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12 Jan. 1974
Art for Mom's Sake
Shirley goes to an art school for classes. Her teacher raves about her work, but the family knows it is not good. It seems the teacher has a motive to praise the bad art work.
19 Jan. 1974
Two for the Show
Ruben manages a new twin singing act, but the boys break up when they meet Laurie. They have a crush on her and do not want to perform until they get a date. Meanwhile, Shirley takes an art class and the instructor has a crush on her.
26 Jan. 1974
Danny Drops Out
Danny seems to be getting into a lot of trouble at school, and now decided to drop out. Shirley and his teacher discuss how to prevent this. They decide to let him think he has dropped out, and find out what the real world is like.
2 Feb. 1974
Queen for a Minute
Laurie's friend Frankie tries out for the school basketball team but is rejected because she is a girl. Laurie runs for homecoming queen so she can speak her mind on discrimination. Keith has a male friend compete against Laurie for queen.
9 Feb. 1974
Danny Converts
Danny has a new girlfriend at school. Renee is Jewish, so Danny pretends to be Jewish. Danny meets her father, who says he would like to meet Danny's family. Danny tries to hide his "little white lie" from his family.
23 Feb. 1974
Miss Partridge, Teacher
Laurie excitedly tells her mother she has been selected to be a peer teacher at school. She is assigned seventh grade English, which just happens to be Danny's classroom. Things do not go well for either of them.
2 Mar. 1974
Keith and Lauriebelle
Laurie wants Danny to take over one of her babysitting jobs so she can go skiing. Danny refuses, but Keith agrees to do it - as long as Laurie poses as his girlfriend at a party to make another girl jealous.
9 Mar. 1974
Morning Becomes Electric
Danny has a promotional plan to show the Partridges conserves energy. The newspaper does an article to show their energy saving ways. It creates a buzz in town. But a wrong meter reading shows the Partridges use more electricity than ever.
16 Mar. 1974
Pin It on Danny
It's Shirley's birthday and the family and Ruben gather to celebrate. Danny's gift is a beautiful broach. He does not tell Shirley he found it rather than buying it. Later, Danny finds out it is the broach his teacher lost.
23 Mar. 1974
...---... (S.O.S.)
Shirley is surprised to learn that an old boyfriend is in town to make a speech. It turns out he is now a navy Captain and Keith and Danny are suspicious of his motives for their mother.

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