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13 Jan. 1971
First... We Get Rid of the Principal
A secondary-school student protest results in a dead administrator and a student on trial for murder.
3 Feb. 1971
The Climate of Doubt
Devlin McNeil takes the former Storefront Lawyers under his wing in a case involving a college student suspected of bludgeoning a police officer to death during a campus riot.
10 Feb. 1971
A marathon encounter session goes awry, leading one student to dive his car off a pier and drown. The widow hires Devlin McNeil to sue the psychiatrist involved--and Devlin lays his life on the line by joining the still-ongoing session.
17 Feb. 1971
The Dark World of Harry Anders
A heavy-handed financier takes over a movie studio and uses various means, lawful and unlawful, to compel the studio to turn a motion-picture project into a porn project.
24 Feb. 1971
The boyfriend of a girl on trial for planting a fatal bomb, takes Deborah Sullivan hostage in the firm's law offices.
3 Mar. 1971
The Truth, the Whole Truth - And Anything Else That Works
Family man Schuyler Yates comes home from work one day to find detectives in his house accusing him of being a serial sex murderer. Nor does it help when the survivor of the last attack identifies him by voice.
17 Mar. 1971
Let the Dier Beware
A woman goes to take her father out of a controversial clinic. Days later, the clinic chief physician winds up dead, and she is suspect.
24 Mar. 1971
The View from the Top
Ultra-rich Cole Deland hires Devlin McNeil after a security guard at one of his hotels, finds him walking away from a dead woman. Was that his wife? Or is his alibi actually evidence of a real crime he committed?
31 Mar. 1971
Yesterday Is But a Dream
Devlin and the Storefront team defend a woman who shot her husband while in a drug-induced daze--that the husband put her in.
14 Apr. 1971
One American
Personal protests against war by a small group of misunderstood, passionate young men, finds the militants behind bars.

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