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20 Jan. 1974
A Cowboy in Paradise
When McCloud and Clifford wind up together at a police convention in Hawaii, Clifford is framed for murder. With the help of Clifford's ex-fiancee, several of Clifford's cop friends who are also at the convention, and a Honolulu police detective, McCloud must find out who framed him and why.
24 Feb. 1974
The Colorado Cattle Caper
When a shipper of contaminated stolen beef kills a USDA inspector and flees to Colorado and his employers, McCloud tracks him down, only to run smack into a dumb-but-ambitious sheriff (Claude Akins' prototype for Elroy P. Lobo) and his smart-but-wimpy deputy. Features McCloud's leap from a running horse to tackle a rustler from his dirt bike and roll down a hill punching him out.
24 Mar. 1974
This Must Be the Alamo
The first of four "Alamo" episodes has the 23rd Precinct (in its last appearance; the show moved to Police Headquarters the next year) under siege by mobsters desperate to locate the diary of a kept woman who knows all about football game fixing. First major role for Robby Weaver, as a phony newspaper reporter.
22 Sep. 1974
The Barefoot Girls of Bleecker Street
A madam uses underage girls to extort credit cards from the Johns -- but even she has to ask for McCloud's help when one of the girls gives birth and is stalked by a robber-killer posing as a Minnesota sheriff.
13 Oct. 1974
The Gang That Stole Manhattan
A film producer steals an idea about making a movie about a diamond-store robbery to cover the real-life robbery of said store, and kills the original screenwriter to boot.
3 Nov. 1974
Shivaree on Delancy Street
A black gang infiltrating a white ethnic gang's numbers racket makes four very big mistakes, in ascending order of importance: robbing and killing a pickup man for his bets and the numbers; shooting Broadhurst (knocking him out of the episode after the first scene) when he tries to interfere; framing the unconscious Broadhurst for skimming money from the numbers runners; and depriving a VERY well-connected Jewish tailor of his winnings.
17 Nov. 1974
The 42nd Street Cavalry
On temporary assignment with the NYPD Mounted Police, McCloud and a nervous policewoman botch the attempt to capture a group of radicals who stole a huge cache of weapons -- so both go undercover posing as crazed gun buyers.
24 Nov. 1974
The Concrete Jungle Caper
When a drug lord who strongly resembles McCloud disappears after a by, McCloud assumes his identity, goes to prison, and tries to con the crime family who was setting up a French Connection with the drug lord.

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