about everyone was out-shined by Cindy Eilbacher, who played the Creepy-As-Hell Bipolar Orphan Girl.

At first I was kind of disappointed that this was not the typical haunted house flick. I was in the mood for some atmospheric horror film that didn't rely on CGI or jump scares. Most of the 'scares' are off screen. If you don't have much imagination… Or hate pacing that wasn't developed for the ADHD Generation… You will be disappointed. And for God sakes… When will people learn to NEVER BUY A HOUSE IF JOHN CARRADINE IS INVOLVED!

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