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Season 2

17 Sep. 1971
Dora, Dora, Dora
Stillman Kelly asks his old buddy Reuben to manage his daughter Dora, who is an aspiring singer. Unfortunately, when she auditions in front of Reuben and the Partridges, her vocal abilities leave much to be desired. Unfortunately, Keith, who has fallen for her, is so taken with her beauty that he doesn't even notice. However, when he hears a tape of her singing he soon snaps to his senses and now must try to summon the courage to tell Dora how untalented she is without hurting her feelings.
24 Sep. 1971
In 25 Words or Less
To raise money and create publicity, Ruben hosts a contest where the winner can spend a week with the Partridges at their home. An elderly Jewish woman wins the contest. Doris brings a new dimension to the family.
1 Oct. 1971
A Man Called Snake
Keith gave an interview for a magazine and revealed that Laurie has a crush on a classmate, Harry Murphy. Laurie is upset and says it is the wrong name anyway. A motorcyclist, Harry Murphy, comes to visit Laurie to see who she is as a joke.
8 Oct. 1971
The Undergraduate
Shirley enrolls in college using her maiden name so her real name does not draw unwanted attention. A younger classmate develops a crush on her. He tells his parents and they do not approve of his dating an older woman.
15 Oct. 1971
Anatomy of a Tonsil
Danny's sore throat is diagnosed as tonsillitis and he has to have his tonsils removed. He is nervous about the operation, and when it is over, he is nervous about losing his voice.
22 Oct. 1971
Whatever Happened to Moby Dick?
Danny is interested in the whales singing and tells the family they need to include whales in their act to show their support of ecology.
29 Oct. 1971
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Partridge
Keith decides he has to be a better role model to his younger brothers and sisters, but it seems like everything backfires.
5 Nov. 1971
Days of Acne and Roses
The grocery guy who delivers to the Partridges has a crush on Laurie, but he feels shy around her. He wants to ask her out, but has never been on a date. The other family members help him change his appearance and get over his shyness.
12 Nov. 1971
A Tale of Two Hamsters
Danny and the two other younger children tell Shirley they have decided to go in the hamster business. When the two hamsters multiple with their offspring, the Partridges have to take them on tour so they can feed and take care of them.
19 Nov. 1971
The Forty-Year Itch
Shirley's father visits and announces he left home and plans to go to Big Spur. Minutes later, her mother shows up and says she ran away. Both parents are determined to split up. The Partridges find a way to bring them together again.
26 Nov. 1971
I Can Get It for You Retail
Danny sees his mother looking at a mink coat in a store window, and with Shirley's birthday coming up, Danny decides to buy it for her. To raise money, Danny starts selling Keith's personal belongings to the love-sick girls at school.
10 Dec. 1971
Guess Who's Coming to Drive?
Ruben sets up an aggressive summer tour schedule. Shirley does not want to go on tour as it is tiring to drive all day and sing all night. They hire a bus driver. They find out the new employee is an ex-con and Danny is suspicious.
17 Dec. 1971
Don't Bring Your Guns to Town, Santa
After performing in Vegas on Christmas Eve, the Partridges start the drive home. The bus breaks down in a town with one inhabitant. Disappointed about being away from home for Christmas, the prospector tells them a Christmas story.
31 Dec. 1971
Where Do Mermaids Go?
Driving home after a tour, the Partridges stop for a picnic on a country road and meet a young woman who likes to travel alone and enjoy her freedom. After hours together, she stays at their home, leaves, and gives them a million dollars.
7 Jan. 1972
Home Is Where the Heart Was
After being scolded from a mess, Chris and Tracy decided to run away from home but, ended up at Ruben's apartment causing mayhem.
14 Jan. 1972
Fellini, Bergman, and Partridge
After seeing some experimental films at a theater, Keith says he can do better than any they saw. Keith pulls out the video camera and beings recording various random clips. Danny becomes his partner. The premier is not what he expects.
21 Jan. 1972
Waiting for Bolero
Keith wants his own apartment so he can have some peace and quiet to write music. Shirley reluctantly agrees to let him move into a room in the house next door. Having his own place is not what he expects.
28 Jan. 1972
I Am Curious Partridge
Danny gets a job writing articles about the Partridge Family for the local newspaper. To be sure his article is a success, he embellishes the truth about the family.
4 Feb. 1972
My Heart Belongs to a Two Car Garage
Chris and Tracy invite a street worker into their home. He says he is a world-class Russian painter and says he can paint a work of art on their garage door. The completed picture is a nude woman that all the neighbors complain about.
11 Feb. 1972
Danny has a crush on a classmate and they go through the ritual of pretending not to like each other. But for Gloria, she likes Keith more and is using Danny to get closer to Keith.
18 Feb. 1972
Promise Her Anything, But Give Her a Punch
Danny has a crush on a classmate and they go through the ritual of pretending not to like each other. But for Gloria, she likes Keith more and is using Danny to get closer to Keith.
3 Mar. 1972
The Partridge Papers
The school newspaper is collecting items for an auction to raise money. While Laurie is out, Danny accidentally grabs the wrong box with Laurie's items to contribute. Her personal diary is contributed. The newspaper threatens to publish it.
10 Mar. 1972
All's War in Love and Fairs
As the Partridges start their vacation, the bus breaks down in a small town. The locals want them to do a benefit show to help Native Americans build a school. The mechanic finds ways to delay fixing the bus until the day of the show.
17 Mar. 1972
Who Is Max Ledbetter and Why Is He Saying All Those Terrible Things?
The Partridges hire a psychic performer for Tracy's birthday party. Keith and Danny keep asking for predictions about their lives, so the psychic asks them to help his failing business from a foreclosure.

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