The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970) Poster

Plot Keywords

stagecoach water
desert partner
prostitute way station
banker reverend
prospector preacher
money horse
hobo death
revenge automobile
five word title falling in love
corporation preaching
survivor rags to riches
lechery widow
evangelist partnership
entrepreneur automobile accident
slow motion scene musical number
integrity libertine
parson prologue
brother sister relationship mortality
gold digger stagecoach driver
morality wind
windmill whiskey
water hose water canteen
water barrel vengeance
urination undressing
underwear topless female nudity
toad throwing a bottle through a window
thief theft
tent tears
talking to one's self survival
suitcase subjective camera
stew standoff
squirrel split screen
song snake
smashing a fly sinner
singing singer
motorcycle with a sidecar shooting
sheep sheepherder
sex sermon
seduction sand
sandstorm san francisco california
salvation saloon
run over by a car robbery
rifle rabbit
rabbit trap quail
pushing one's foot through a door prayer
prairie dog plate nailed to table
pit piss pot
piano piano player
photograph pack rat
oxen outhouse
onion oasis
nudity new orleans louisiana
nevada murder
mule mud
motorcycle moral indignation
montage mirror
minister mattress
lust love
love triangle long johns
loner lizard
lizard arizona left to die
knife kiss
jealousy jackass flats arizona
irrigation husband wife relationship
horseless carriage horse riding
horse and wagon horse and carriage
horniness hog
handshake gun
grief grave
grasshopper gopher
reference to god giving someone a bath
gila bend arizona funeral
frontiersman fortune
food fly
flowers flashback
flash forward fence
fast motion scene fable
egg dying
drink drinking
dressing double exposure scene
donkey dirt
digging digging a grave
deed death of protagonist
death of hero death of brother
death of brother in law dead dog arizona
dandelion dancing
dancer crying
cross coyote
cow corset
collateral collar
church children
chicken chicken coop
chauffeur chase
capitalism cancan dance
burial building construction
buckshot bed
bath bathtub
bathing bar
bartender bare breasts
baptism bank
ballad baking
arizona animated money
american flag 1900s
female nudity water rights
rise and fall rattlesnake
land rights illiteracy
changing times adultery
waterhole character name in title

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