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Season 2

17 Sep. 1971
Natural Childbirth
Oscar's niece, Martha, is planning to have a home birth. Felix is supportive; while Oscar is panicky.
24 Sep. 1971
Felix's Wife's Boyfriend
Nancy's brother is in town and Oscar tries to find him a date. When none of Oscar's friends are available, Nancy sets up Raymond with Felix's ex-wife Gloria. Felix is jealous.
1 Oct. 1971
Hospital Mates
Oscar and Felix end up in the same hospital room at the same time for different reasons.
8 Oct. 1971
Oscar, on the advice from girlfriend Nancy, tries being nicer to Felix. In trying too hard to be so, it causes him to sleepwalk and hit Felix on the head with a rolled up newspaper every night.
15 Oct. 1971
A Grave for Felix
Needing money for gambling game, Oscar throws in the deed to Felix's cemetery plot on a hand, but loses the round. Oscar now has to help Felix find another place for his final resting place.
29 Oct. 1971
Murray the Fink
Murray complains that after 15 years on the police force, he gets a gold watch. The guys at the regular poker game tease him and tell him he is just too nice. To prove he can be tough, Murray arrests his friends in the poker game.
5 Nov. 1971
Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto?
Felix is organizing a local production of an opera, and Oscar even helps to get a well-known opera singer to agree to perform. On the day of the performance, the opera singer gets injured, and Felix is forced to take the role.
12 Nov. 1971
Fat Farm
Felix and Oscar's girlfriend are concerned about Oscar's health. They force him to go to a fat farm, and Felix goes with him.
19 Nov. 1971
The Odd Couple Meet Their Host
Felix takes publicity photos of David Steinberg. David mentioned he wants Oscar to appear on his show. On the show, Oscar jokes about his fussy, clean-freak roommate Felix. Now, Felix wants to go on the show to talk about Oscar's messiness.
3 Dec. 1971
Win One for Felix
Felix is way out of his element when he, feeling he is growing apart from his son, becomes the coach of his football team.
10 Dec. 1971
Being Divorced Is Never Having to Say I Do
Blanche is about to remarry. Oscar is enthusiastic about the match, (especially as he will not have to pay any more alimony). But Felix is uncertain Blanche is doing the right thing.
17 Dec. 1971
Surprise! Surprise!
Felix's surprise birthday party for his daughter is in competition with Oscar's big poker game.
24 Dec. 1971
Felix, the Calypso Singer
Oscar's girlfriend, Nancy, gets called to work at the last minute before their vacation and has to cancel, and Oscar asks Felix to go with him, instead. They get to their room after a harrowing flight and cab ride, and while Felix is out renting a tandem bicycle for their weekend, Oscar's girlfriend calls and says she can make it down for vacation after all. Oscar "dumps" Felix, who then has a bad day touring the town. In the bar that evening, Oscar arranges for Felix to sing Calypso.
31 Dec. 1971
And Leave the Greyhound to Us?
Oscar's love for betting takes on a whole new meaning after he buys a racing dog. But the race is all but done when Felix becomes attached to the animal.
7 Jan. 1972
Security Arms
Oscar wakes up to find Felix tied up and bandaged. Their apartment has been robbed. They find another place to live, but it causes different problems.
14 Jan. 1972
Speak for Yourself
The story is told through flashbacks of how Oscar introduced Felix to Gloria. Then, after Felix and Gloria had been seeing each other for a while, Felix wants to propose marriage, but loses his voice. Oscar proposes for Felix.
21 Jan. 1972
You Saved My Life
As Felix is cleaning the outside of the windows, he loses his balance and tips backward, half in and half out of the apartment. Oscar pulls him in. Felix decides to thank Oscar in every way possible for saving his life.
28 Jan. 1972
Where's Grandpa?
Oscar is ecstatic that Felix has left for a long vacation until Felix's grandfather shows up and decides to move in.
4 Feb. 1972
Partner's Investment
Oscar finds out Felix has been taking money from him every day for about two years, putting the money into a bank account for Oscar's saving. With it's accumulation, Oscar & Felix decide to invest in a Japanese restaurant.
11 Feb. 1972
Good, Bad Boy
Felix becomes a kind of Big Brother to a young teenager in a reform school. He constantly talks about how a troubled youth should be treated just like any other kid - until he asks his daughter out on a date.
18 Feb. 1972
A Night to Dismember
Only Felix would arrange a special lunch date for Oscar and his ex-wife on the anniversary of their divorce. They recall the last night they all spent together - with very different results.
25 Feb. 1972
Oscar's Promotion
Oscar is given the chance to be the writer for the newspaper sports supplement, and it may even become a weekly issue. The first story is a wrestling match between the United States and China. Felix finds his own way to help.
3 Mar. 1972
Psychic, Shmychic
Felix tells Oscar he will win Sportswriter of the Year. Oscar gets a call and finds out he did win. Felix says when he has a fever, his predictions come true. Felix has a premonition of Oscar involved in a murder. Will this come true?

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