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12 Jan. 1975
The Man with the Golden Hat
An accountant falls to his death after stealing McCloud's Stetson. The hat is tied to the embezzlement of $7 million by a consortium including the directors of a ballet company, but how?
26 Jan. 1975
Lady on the Run
A woman takes off for Mexico after apparently killing her sister's murderer, but she is actually seeking the hit man who killed them both. McCloud is assigned to escort her back to New York.
23 Feb. 1975
McCloud goes undercover to trap a ring of vicious loan sharks, investigate the murder of a Navajo woman who was indebted to them, and free the innocent man who is blamed for the murder, all while stepping on the toes of the soon-to-be-retired detective assigned to the case.
30 Mar. 1975
Return to the Alamo
In the second "Alamo" episode, Phyllis Norton, in her last appearance, takes over the station when Chief Clifford catches the flu, a thief kidnaps Broadhurst in order to swap him for the thief's brother, a drug-addicted mother kidnaps her addicted newborn daughter - and a time bomb ticks in the squad room ceiling.
21 Sep. 1975
Park Avenue Pirates
A syndicate involved in the music industry has a major interest in a young singer. While they use pirating and bribery to sell more records, they lean on the singer's manager to get him to sign with their company.
19 Oct. 1975
Showdown at Times Square
When McCloud looks out a window and sees unusual smoke clouds, he tracks them to an Apache chief seeking his grandson -- the grandson has followed four armed robbers who framed his father to New York, where he kills one of them in self-defense and is murdered himself, leaving McCloud and the girlfriend of the dead thief to launch their own investigation.
16 Nov. 1975
An arsonist torches Chris's building, killing her nephew and a security guard. When McCloud and Chris discover the building's owner was deep in the hole and probably committed the arson for money, they launch two simultaneous undercover investigations -- one with McCloud as a builder looking for a torch, the other as the torch himself.
23 Nov. 1975
Three Guns for New York
When three bank robbers finally get out of New Mexico prison, they high-tail it to New York -- both to get vengeance on McCloud for crippling the gang's leader and to force him to track down the bank loot -- which one of them dumped while fleeing and can't find again.

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