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24 Sep. 1970
The Laundry Orgy
Oscar has arranged dates for himself and Felix with Gwendolyn and Cecily Pigeon who live upstairs. Oscar is excited, but Felix is nervous and uncertain. Oscar tries to rally Felix to get back in the dating game, but then both realize that the date will conflict with poker night. Felix wants to cancel the date, but Oscar wants to trick the guys into breaking up the game early.
1 Oct. 1970
The Fight of the Felix
Splint McCullough is a rough and tough hockey player who spends as much time in the penalty box for fighting as he does on the ice. He and Oscar have just gone a round at a sports bar and Oscar comes away the loser with a black eye. He is determined to get revenge in his column by writing an expose about McCullough. Felix thinks revenge is wrong and when he confronts McCullough he too is forced into a fight.
8 Oct. 1970
Felix Gets Sick
Oscar has a date with an airline stewardess while Felix is away for the weekend on business. Only Felix isn't away...he's in bed sick with a 48 hour flu. With a high fever Oscar feels guilty about leaving Felix alone and is going to cancel his date. Felix convinces him to bring her to the apartment instead and assures Oscar he'll be quiet. This is just the beginning of a disastrous weekend for Oscar.
15 Oct. 1970
The Jury Story
Leo Garvey is being released from prison after serving 7 years of a 10 year sentence. The mention of this on the news makes Oscar and Felix reminisce about the first time they met...serving on Garvey's jury. What should be an open and shut case is dragged on by Felix's search for mitigating circumstances. After lengthy deliberation the jury is sequestered overnight and Oscar and Felix spend their first night together and get their first glimpse of each other's annoying habits.
22 Oct. 1970
The Breakup
Oscar has a bad hangover and has zero tolerance for Felix or the noise he's making cleaning. They have an argument and Oscar tells Felix to get out. Felix moves in with Murray, Vinnie and the Pigeon sisters and promptly begins driving them all crazy. Meanwhile Oscar is having his own problems with cooking, cleaning and ironing and it isn't long before he realizes how much he wants Felix to move back in.
29 Oct. 1970
Oscar's Ulcer
Felix is warning Oscar that he needs to change his lifestyle and get healthy or it could catch up with him. He could be right when Oscar folds during a poker game with a full house due to stomach pains. The doctor thinks it could be the beginning of an ulcer. Felix is determined to prevent this and begins to monitor Oscar's meals and habits to the point of creating the tension in Oscar's life he wanted to avoid in the first place.
5 Nov. 1970
I Do, I Don't
Felix ruins the wedding plans of a couple.
12 Nov. 1970
Oscar, the Model
Felix gets Oscar to pose in a cologne ad, but soon he lives to regret it.
19 Nov. 1970
The Big Brothers
Oscar and Felix join the Big Brothers foundation. Felix tries to show his little brother culture, but he prefers to be with Oscar.
3 Dec. 1970
It's All Over Now, Baby Bird
Felix's pet parrot passes away. While he wants to give the bird an honorable burial, Oscar just wants to get rid of the body.
10 Dec. 1970
Felix Is Missing
When Felix leaves on a sudden out of town assignment, their friends think he died at Oscar's hands.
17 Dec. 1970
Scrooge Gets an Oscar
After Oscar refuses to be Scrooge in a children's play, his poker buddies come to him in a dream giving him the Christmas Carol treatment.
24 Dec. 1970
The Blackout
Oscar gets accused of stealing $50 from the poker pot during a blackout.

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