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far-fetched but I loved it
blanche-27 December 2011
Lately Fox Movie Channel has been showing some of these old chestnuts, and I can't get enough of them. "Along Came a Spider" is vintage 1970 - it's a mystery TV-movie, very popular back then, and the cast is a treat for baby-boomers - Suzanne Pleshette, Ed Nelson, Brooke Bundy, Andrew Prine, Richard Anderson, and Milton Selzer.

The story concerns a bright student (Pleshette) who becomes involved with a science professor (Nelson). However, she's a woman with an agenda.

That's all I'll say rather than spoil it. The twists keep on coming. All in all, it's totally convoluted but so much fun. Pleshette is beautiful and gives her usual honest performance.

Mysteries are my favorite genre. I saw all of these when they were first on TV. "Along Came a Spider" was fun to re-watch.
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Best Made for Television movie ever made!
michaeldouglas125 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
As with most made-for-television movies of the late 1960's/early 70's, this one's been pretty much forgotten. Unfairly so, in my opinion. It's a terrific drama with plenty of plot twists that will keep you in suspense till the end! Suzanne Pleshette gives perhaps the best performance of her career, and she's ably assisted by Ed Nelson as her love interest (or is he? To tell any more would be unthinkable!) The movie mostly takes place in Berkeley, circa 1969, which makes it doubly compelling. Has a fine score by David Rose, good supporting cast, and fine photography. If you can catch it on TV, then "Along Came a Spider" is MUST SEE!!! P.S. That's veteran character actor Lex Johnson during the opening credits as Dr. David Furie, whose nuclear accident propels the entire plot.
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Industrial espionage and courtroom drama with a widow on the warpath to avenge her murdered husband.
Deusvolt12 February 2005
At 33, Pleshette still looked luscious but that rear low camera shot in the courtroom that showed her legs turned chubby was a mystery. Granting that the director didn't notice, was the film editor asleep when he cut the film? Suzanne acquits herself well in this movie as the steel-nerved widow out to avenge her husband's murder and get away with it without being convicted of murder.

I saw it not as a TV movie but as a theatrical release in the Philippines and it was well worth not having the usual distractions at home. I liked it so much that I remembered it for many years (30) so that when the 2001 movie with Morgan Freeman was released, I thought it was a remake.

The Freeman movie was nice too but I liked the one with Pleshette a little better. I hope to catch it again on a re-run on TV or on DVD.
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Manages to Maintain Drama and Suspense
Uriah438 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A renowned professor of physics named "Dr. Martin Becker" (Ed Nelson) has made a recent discovery that might possibly win him a Nobel Prize. However, a year before that an accident in a laboratory resulted in the death of a colleague which still troubles his conscience. But things begin to change for him as a beautiful woman named "Anne Banning" (Suzanne Pleshette) has come into his life and he falls deeply in love with her. Unfortunately, when she mysteriously disappears all leads point to him as the murderer. And it soon becomes even more complicated than that. At any rate, rather than spoil the mystery of this film for those who haven't seen it, I will just say that there are quite a few twists and turns to be uncovered. Additionally, this film manages to maintain drama and suspense to the very end, which is somewhat unusual for a made-for-television movie. Likewise, I enjoyed the performance of Suzanne Pleshette who is not only attractive but was probably one of the more underrated actresses during this time. Recommended for anybody who enjoys a suspenseful drama of this type.
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I bought the 2001 DVD movie and I regret it. Explanation below.
stasia27 February 2003
I based my vote solely on the 1970(TV) cast and if anyone can advise me as to how I can acquire the TV version, I'ld be very grateful. The 2001 version is an example of contemporary garbage with the usual four-letter words thrown in occasionally (as early as four minutes into the movie).

I'ld be willing to trade my DVD movie for a copy of the 1970 TV production (VHS or DVD).
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Far-fetched mystery with twists, turns and some crazy logic...
moonspinner552 May 2009
Television drama, based upon the play "Sweet Poison" by Leonard Lee, has Suzanne Pleshette in good form as the widow of a once-prominent scientist, a man apparently killed after an intense experiment with neutrons and radiation went awry. She goes after her late husband's rival--now a physics teacher at the university--whom she believes is responsible for her spouse's death...but is he guilty of anything? And, if not, will she be able to undo the damage she causes? 'Groovy' atmosphere gives the production a "Room 222"-like feel, which might be amusing in a different context. Here, the pedestrian direction and poor-choice score both feel like elements from substandard TV, and the twisty plot suffers as a result. Still, there are a couple of good surprises here, along with some general overacting and a limp finale presented unceremoniously.
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A scientific problem
Alex da Silva8 March 2017
In the world of the chemistry lab, egos are as rife as in any other walk of life as they compete for recognition. Suzanne Pleshette (Anne) wants to discover the truth about the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband Lex Johnson (Dr Furie) a year earlier. He was the project manager overseeing a radiation experiment that went wrong. She thinks she knows what happened and is out for revenge, so watch out lecturer Ed Nelson (Martin). Nelson was part of the same project that killed her husband.

First of all, this film is listed as having a running time of 75 minutes. Well, the copy I have runs for 95 minutes so please take note – I don't know if there are two different versions around? As for the story, it keeps you guessing right until the end and there are several plot twists. It's a good watch and the cast do well in their roles. There are no spiders at all in this film, so don't expect to see any as you will be disappointed.

The film revolves around whether or not Pleshette has got her facts right. Can you be justified in acting on suspicion?
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An irritating film, as so much of it was so good...and then it was undone by a stupid plot twist.
MartinHafer8 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The first 70% of "Along Came a Spider" was great and I really admired the writing. Then, unexpectedly, the film completely fell apart due to an insane plot twist that made the whole made for TV movie more than just difficult to made it stupid! It's a shame as most of the film was great.

When the film begins, 'Anne' (Suzanne Pleshette) goes to one of Professor Becker's classes (Ed Nelson). Despite being a very difficult class on advanced physics, she was able to show him up in front of everyone...and Becker becomes fascinated with her. He insists that he take her out and they soon become lovers. However, what he doesn't know is that she's actually a different person-- Janet Furie. And, she blames Becker for her husband's death and has put a long and complicated plan in place to convict him of murdering her! Of course she's going to just disappear and leave evidence to show he killed her...and there's no way that anyone in court will believe him. This portion of the film is two ways about it.

Later, Janet receives a letter that proves her husband was NOT murdered by Becker and that Becker is one swell dude. If you think this is improbable, EVERYTHING that follows is just completely if someone stole the script and hurriedly penned in some nutty plot twists!

The bottom line is that the first 70% deserves a 10...and the last portion a 1%!!!! Yes, it is that bad and it leaves the viewer angry and disappointed. I sure know I was!
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